Basic wardrobe for women

How to create a universal wardrobe so that women of different builds (rectangle, pear, apple, hourglass figure) can look like from the picture? The main requirement is that all things simply have to be of good quality, have an excellent composition, blend with each other in color and suit you, your shape, hair color and skin type (winter, spring, summer, autumn). This minimum list of necessary items will suit both a business girl, a woman who is not working, and a pregnant woman (who is on maternity leave).

How to make a basic wardrobe for a woman of 30 years photo

A woman at the age of 30 reaches the peak of her femininity, prosperity and sexuality. Youth experiments with style are a thing of the past, and self-reliance and a special feminine charm are key factors in choosing clothes for a stylish, modern girl. How to choose the right fashion minimum that will suit every woman after 30 years?


• «Little black dress"Is a cliche for a reason: it is a necessary element in your closet.

Cardigan / Sweater neutral shade (gray, black, beige), which is worn with all the clothes and thanks to its cut suits most figures.

Black pantsuit - suitable for owners of both slender, chiseled figures, and fashionable women with magnificent feminine forms.

White T-shirt with short sleeves / shirt on straps / vest.

Evening Dress for the "appearance" - the main condition - a dress perfectly fitting the figure without frills and extra shine (rhinestones, sequins).

Jeans - In order to get the maximum benefit from this basic wardrobe, jeans must have an excellent fit and dark color.

A white blouse shirt-type button-down is a timeless addition to any wardrobe.

Pencil skirt - necessarily a classic black model, which should cover the knees.


• Classic court shoes on the beige or black hairpin
Ballet shoes/ shoes without heels

• Comfortable moccasins or sneakers



• Sunscreen glasses "Aviator".

Clock with a wide strap, by type of men.

• One wide belt With a convenient fastener (preferably black).

All these things are universal and ideal for all ages and types of shapes !!!

Well, then a little about the nuances.

Basic wardrobe for a woman 40 years old photo

For many women after 40 years, the priority is the ability to dress according to age, appropriate, beautiful and elegant. The basis of this wardrobe is a conservative classic with a touch of chic.

Fresh ideas for the spring-summer season

This season, light, airy sundresses of bright colors, plain feminine dresses with a contrasting wide belt, as well as elegant solutions for combining blouses of various prints with skirts below the knees and classic or slightly tapered trousers are particularly popular.

Wardrobe autumn-winter

Choosing a wardrobe for the autumn-winter period, you need to pay special attention to jackets, jackets, raincoats and coats. Perfect cut is the main requirement for women 40+. Fitted silhouettes will highlight the waistline and visually adjust the shape of both full and thin women.

Basic wardrobe for a woman 50 years old by Evelina Khromchenko

Selecting a basic wardrobe in 50 years, do not forget about the fickleness of fashion and what is basic clothing? Any thing should allow a mature woman to feel comfortable and confident in any situation. Being in retirement, you can create various stylish images, relying solely on your inner world and taking into account the peculiarities of your build. Clothing should bring joy and, if possible, imperceptibly correct deficiencies.

At any age, you must remember about the quality and beautiful underwear and use expensive, elegant perfume. Watching the video from Evelina Khromchenko, you will learn which things should be basic and which should be complementary.

Features of the wardrobe of a full girl

For women with curvaceous perfect classic option clothing - feminine and elegant style. Also, you should carefully look at the style of casual. Comfortable, simple models without sparkles and frills, have an interesting print and are able to favorably submit curvaceous shapes in any situation.

It is worth getting a good slimming underwear and, if possible, wear shoes with heels or platform.

Tips for ladies of short stature

• Use in clothes vertical lines that visually stretch the figure. It can be a print, vertical inserts, buttons, zippers.
• Prefer monochrome kits or wear clothes of the same color.
• Select the top with a V-neck.
• Wear fitted dresses or sheath dresses.
• Classic straight trousers.
• Give preference to high waist.

Watch the video: The perfect basic wardrobe. The effortless style #1 (April 2020).