Why dream of silver?

Since ancient times, silver is called the symbol of the moon, this noble metal personifies beauty, health and strength, it is often associated with otherworldly forces and used in magical rites.

The appearance of this image in a dream necessarily has a hidden meaning, which the dream book will help explain. Very often this sign warns a person that serious changes in his life are about to occur. Perhaps a significant event will occur that will affect the future fate of the dreamer.

Dreamed silver jewelry what does it mean?

Precious silver jewelry and trinkets in a dream symbolize the wealth and well-being of the dreamer. Beautiful graceful rings indicate that the sleeper has managed to gain spiritual power over another person.

  • Silver wedding ring dreams of family well-being, wealth and complete idyll in relationships with loved ones.
  • Silver chain hOften dreams of a friendly conversation, and earrings - of mutual feelings or a profitable partnership.
  • If you dream of a silver bracelet on hand - such decoration symbolizes insight and wisdom.
  • Dreams of silver and gold, which the dreamer has to clean - his physical well-being deteriorates, should beware of disease.

What dreams of silver chain

Modern dream book claims that such a girl in a dream chain of silver - to a quick marriage with a man whom she truly loves. However, the joint life of such a couple can be overshadowed by poverty and need. There are also other interpretations of sleep:

  • see the chain around the other person's neck - you are too curious, do not poke your nose in other people's affairs;
  • see beautiful jewelry with pendant - you voluntarily shoulder too heavy a burden;
  • tear in a dream or lose it - This is a warning that you can do a bad thing in the future;
  • see how the decoration gradually darkens - your reputation in the eyes of others will be shaken;
  • get jewelry as a gift from a loved one - in reality you are not sure of the sincerity of the feelings of a person close to you;
  • find a chain of silver - you will establish business contacts, or you will meet your soul mate;
  • unravel - you will have romances with two people at the same time.

If you dream of silver rings

The silver ring is a symbol of reliability and purity, and the dream in which such an ornament is present should be interpreted depending on many details:

  • wear a silver ring on the ring fingere - Wang argues that such a dream foreshadows the fulfillment of all the dreams of the dreamer and the support of loved ones;
  • see the decoration on the hand of another person - soon you will have to receive money, there will also be new acquaintances;
  • choose a ring in a dream - you do not love anyone now;
  • see how a silver ring is put on your finger by a stranger - soon you will be helped to solve a long-standing problem;
  • find broken jewelry - Miller claims that such a dream warns of misfortunes and troubles;
  • lose ring or to see how he flies from his hand - the oath of allegiance given to you will be broken, fate will prepare you for an ordeal.

Silver chain with a cross which means

To dream a thing like a cross - to calm and peace. However, there are other interpretations:

  1. you have a silver chain around your neck with a pendant - you are too committed by the obligations;
  2. see how the silver chain broke on the neck - you wish to refuse this promise of the rash;
  3. find a cross in a dream - you will defeat your rivals and enemies;
  4. lose cross - to diseases;
  5. receive as a gift a chain with a cross - this may mean quick profit.

Find a silver chain in a dream

Such a dream can mean solving problems in the near future and happiness. But the exact meaning of the dream depends on the context:

  • find a decoration rolling in the mud - you in vain ignore important information obtained recently;
  • long to search for the lost chain, to despair and still find - the solution to the problem that has been haunting you for a long time lies on the surface itself, just look closely;
  • accidentally find silver in a dream, not belonging to you - a pleasant meeting and acquaintance with a good man, perhaps a romantic relationship;
  • you found a broken decoration - You will help solve the problems of other people, for which you will receive sincere thanks and recognition;
  • lose the chain - you are too carefree, try to concentrate on current affairs.

If you dream of a torn silver chain

Such a dream promises trouble to a person, but not necessarily major.

If the chain is torn under the weight of a massive suspensionthat means all your immediate plans will be ruined. You will encounter numerous obstacles that will stop the desire to move towards the goal.

See how the decoration broke under the weight of the cross - to confusions and failures in affairs.

Broken chain, lying on the ground dreaming of a change in life circumstances, a married woman, such a dream foreshadows getting rid of the home tyrant, a pregnant girl is in vain worries and efforts about things not worth attention. It is a symbol of unfulfilled hopes and disappointments.

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