Ideas for original wedding gifts

Wedding invitation - a sign of attention and respect. To respond to it with dignity, you must prepare a gift that the newlyweds will not cease to remember with warmth and joy over the years. It does not have to be an expensive item. If you wish, you can make a good and practical gift even if you have a modest amount. The main thing is to think it over carefully and present it in an original way.

Top 10 gifts to the newlyweds for the wedding

Thousands of couples enter the marriage union every day in the world. No matter in which part of the world the celebration takes place, the statistics collected on a global scale allows us to judge how widespread those or types of gifts are for the newlyweds. In the top of the most popular and original gifts that make newlyweds for the wedding today include:

  • Cash gifts;
  • Electrical engineering;
  • Gift certificates;
  • Original products (figurines, paintings);
  • Objects of art.

No matter how trite, but money - the most common and, what to hide, desired gift, chosen as a wedding offering. At present, banknotes in an envelope are gradually fading into the background: today, young people are given money as deposits or start-up capital, or they make a transfer to a cash account that is indicated in advance by those who are married.

Many newlyweds even before the family celebration notify the guests about what the presented sum of money can do. Thus, modern original couples prefer instead of flowers and gifts to transfer donated money to charitable organizations: hospices, hospitals, nursing homes, etc. Such a gesture is beautiful in itself and helps to give a special meaning to the celebration, involving all the moneymakers in the noble cause present.

How much will it cost: Social surveys in most countries of Europe and the United States revealed that, on average, guests prefer to allocate an amount of $ 160 for a cash gift for a wedding.

Gift certificates also popular. A visit to a massage parlor or restaurant where they eat in the dark and by touch, a horseback riding education subscription, a double parachute jump, a check with a space on the spot for visiting a hardware store - options for what can be indicated in the gift certificate for a wedding set. It all depends on the donor’s imagination and his financial capabilities, but usually this gift is welcome.

With the help of original gift or cash certificate you kill two birds with one stone: save yourself from long searches for a surprise and present a non-standard memorable gift for a wedding.

How much will it cost: Depending on the type of offer or service indicated in the certificate, the average amount of wedding expenses is 1,000-1,500 rubles per person (i.e. 2,000 - 3,000 rubles for both newlyweds).

Appliances (electronic and household) considered a classic gift. In the first years of family life, the couple should enjoy each other, and not spend most of their time cooking or washing. To facilitate their life and family chores, guests traditionally give useful items for the home:

  • Fridge;
  • Washing machine;
  • Stove;
  • Microwave;
  • Mixers;
  • Toaster.

If there is an opportunity, it is better to initially wonder what will be useful in everyday life for the future family couple, and to present this or that thing to the wedding consciously.

How much will it cost: different items cost differently. The price of a kitchen timer starts from 112 rubles, and the upper limit for large-sized equipment for a wedding gift can be several hundred thousand.

Original designer tableware for a wedding gift

Set of dishes,namely, a stylish modern service for several people is not a relic of the past, but a remarkable practical solution that the bride and groom will appreciate. Of course, the dishes should not be cheap, so for the wedding gift selected items from the luxury category: Bohemian or Murano glass, French porcelain, etc.

How much will it cost: from 4 thousand rubles and above.

Bed linen, bath clothes can also be an original gift. The main criterion - donated items must be paired, that is, must be intended for two. A beautiful expensive set of bed linen made of natural fabric (Egyptian cotton or satin, natural silk) or luxurious terry robes is a great purchase for young family people who definitely will not be superfluous.

How much will it cost: from 3 - 5 thousand.

Original designer accessory for bathroom interior

Furniture and interior accessories - Gifts are practical, but giving them is dangerous at least because you can hardly guess with the style of the home of the newlyweds. As an option, you can pay them a trip to the furniture salon and please with a wedding surprise at 100%.

How much will it cost: it is difficult to predict the final amount, since everything depends on the type, material of the furniture and the number of items purchased.

