Knitting a rug with knitting needles is creative and not difficult for beginners.

The original and inexpensive way to easily transform your room and interior is to create a do-it-yourself rug. Fluffy beautiful carpet will help to quickly transform your home. But the most important thing is that you can create it yourself: choose the size, color, pattern, technique so that the product has a unique character. Knitting rugs with knitting needles can be bought in the store, but agree that it is much more pleasant to create it yourself!

How to knit a rug with needles for beginners

Knitting rugs for beginners- the occupation is very simple, but very interesting. Today we offer to get acquainted with the technique of knitting a carpet of white yarn with a beautiful central pattern "braid" and fringe on the sides of the product. It - wonderful option bedside rug spokes. His scheme is quite simple, and in the end he will look very creative. Why is the model white, because it is designed for the floor? Since this carpet fits in as a bedside, and not in the hallway or bathroom, it will not be so dirty and will last a very long time.

It will take:

  • 400 grams of white yarn (we chose this shade, but it can be replaced with any other one if desired)
  • Spokes 4 mm
  • And the hook under the same number. We need it for strapping, but it is quite possible to do without a hook.

Knitting density:A square of 10 * 10 centimeters should hold 28P. on 17 P.

Process description:

  • Required to dial 58 P. + 2 K.P.
  • 2 rapport "confused" (see С / Х 1).
  • Spit on С / Х 2 + 2 rapport on С / Х 1.
  • Knit so 42 cm.
  • You can, if desired, tie the product around the perimeter with the help of a S.BN hook.
  • Fringe: a brush in every second P.

All is ready! As you can see, the product does not fit very difficult, does not require much time, it can even be used as a blanket, lay on a bed or a sofa - this will add comfort. You can also leave this thing for a pet - a cat or dog will be very comfortable to lie on it.

Rugs needles with their own hands

Want to make your home more comfortable? Our next master class: knit a rug with knitting needles from yarn residues. Such an element of decor is knitted from small balls, which the needlewoman has left from past works, so it is very easy to adjust its future size: more threads than we have in the scheme with a description, or less so that it fits on a chair, for example. So, let's analyze in stages what we may need in this work.


  • Remains of thread (the more, the longer our "track" will turn out). Moreover, even suitable segments (0.2, 0.5 m).
  • Hook and knitting needles. We do not indicate their size, because all may have different threads in thickness, and our sizes will not work for them. So - be guided by the situation.

Description of work:

  • To begin with, crocheting the chain from VPHere, of course, try to pick up threads similar in thickness. You should have a fairly large tangle from the VP chain, as in the photo below.
  • All the chains that you make should be stitched together into balls.
    We continue to knit, using the resulting ball, as usual threads. We chose the needles 8/10 mm.
  • The hinges need to be dialed to the width that you want the future product to turn out and continue L. G. (L.R. - L.P., I.R. - I.P.).
  • If you want a more durable option that will better keep its shape - follow each row of LP. garter viscous.
  • It will turn out very heavy and dense, it can be used as a rug in a hall.
  • In the same way, you can do long path to the corridor or nursery. Or, using all the colors of the rainbow - a rainbow rug with knitting needles. This is an excellent children's option. Another plus of such a product is that it can be square or rectangular.

Knitting round rug

How to knit a round rug on a chair with knitting needles for beginners - with our description of the knitting scheme it is very easy to do! Here the technique of shortened rows will be used.


  • 12 skeins of yarn (50 grams each)
  • Spokes 8 mm

Description of work:
Knit garter stitch, the thread folded in half, make six pieces. 1 shot by L.P. (S.LP.) = remove P. as L.P., knit after the product.

