What do drugs dream about

A dream in which drugs have dreamed is a symbol of a person’s strong personality, his ability to exert a strong influence on other people. Interpretation of sleep according to the dream book, depends on the sharpness of the plot, emotions and details, combining which you can get a whole picture.

Dreamed of drugs what it means

  • The dream book interprets narcotics as a warning sign, to see a loved one pricking a syringe - this dream promises a speedy separation.
  • A dream, watching someone as he takes narcotic substances, according to Veles' dream book, interpretation has such a meaning: in reality you should beware of deception by close people, perhaps a friend will involve in a dangerous situation.
  • To sell drugs in a dream, means a strong disappointment in his beloved. The interpretation suggests that it is worth more to communicate heart to heart, to create a relationship of trust.
  • The guy dreamed that he was drugging his girlfriend, in reality you should be careful with women's whims.
  • He dreams, stabbed with a syringe in a dream, according to the dream book is a symbol of a strong human character. Interpretation suggests that you need to learn to restrain emotions in order to avoid conflict situations.
  • I dreamed that the dreamer found a dope, then in reality, a person incorrectly assesses the situation and there is a risk of being deceived.
  • I had a dream of drug breaking with someone from my friends, in the autumn dream book such a dream is interpreted as intrigues of close people at the dreamer behind his back. It is worth less to trust others.

According to the family dream book, I dreamed about the use of narcotic substances, it is a sign of strong power.

  • The interpretation explains that it is worthwhile to temper the manifestations of one’s authority in the workplace. Persuading someone from the use of dope, a sign that the dreamer has a good heart and attempts to help others will be crowned with success. It is a dream to offer someone weed, interpretation explains it this way: it is worth being attentive to the health of loved ones.
  • The approximation of a difficult life period, which will be accompanied by many troubles, is the meaning of what you dream of using a syringe in a dream, according to the interpretation of the twenty-first century dream book. If you dream that the dreamer sells dope - in the near future will be disappointed in the second half.
  • For a young girl, if she dreams how she found an anasha, this is an unkind sign that warns about choosing a bad husband. Such a sign suggests that you will fall into the trap of the tyrant. It is necessary to carefully analyze the future elect, before agreeing to a marriage. For a woman, stab in dreams - promises great quarrels in the family.
  • He dreams that a friend buys weed, it is worthwhile to examine his surroundings in detail, someone weaves intrigue behind his back.

Why dream of drug use

  • I dreamed that the dreamer was sniffing the drug, the modern dream book interprets it as a positive sign - soon there will be influential people who will solve all financial problems.
  • For a woman to smoke grass in a dream, means a big scandal, the instigator of which will be the dreamer herself; a man dreams of taking drugs - a symbol of trouble at work.
  • Interpretation of a dream, where someone has prevented the use of dope - promises favorable events.
  • If you dreamed that a dreamer is pricking a syringe with drugs and gets pleasure from it, Lofa's interpretation explains such a dream as a future illness or powerlessness before a problem.
  • Dreaming, prickling heroin, according to the twenty-first century dream book, means a difficult life choice. Perhaps the dreamer will have a choice between a long-forgotten past and a happy future. If one of your relatives is pricking, you can expect treachery from him.

What dreams prick drugs

  • Prick drugs with a syringe to someone of your friends, according to the dream book of Medea, foreshadows a mild illness of a loved one; stab yourself - the hidden enemy will be misleading.
  • It dreamed that a girl, disappointed in life, was prickling with a narcotic substance - we should expect trouble in business, the loss of a loved one.
  • If the dreamer succumbs to the effects of opium in a dream, in real life there will be complete confusion in love affairs.

Why dream of transporting drugs

  • Psychological dream book treats a dream, where he was caught with drugs, as a warning about the erroneous opinion of others. In reality, the person will be sentenced to the public.
  • If you dreamed that someone was hiding a dope, the interpretation in the dream book speaks of the weakness of the seeing dream. Such a dream can haunt people who hide their illness from their loved ones.
  • According to the esoteric dream book, such dreams indicate the weakness of the dreamer.

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