What dreams tangerines

By the signs that come in a dream should be treated very carefully, because their interpretation can warn against the trouble that fate has prepared. To be aware of what dreams of this or that plot, where citrus fruits appear, you can prepare and accept prepared with dignity or fully armed.

Dreamed tangerines in a dream what it means

  • The dream book interprets the dreamed tangerines as longevity and good health of the dreamer. Another dream interpretation, where a sleeping person buys large citrus fruits, is a harbinger of a successful outcome of affairs and the revival of a long-forgotten love affair.
  • Mandarins and oranges hanging on a tree are dreaming; such a dream promises the successful completion of a conflict situation and triumph in the planned affairs. An identical picture in a dream for lovers means harmony in their relationship.
  • A pregnant woman mandarins dream of giving birth to healthy offspring.
  • For a young girl, to see a dream with a flowering citrus tree means to get married successfully.
  • Interpretation according to Veles' dream book interprets a dream where a person sells citruses as receiving rewards for hard work.
  • According to the gypsy dream book, if the fragrance of the fruit is felt in the dreams, it speaks of the depletion of the organism. In order to obtain the necessary charge of energy, a long vacation is necessary.
  • A dream, where the main role is assigned to mandarins, according to the main dream book, foreshadows the arrival of unexpected guests.
  • If in a dream to see how a person treats a child with mandarins, in reality the dreamer will perform a noble act that will change the prejudiced attitude of others.
  • Squeeze the juice during the cracking of the fetus - to great trouble. Interpretation of a dream explains that problems will arise because of the complex nature of the dreamer, it is worth stopping your ardor and being more careful.
  • In the modern dream book, a dream in which a person eats juicy citrus fruits, means excessive trust in others, which will not be justified.

Buy tangerines in a dream for what it is

  • To buy citruses in a dream, according to Miller’s dream book, and after eating them, means cloudless happiness, to which nothing can become an obstacle.
  • If the fruits in dreams are immature, this is a warning that you need to pay more attention to your loved ones. Interpretation speaks of such unpleasant consequences as quarrels and spoiled relations.
  • When dreaming that purchased citruses were dry and with a hard skin, it means that an interesting and fascinating life passes by the dreamer. The interpretation of the dream promises many interesting events, if you put the work in the background.

What dreams tangerine tree

  • If a man dreams of a tangerine tree with fruits, then family life in the near future will be calm and measured.
  • According to Vanga’s dream book, if you have tangerines in a tree, such a dream foretells the girl to meet her elect soon; for a woman, this is a favorable sign of an early pregnancy.
  • The interpretation of dreams, where a person sees a flowering citrus tree, foreshadows that his plans will come true during this period of flowering.
  • A tree with fruits, according to the modern dream book, promises luck in all affairs, both financial and love.

Many tangerines why dream

  • In a culinary dream book, if you dream of a lot of citruses, you should expect guests. The interpretation explains that most likely it will be a distant relative, with whom there have been no meetings for a long time. Also expected a lot of nice gifts.
  • In a dream, where a person collects fruit for a long time, falling from a tree, the dream book from A to Z, says that someone needs the help of a dreamer. Worth a helping hand, this gesture will definitely be appreciated in the future.

What dreams of rotten tangerines

  • When rotten citruses dreamed of a twenty-first century dream book, the interpretation of a dream sounds like this: the dreamer expects deception, which can be avoided by vigilance and accuracy in business.
  • If in a dream, a person broke the fruit, but inside it was dry, you should think about your lifestyle, the work takes up all your free time, at a time when life is in full swing. It is necessary to balance the time to rest, and to work.
  • According to Vanga’s dream book, if a rotten citrus dreams of a girl, it means that she is tormented by remorse for her perfect act.
  • If in a dream it was possible to clear a beautiful fruit, and inside it was rotten, the interpretation of a dream portends deception or betrayal of a loved one.

Why dream there tangerines in a dream

  • If you had mandarins in dreams, in reality you should analyze your attitude towards the people around you. You should not be too gullible, otherwise betrayal is possible.
  • For a woman, such dreams can lead to betrayal of her husband.

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