Design for short nails: photo 2018

A modern girl knows that it is impossible to look beautiful if you have poor hands and no manicure. Even short nails must be carefully filed, giving a beautiful shape to the nail plate and paint over varnish. But lately women of fashion more often give preference to short and very short nails, in connection with which the build-up becomes a thing of the past.

In turn, the masters of manicure art every day replenish the base “design for short nails (photo) design 2018”, where you can find the most chic work on small oval, round, sharp, square, almond-shaped nails.

Modern ideas - gel varnish and shellac on short nails (photo)

Gel varnish and shellac is a unique coating that allows you to create a delightful design that will be in perfect condition for more than three weeks. Such a lacquer provides for the strengthening of nails covered with it, which is another additional bonus and a huge plus, which encourages him to choose it over and over again.

<шеллак и="" гель="" лак="" -="" фото="" дизайн="" на="" коротких="" ногтях="" (фото="" самых="" удачных="">

Original Moon - Spring Trend 2018

Lunar manicure (Hollywood or reverse french, as it was called women of fashion) became a hit in 2015. All very loved him for originality. On red marigolds, it looks simple and concise, but in the spring, stylists recommend experimenting with bright colors.

Delicate wedding design

Festive option - this is a gentle pastel colors, sparkles and stones. A wedding provides for the presence of white color, which will be ideally suited for a wedding dress.

Beautiful french on short nails

This type of design does not go out of fashion for many years. Today there are hundreds of variations of French manicure. In summer and spring, you can choose bright juicy shades, in winter - cold, in autumn - warm.

“French” nails, design 2018 - photo for short nails (photo of the best masters of 2018).

Red french manicure

The red color gamut enjoys wide popularity. With it, you can create a bright classic version and an unusual creative.

The best works of 2018 (pictures)

Neil art has already turned into art. Every day the masters surprise us with new and new creations that can be called a work of art. Owners of such beauty will feel like real queens.

Chic manicure for short nails - photo design in 2018 from the best masters.

Stylish tape option

A manicure with geometric lines is obtained using adhesive tape. You can experiment with it and give free rein to your imagination by creating trendy graphic nail art.

Matt in dark colors

Matte nails look very elegant. Black and white, usual black, blue - exactly what a modern dynamic girl needs, who always wants to be in the center of attention.

Patterned design on nails for short

A simple and uncomplicated design can be diluted with a pattern on a nameless finger or the same creations on all fingers.

Novelties of the summer - ideas with rhinestones, sparkles, stones

In the summer you want more brightness and brilliance, so all sorts of sparkles, stones and rhinestones are used.

Fashion trends of 2018 - gold and silver foil design

Mirror manicure came up for lovers of chic. Coating technology involves the use of special foil, which you can easily cope on your own.

Popular Feng Shui Manicure

If you want to be in harmony with yourself and the world, you should think about manicure by Feng Shui.

Fundamental rules:

  1. Color emphasis is preferable to do on the right hand, as it gives energy, which means everything that you give, will return to you a hundredfold.
  2. Left hand: Thumb means anxiety and empty hopes, index - fears and phobias, medium - sexuality, nameless - loneliness and sadness, little finger - lies and betrayal.
  3. Right hand: The thumb is business success, the index finger is grumpiness and dissatisfaction with oneself, the middle one is insult and dissatisfaction, the nameless one is sexual and friendship ties, the little finger is well-being and calmness.
  4. "The Elements of the Earth" (figures 9 and 8): brown shades and bed tones, golden and pink.
  5. "Element of Fire"(7 and 6): bright red, coral, purple.
  6. "Element of Trees"(5 and 4): blue green.
  7. "Elements of Water"(3 and 2): metallic flickering, chameleons, lavender, blue, light blue, black shades.
  8. "Metal Elements" (1 and 0): white, yellow, brown, steel and gold.
  9. Color value:
  • white - clean
  • blue - harmony
  • golden - strength of mind and body
  • red - happiness
  • gray - rationality
  • purple - mind and harmony with the outside world
  • blue - kindness and liberation
  • pink - youth and tenderness
  • beige - tranquility
  • green - health
  • turquoise - wealth

Manicure at home (video)

If you do not know how to properly make a beautiful manicure, a selection of master classes and video lessons will help you. Masters will explain to you step by step and step by step all the nuances and secrets of nail art.

Watch the video: New Nail Art 2018. 17 Best Nail Art Designs for Short Nails (October 2019).