PHOTOSESSION. Increasingly, guests choose this type of wedding gift, and this is not surprising. Newlyweds on the agenda have serious expenses for organizing a celebration, so why not facilitate their family life and pay for a traditional wedding photo session?

Today, not just a collection of photos and videos of the holiday is in fashion, but also special hard-bound albums that look like real books and will become a valuable family heirloom.

How much will it cost: The price for a wedding photo session with a professional photographer varies from 15 - 20 thousand rubles and more (depending on the location, the number of shots, etc.).

Hotel room. To celebrate the first wedding night in a beautiful place, and not in the parent "odnushku" - such a gift will certainly become one of the most valuable for the young. You can give them not only a stay in the room, but also a visit to the spa in the hotel.

How much will it cost: the cost of the gift depends on the "star" place and the number of included services.

Honeymoon - a common, but not a cheap surprise. To pleasantly surprise the newlyweds, you can charge for travel, if you have good relations with other guests. If the budget is limited, get out of the situation by choosing not the luxurious, but the original location.

Who knows, maybe a tour trip to the districts of Gorny Altai to explore the local shamans will surprise the bride and groom much more than a traditional beach in the Maldives. A place to travel should be beautiful and safe.

How much will it cost: from 10 - 15 thousand rubles.

Mountain bike, hoverboard, quad bike, segway, monowheel, electric scooter, motorcycle, but at least the car - ideas for a gift in the form of vehicle a lot, but choose from a number of vehicles should only be the one that will be most relevant for a young couple. Such gifts are not cheap, so they are usually made by people closest to a family couple.

How much will it cost: from several tens of thousands of rubles.

Original wedding gifts

A functional and practical wedding gift requires an informed choice, but it is not as difficult to make as it may seem. Another question is if you want to make a truly unique surprise that will stand out from the crowd and become a hit of the celebration.

A wedding is a special moment uniting two loving people into a single whole. Only truly extraordinary personalities can mark an event with a unique gift. To make original wedding surprise, you can use one of the ideas below.

The cast of hands. Palms joined together are an ideal metaphor of marriage: two people join hands together, connect destinies and go along their life path. There are special kits, including gypsum and mold, which the newlyweds can use themselves. But it is better to devote them in advance to a surprise (partially) and, taking the original cast, order it in a workshop to cast it in bronze.

Romantic statuette - a beautiful original souvenir, symbolizing the figures of lovers - this is a universal gift. Glass, bronze, wood, porcelain, any cast metal are usually used as materials.

Special will help to stand out from the rest of the gifts. box for the bride's dress. Many girls prefer to keep wedding dresses after the celebration. So that it does not get dusty on the hanger, you can order a special box for storage of wood or durable cardboard. This gift just can not be called trivial.

Original Gift Keg

Barrel with honey - a gift is symbolic, interesting and tasty. Family life should be sweet, and even a fly in the ointment is not the place. Having presented a barrel of honey to the bride and groom, you will certainly surprise all those who have gathered. You can accompany the gift with a toast, wishing the couple a happy honeymoon.

Retro style is now more than ever in fashion. Order in a photo studio portrait young pop artmade from their joint photo. As a guide, you can choose the style of pop art like Andy Warhol. Such a souvenir is an excellent addition to the interior of the matrimonial bedroom.

Voice picture - an original gift

Voice picture. The voices of the bride and groom are encrypted using a qr-code and are attached to the picture in the form of a small sticker. The code is read thanks to the application on the phone. You can encrypt not only voice, but also video, link to the site, social network, phone number.

Or you can make portrait of the words. To create a portrait you will need a photo of both lovers, which will be printed in the form of words using virtual processing. At the heart of the message you can lay a congratulation on the wedding, which makes the gift doubly unique.

Original retro poster

Vintage themes do not cease to be on the wave of popularity. The bride and groom will definitely appreciate their images on retro posterprinted in muted colors or, on the contrary, bright screaming colors, reminiscent of the period of mass propaganda.

