Haircut for medium hair giving volume

Owners of thin hair have to look for hairstyles that can visually brighten this problem. Today we propose to focus on options for cutting medium hair, giving volume. The proposed publication will give fashionable ideas of stylish hairstyles with bangs and without it, each option will be supported by photos, video tutorials will be offered that will teach you to change your appearance yourself, without resorting to the help of masters from beauty salons. And, of course, the options themselves will be considered, which at the minimum cost of time will make the hair volumetric and fluffy.

Haircut for medium hair giving volume

Medium length makes it possible to select the most successful options for different types of strands: thin, brittle, wavy, elastic or thick. Experts call it universal. Photos illustrate all the possibilities of the universal average length of curls. However, when selecting the variation itself, which gives volume to thin hair, it is important to stop attention on such moments as the face oval:

• the oval shape is the standard to which stylists and makeup artists aspire. There are no prohibitions here, any option would be appropriate: short, medium or long strands, graduated, asymmetrical, volumetric and smooth hairstyles, etc .;

• a round face suggests some form correction; it is recommended to stop the selection on haircuts for medium strands that visually extend it: high tops, asymmetrical strands, elongated curls in front, etc .;

• square shape - in this version it is recommended to smooth the shape using asymmetrical variations or curls with oblique bangs;

• rectangular type favors lush shapes for medium or short lengths of strands;

• triangular shape - it is recommended to select hairstyles with a side parting and liquid bangs, ideas that give volume to the bottom of the hairstyle (long curls) will be relevant;

• diamond shape - great variations with long and thick bangs that completely cover the forehead area.

The proposed photos show how correctly chosen fashionable haircuts look on medium thin hair for different face shapes.

Haircut 2018 on medium hair gives volume - photo

Properly chosen fashionable haircut, giving volume to thin curls helps to hide some of the flaws in the appearance or emphasize the advantages, which are well demonstrated by the proposed photos:

  • hairstyles that give volume due to soft wavy strands are perfect for subtle romantic natures;
  • for an elongated nose - a lush hairstyle is ideal, with a small nose perfectly harmonize feminine strands;
  • for thin and stern face, smooth strands giving volume due to soft graduations are an excellent choice;
  • from close-set eyes distract the attention of styling with raised curls and soft strands laid on the cheeks;
  • heavy and thick hair will soften the stepped haircut for medium hair (will give it pomp and lightness), with thin and rare hair it is better to give preference to stepped variations.

On the proposed photo you can see how many opportunities for transformation can be found with the help of properly selected fashionable haircut, giving a beautiful shape.

Ideas with bangs

To create fashionable hairstyles that give a curvaceous shape to thin hair of medium length, classical examples are most often taken as the basis: caret, cascade, bob caret. On their basis, the masters create different variations with the help of various techniques, and the effect is further enhanced by playing with color.

Photos perfectly demonstrate ways of transforming the classics through such techniques. Haircut on medium hair giving volume with bangs has the same beginning. The most common - cascading. In the photo you can see how many variable ideas can be created on its basis. The proposed video will tell beginners how to achieve various effects, for example, to create additional volume so that it can look more lush.

Video laying lessons

Ask for help from the masters and pick up a fashionable and stylish haircut at an average length - only half the battle. It is important to learn how to do the styling yourself and modify the hairstyle if necessary. We present to your attention a video tutorial on the topic: haircut gives a volume video lesson styling. With it, every woman can quickly learn the art of transfiguration and little tricks to give volume to even the simplest female haircut.

Watch the video: How to add volume in the crown without any visible layering (April 2020).