  • Recruiting 53 P. 1 R .: C.L.P., 52 L.P.,
  • 2 R .: 51 L.P., 1 S.L.P., thread in front of the canvas, turn over.
  • 3 R .: 52 L.P.,
  • 4 R .: 50 L.P., 1 S.L.P., thread in front of the canvas, turn over.
  • 5 R .: 51 L.P.
  • 6 R .: 49 L.P., 1 S.L.P., thread in front of the canvas, turn over.
  • 7 R .: 50 L.P.
  • 8 R .: 48 L.P., 1 S.L.P., thread in front of the canvas, turn over.
  • 9 R .: 49 L.P.
    To do all the steps further: before we remove P. - turn the product over - W. B. 1 P. at the end of the next R., then every 2 R. Continue thus until we reach the next R.
  • 100 R .: 2 L.P., 1 S.L.P., thread in front of the canvas, turn over.
  • 101 R .: 3 L.P.,
  • 102 R .: 2 L.P. All 102 rows are one piece of carpet. In total there will be six. We connect motifs knit stitch. Hinges to tighten and secure.

A variety of knitted rugs

You will find very beautiful carpet models for inspiration. photo selection below. They can be connected absolutely with any technique and from any material: from thick yarn, from fear of things, rainbow or developing for a child, from packages. Moreover, the form can also be any: unusual - a star, round, containing a pattern.

How to tie a rug with hands without knitting needles and hook


How to knit a rug with needles video

Thick Knitting Needle Rug

A beautiful thick yarn rug will look great on the floor of a bedroom or living room.. On it you can put a coffee table on top, lay near the bed - it will decorate any floor! Make it easy.

It will require:

  • Two skeins of thread (we have a seventy percent alpaca)
  • Circular needles 20 mm - because The yarn is very thick. Best of all, if they are about 70 cm.

Process description:

  • We recruit 41 P. Seamy side provyazyvaem LP
  • Front side: L.P., remove L.P. unprovided = until the last P., L.P. These 2 pp. Knit 104 cm. Close.

Developing a rug with knitting needles

How to tie a star rug with knitting needles?

Here goes again garter stitch, we knit in turn each "piece", in the process we connect all of them together.

  1. The process starts with a yellow thread: 5 P., garter stitch, in each R. after 1 P. and before the last. P. - P.R. 1 P. Every R. + 2 P.
  2. Further, a dark shade of yellow. from one side- 2 P. together (the first). From the other side - PR.
  3. Next comes the blue color.from the side of the first shade. On one side - U.B., on the other - teeth.
  4. Then blue. Again from one side - UB, from the other - teeth. Repeat the action four times.

If it is difficult for you to knit all the details at once with one cloth - they can be stitched at the end.Another version of such a product, where different colors alternate and 3 R. - L.P., 1 R. - I.P.

Knit rug rug knitted in different directions with needles

Beautiful rug in dimeter 124 centimeters. Since it will be rainbow accessory - we take 8 skeins of thread in various colors. Ring needles 3 mm, you can use the first stocking. But this option is for convenience only.
We pick 8 P. crochet, we begin to knit in two directions already knitting garter knitting. First P. in each P. is removed. In every 2 R. - P.R. To change the shade - we bind the thread. To attach one motive to another - we do PR, pulling P. from the first wedge. After 24 p. - move the picture. In half, all P. The thread of the previous R. is interlaced with the worker. Knit to the desired size. The last R. can be obliged with the help of a hook for beauty and a finished type of canvas: VP, S.S. All ends of the thread or trim or hide. On this, our beautiful iris is ready!

Chair mat

Very good option also for those who have extra threads left.You need to connect 10 parts - rectangles 5 * 25 cm. This option is still good because you can create it with the help of a hook, or with the help of knitting needles. We will focus on the second option. To make the litter durable - ready-made rectangles before stitching to connect - to steam with an iron through gauze or a rag.So, we collect the required number of loops and knit rectangles of 5 * 25 centimeters. We have 10 of them. Now we assemble it in a checkerboard pattern, as shown in the figure below. To make it look complete, tie the SBB around the perimeter. Then R.S.S.N. For the formation of angles- 3 S.B.N. in 1 P. All the excess threads are cut off.

As you can see, such a technique can be used to tie up not only the bedding on a chair, but also a small mat for children or a stand for hot items. But in this case - do not use woolen thread, only cotton!

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