Attention: such a gift is better to make a young and progressive couple, who has everything in order with a sense of humor.

Wedding Journal can be a rather unusual present. But not the one that was bought at the entrance to the subway, but a unique edition, specially designed on the occasion of the wedding. The theme of this magazine is the bride and groom, their family, parents, the moment of the meeting, etc. To make the magazine even more original, interview the friends and relatives of the couple. Less gift - you have to seriously work on it.

Original thread picture in the style of string art

Cotton picture- a unique concept in contemporary art, called string art (izonit). The image is created on the board with the help of threads and nails on any sketch or photo. Such a gift will definitely be unique. By the way, the toast can be accompanied by the phrase that the newlyweds “slaughtered” to all the troubles they met - you are guaranteed success!

Designer piggy bank

Cork money box- a beautiful original souvenir in the form of a glass box or a vessel with a nominal date on the wall or back of the wedding day. The gift is symbolic, as the spouses will be able to save up traffic jams left not only after the marriage, but also romantic dinners, joint anniversaries, childbirth and other significant dates of family life.

Family monogram. Ordering an individual monogram for a young couple from a professional lithographer is not cheap, but your gift will be the most romantic and original. Alternatively, you can give them a personal family coat of arms.

Cool gifts for the newlyweds at the wedding

It’s not easy to stand out as a gift among other guests, but the newlyweds will definitely remember and appreciate this non-standard approach. If you want to make an unusual and funny surprise with a twist, consider the following conditions in order not to get into an unpleasant situation:

  • A cool gift should not have any elements or overtones that can offend the newlyweds, their friends, relatives and colleagues. In order not to offend anyone, consider the permissible limits of humor and the degree of liberation of the newlyweds and other participants in the celebration;
  • In many ways, the success of a cool gift depends on how you present it. The correct accompanying toast can save or completely spoil the whole idea.

Consider whether a funny gift would be appropriate in the overall context of the celebration. You can ask advice from the host who knows the script of the evening, the parents of the couple or their closest friends.

So, if all the conventions are met, it's time to start thinking about the topic and the kind of cool surprise. The following types of non-standard gifts are usually popular: flash mobs, cartoons, unusual t-shirts, boxing gloves, certificates, etc.

Collective gift will be specially organized flash mob. A dance of dozens of people in the city center, a performance of your favorite group of newlyweds, a “living inscription” built with the help of the rest of the guests and filmed by the drone from the air — there are a lot of ideas for a fun gift flashmob, it all depends on your imagination and desire.

The original air banner is a great way to make a non-standard gift.

You can order a gift toast, which will be seen not only by the newlyweds, but also by the whole city, using the air advertising service - in particular, airbanners under the tightness of an airplane or helicopter.

Caricature of the bride and groom. You can give a caricature of young people only if you have a great sense of humor among the latter. However, if the cartoon is attached to a substantial sum of money, the gift will be definitely loved.

T-shirts with inscriptions - simple, but interesting. The present itself is cheap enough, but you will win at the expense of originality. The main thing is to think over the inscription on the T-shirt and try to make her have a pair of themes. Standard options: the inscription "My property" on the shirt of each spouse, or funny pictures with arrow keys.

Plot on the moon - standard option for a gift-joke. For a small amount (3,000 rubles for 40 acres), you acquire and present to the newlyweds a certificate of ownership of the real site on the territory of the natural satellite of the Earth. Also attached to the certificate is a map, where the boundaries of land, that is, lunar possession are indicated.

Two pairs of boxing gloves. Such a gift will save the situation if you don’t have enough money for an expensive surprise, but there is a strong desire to make a memorable greeting. When handing in gloves, wish the young ones to "play by the rules" and sort things out only with "sports passion." The joke will surely be met with a warm applause. Gloves should be red and blue, symbolizing the feminine and masculine.

