What dreams of work and former colleagues

People sometimes have unexpected, unusual dreams. No one and nothing but the dream book and the authors of such books are able to answer this question. Sometimes a sleeping person even dreams of a former job.

It seems like a simple dream, reminiscent of old times. But this is not the case. In fact, every dream is important and such is no exception, so today readers will find out what the vision in which the former work dreamed means.

If you dream about the work to what it is

If a dream job, it means that the sleeper regrets the lost, recalls the old days, which can not be returned.

But it can be interpreted, as well as the upcoming changes, the subsequent fraud by strangers, and there are many other interpretations. The matter is in the details and the events seen in the dream. It also matters who the dreamer is.

Do not perceive what is happening in a dream directly. What the person dreamed of will not always happen exactly as shown.

For example, if a man dreams about how he changes his jobthen this does not mean dismissal at all; it is worth taking it as a future increase in the near future.

The age of the dreamer should also be taken into account. If a young girl dreams of having a feast, this means that she will become pregnant, but the same dream that has occurred in an elderly woman means fast separation.

What dreams about being fired from work

  • The dream in which the dismissal from work by the boss is dreaming has nothing to do with the career itself. The dream interpretation interprets this as a hidden desire of a person for change, which he cannot realize.
  • If a person has dreamed that the boss dismisses him, then the dreamer should think about his life, because he does not want to continue it in this way, he craves a dramatic upheaval in his fate. But this is only if a dream that only one person was fired.

If there was another a dream that someone gets firedthen it may mean the following:

  • If in a dream all close relatives, close friends of a sleeping person were dismissed at once, then this will be a quick holiday at home.
  • If a dream is written dismissal, this is to bad news, or to an unpleasant acquaintance.
  • The dismissal of a friend in a dream concerns him personally. It means that unpleasant times are waiting for him soon, and he will need help.
  • If the dreamer himself dismisses his acquaintances, then this is a sign that he will have to become cruel to them.
  • But if close relatives were dismissed, this will lead to a conflict in the family, which, nevertheless, will be quickly resolved and will turn into good family talk.

If you dream of a former job to what it

  • When dreaming the current work, this is one thing. Usually such dreams denote the emotional state of a person in the present and in the near future rather than the colossal changes in his fate.

But if dreamed of a former job and former colleaguesthen this is completely different. They can dream, as well as well-known colleagues, and those whom the sleeper did not even remember, but only his subconscious mind remembers them.

It is important that it was in a dream, and who of the colleagues appeared before the dreamer:

  • A woman's colleague dreamed up - a man foreshadows success in relationships, while the female, on the contrary, should expect difficulties.
  • If a man is in a dream, then everything is absolutely opposite to the previous point. Women will have a good personal life, men will fail.
  • A few employees dreamed - this is a sign to the fact that it is not necessary to make deals in the coming week.

What dream is the head of a man

If the director is dreaming from work, then the dreamer can expect anything. The boss, seen in a dream, portends both positive consequences and negative ones.

Again, it all depends on the smallest details in a dream and the type of boss. But more important is who the dreamer is.

There are the following situations:

  • If the boss dreamed of a man, then this is a sign that the sleeper feels insecure in himself, but not necessarily in his career. The seen director is the forerunner of the story in which the dreamer loses in advance.
  • If a woman had a dream, then this is a personal subtext. The boss personifies someone close - a husband or just a lover. Maybe a father, a close friend. This means that it is necessary to analyze the relationship with this person.
  • If the former boss dreams of a man, then this is a reminder of a forgotten man who is waiting to be remembered.

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