Also options for cool gifts can be:

  • A prediction cookie box, where each prediction contains a thematic wish;
  • A set of magnets for all future anniversaries of a wedding celebration (up to the "golden jubilee" of 50 years and even 100 years of anniversary);
  • Medals or diplomas with humorous inscriptions ("Family experience - loading in percent", etc.);
  • Cookbook with comic recipes like "101 options to cook scrambled eggs";
  • Decorative rolling pin or pan with the inscription "For the education" bride and a pair of knitted "urchin" mittens with a muzzle of a hedgehog for the groom.

Inexpensive but good wedding gift

Invited to the wedding guests often refuse to attend events for financial reasons.

The inability to spend this or that amount on a gift is a good reason, but many newlyweds would prefer to see people close to them anyway.

How to make a good, but inexpensive gift to adequately get out of the situation and not feel uncomfortable? You will be surprised, but there is Many excellent budget options include:

  • Household appliances;
  • Interior items;
  • Various kits;
  • Courses for self-development.

Steamer, coffee grinder, mixer, blender - all this should be in the kitchen of each housewife, so the practicality of the gift in the form of small household appliances beyond doubt. Today, the range of products is such that you can easily find a high-quality model from a well-known brand at an affordable price and keep within a budget of up to 5 thousand rubles.

Warm blanket for two - unusual and at the same time budget option. A good coat of quality wool looks presentable, but over time it loses its former appearance. Another thing - blankets of acrylic. They not only cope well with the main task (warming), but also retain their shape and color over a long period.

Floor lamp The classic model of floor lamp in the style of minimalism can decorate any interior, but it is equally important that the price of it is available to most consumers.

You can give a young certificate or subscription to self-development courses. Trainings that can be attended together: pottery, oratory, photography, painting - today training is more accessible than ever and is relatively cheap. Such a gift is always original, and you can definitely afford it.

Practical accessible gifts also include:

  • Aquarium with a goldfish - "to fulfill all desires";
  • Cozy hammock for two;
  • Suitcase for joint travel;
  • Picnic set;
  • Breakfast table in bed;
  • Пара ортопедических подушек;
  • Подкова на счастье из дерева, керамики, металла с именной гравировкой.

Многие гости, не располагающие широкими возможностями, предпочитают дарить молодоженам вещи, сделанные своими руками. Это замечательная традиция, поэтому мы обязаны поделиться ее идеями с вами.

Делаем подарок на свадьбу своими руками

Сюрприз, изготовленный собственноручно - это не обязательно примитивный объект, у которого видны швы от клея и торчащие нитки. Можно изготовить такой подарок, который будет ничем не хуже фабричного изделия.

Можно «приготовить» денежный торт. Не спешите смеяться. Такой подарок - это не только классный прием красиво оформить деньги для вручения новобрачным, но и ловкий способ выйти из затруднительного положения, если сумма для подарка не очень велика. Разменяйте сумму на мелкие купюры и соорудите торт, согласно видео-инструкции.

Набор блестящих бокалов - интересный вариант на свадьбу. Для изготовления подарка потребуются стеклянные бокалы на тонкой ножке, набор блесток (одного или нескольких цветов), кисть, малярный скотч, ПВА-клей. Наклейте скотч на стекло, ограничив линию нанесения клея. Затем кистью смажьте те участки, где будут блестки. Обсыпьте бокалы и потрясите их в воздухе, подстелив на стол газету. Оставьте бокалы сохнуть на 30 минут. Подарок готов!

Свадебная корзина - очень нужный и полезный предмет на свадьбе, ведь именно в корзину складывают конверты с подаренными деньгами. Подготовьте плетеную корзинку из лозы (диаметр не менее 20 - 30 см), атласную ткань и шелковые ленты нескольких оттенков, искусственные цветы (лучше розы и эустомы), декоративные бусины, стразы, клеевой пистолет, ножницы.

Обтяните корзинку тканью, заправив лишнюю материю под дно с наружной стороны. Заверните красиво остатки ткани на дне снаружи и, спрятав их друг под друга, склейте пистолетом. Декорируйте корзинку приготовленными элементами (ленты, цветы, бусины) по вашему вкусу. Хороший эффект дает также декоративная бечевка, изящно обвитая на ручку.

Как красиво упаковать и подать свадебный подарок?

Свадьба - красивое величественное торжество, поэтому все нюансы к ее приготовлению должны быть продуманы. Это касается не только внешнего вида гостя, но и упаковки, в которой он преподнесет молодоженам свадебный подарок.

Даже если сам сувенир отличается высокой ценностью, невзрачная или неаккуратная упаковка испортит все впечатление от сюрприза. Оформить подарок красиво и оригинально можно несколькими способами.

Говорящая упаковка. Упакуйте выбранный подарок в любую коробку, а сверху прикрепите устройство для записи голосового модуля (небольшой диктофон, петличный микрофон и пр.). Запишите голосовое поздравление с описанием подарка для молодоженов и установите на коробке с подарком устройство для воспроизведения записи. Такую упаковку точно не забудут.

Упаковка с намеком. На подарочном конверте или боксе можно прикрепить символ того, что вы дарите. Если вы преподносите им путешествие, разместите на упаковке виды Лондона, пирамиды Египта или небоскребы Нью-Йорка. Если дарится бытовая техника, прикрепите на бумагу симпатичный небольшой холодильник из фетра или наклейку стиральной машины.

Акцент на форму. Квадраты и прямоугольники - золотой стандарт, но сегодня в ход идут более оригинальные решения. Цилиндрические, овальные, круглые и пирамидальные коробки выглядят однозначно интереснее и привлекут внимание уже одним видом.

Вручать подарки можно и так!

"Живая" упаковка. Если вы не знаете, как красиво упаковать и подать свадебный подарок, предоставьте это профессионалам. В специальных праздничных агентствах можно заказать презентацию сюрприза и даже составить свой индивидуальный сценарий. Ваш подарок вынесут бразильские танцовщицы самбы или чета жонглеров, его могут спустить с вертолета либо преподнести руками приглашенной звезды, которая споет для молодоженов песню или произнесет зажигательный тост.

Отдельной темой являются способы вручения денег. Упаковывать купюры в конверт сегодня не модно. Подарить денежные средства красиво и необычно можно разными способами, а именно:

  • Заполните керамическую копилку купюрами и при вручении укажите, что разбить ее можно только в случае необходимости;
  • Законсервируйте деньги в стеклянную банку с настоящей жестяной крышкой. На стекле напишите что-нибудь вроде "Семейная реликвия" или "Семейный бюджет";
  • Приобретите серебряный или золотой слиток и выгравируйте на нем номинал стоимости затраченной суммы;
  • Наполните воздушные шары гелием, привяжите к каждому по купюре (лучше, если шаров будет не меньше десятка) и подарите связку молодоженам;
  • Купите альбом для фотографий, вложите в каждый прозрачный пазл по денежной купюре и снабдите все страницы какими-либо идеями для траты подаренных денег.

Особым успехом пользуются денежные букеты, выполненные в технике оригами. Пошагово инструкция его изготовления выглядит так:

  • Подготовьте стальную проволоку, клеевой пистолет, скотч, банковские резинки, простую бумагу (газетную или упаковочную) и сами купюры;
  • Выпрямите проволочные отрезки (длина - 10 - 15 см), оберните кончики скотчем, чтобы термоклей лучше адгезировался с их поверхностью;
  • Сделайте квадрат из бумаги размером 8х8 см, оберните его вокруг проволоки, чтобы получился небольшой конвертик;
  • Приклейте свернутый конверт к проволоке. Должно получиться несколько заготовок одинакового размера;
  • С помощью проволоки закрутите купюры любым способом, чтобы они напоминали лепестки;
  • Насадите "лепестки" по диаметру бумажной заготовки и прикрепите их резинками.

Идей для подарков на свадьбу - великое множество. Выбор зависит от денежных средств, которые вы готовы потратить, времени, желания и, конечно же, вашего воображения!

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