Barley on the eye: causes and treatment

Barley on the eye is a common ophthalmologic disease in which the sebaceous gland or hair follicle in the area of ​​the eyelashes is inflamed, resulting in swelling. Barley looks like a bump or redness that causes discomfort, itching and soreness. Therefore, the sooner you start treating a disease, the sooner you can get rid of this ailment.

The reasons

The main reason why the inflammatory process appears and pops up a tumor on the eye is a bacterial infection provoked by Staphylococcus aureus. It is enough to rub the eye with dirty hands, and a person can easily infect it with an infection. Inflammation occurs and an unpleasant "surprise" comes out. In addition, an eye tumor can occur quite often for the following reasons:

  • metabolic disease;
  • worm infestation;
  • reduced immunity or hypothermia;
  • problem with the digestive tract.

In most cases, the disease begins with a sensation of itching, burning, redness in the lower or upper eyelid. Symptoms can be different: the eye area hurts, itching all the time, the temperature may rise, tearing will appear. There is a slight swelling in the left or right corner of the eye. After a few days, a yellow head forms on the swelling - an abscess, which gradually matures and can cause discomfort. Barley matures, if it is heated, with the passage of time the ripe tubercle may burst. In the event that internal barley develops on the eye, redness with a yellow spot appears inside the eyelid.

It is unacceptable to start a disease and wait until it disappears, it can end with complications. The sooner the diagnosis is made by the doctor, who will prescribe medication, the faster the recovery will be. If a disease occurs, it is not recommended to go to the bath and wear lenses. Most people resort to an abscess treatment at home, using proven folk remedies, and try to cure it on their own, and do not rush to consult a doctor. It should be remembered that improper treatment of an abscess at home, which did not produce a result, can develop into a chronic form, the so-called "cold" or old, frozen barley, which will have to be removed.

How to cure barley?

If you notice the first signs: reddeninge, eye swelled and inflammationjust beginning and realized that in the eye jumped barley, then, applying the treatment of affordable and effective folk remedies, you can quickly cure him at home. The initial stage of the disease is quickly treated moxibustion or green paintthat is applied with a cotton swab - attach it to the source of the trouble. Also help washing with strong tea brewwhich needs to be done several times during the day, besides tea brewing can be used calendula tincture. If an abscess appeared on the upper eyelid, an effective simple method would help. warming up with an egg. Wrap the boiled egg in a napkin and apply it warm to the reddened eyelid. Well warm the inflamed tubercle can be sea ​​salt, calcined in a frying pan. Pour warm salt in a linen bag and warm the eye during the day.

Attention! If a purulent rod has formed in the barley or it has burst and burst and pus has appeared - warming up is prohibited, antibiotics will be needed to continue treatment.

If a painful lump appeared on the lower eyelid to bring him out and get rid of him will help garlic. Required mash half a clove of garlic until mashed, add alcohol (0.5 tbsp. Spoons) and insist in a dark place. This tool must be applied and used very carefully, so as not to cause a burn.
To get rid of the inner barley helps cakes of dry rye bread and liquid flower honey. It should be applied to the eye for several days, so that the barley inside the eye passes.

How to treat barley in the eye of a child?

In a child, barley on the eye may result from infectionwhich they bring dirty hands. Parents do not always manage to control the purity of the hands of the baby. Therefore, the child has a better chance of infection than an adult.

The first rule that parents must adhere to when treating a child is wet lotion and compress is prohibited for treating an abscess, so you can spread the infection all over your eye. Within 2-4 days after the bump has come out and the eyelid is swollen, it is necessary to remove the formation and treat it with alcohol several times a day, trying not to burn the baby's mucous membrane. To eliminate the causes of the occurrence of the disease in a child effectively use antimicrobial drugs, edema and tumor passes quickly. Remarkably helps tetracycline ointmentand eye dropsthat need to drip throughout the day, as evidenced by the many positive reviews of young mothers. The same medicine can be used during pregnancy. Frequent hand washing helps prevent the occurrence of barley in a child.. Watch a video in which Dr. Komarovsky offers treatment of eye inflammation in children.


For quick and effective disposal of barley, doctors recommend the use of drugs that have strong antibacterial effect, such as Levomekol, Acyclovir, Floksal. The ointment must be anointed in the place where the bump has jumped out. In parallel, you can use for the treatment of eye drops such as Tobrex, drops Levometsitin, Albucid until the complete elimination of the cause of its occurrence. For complications, the doctor may prescribe pills whose name Ofloxacin or Amoxil - These are antibiotics that effectively fight infection.

Treatment of folk remedies

Besides cauterization of the inflamed area and warming up at home is used treatment herbswith effective anti-inflammatory effect. For example, chamomile, plantainwhich can be used both in a dry, and fresh look.

Recipe:1 tbsp. l of one of the herbs poured into a glass boiling water and insist 30 minutes. Then herbal decoction is filtered. Herbal decoction, moistened with a cotton pad, you can wipe several times a day, swollen eyelid. Also effective treatment aloe leaf, which must first be kept in the refrigerator.

Few know that barley can heal and get rid of it in one day, for this you only need to know the old prayer-plot, which our ancestors used to rid this scourge.
Barley on the eye - how to speak his prayer? Read the prayer at least three times, while it is necessary to show the fig barley. After reading it is necessary to spit over the left shoulder.

"Barley-barley, take the fig that you want, then buy it. And buy yourself a hatchet, cut yourself across!"

Is barley contagious on the eye?

When detecting barley in the century, many people have a question: "Is he contagious and is the infection transmitted by contact with a patient?"It is safe to say that barley no danger to others. Pathogens - bacteria that are not transmitted to humans either by airborne droplets or by contact with them. Infection is possible only in the rare case when a healthy person on the skin around the eyes gets pus containing bacteria, but this infection is unlikely.

What does barley look like?

On the second day after infection noticeable the first signs of barley. There is an increase in edema, the eyes are watering, and swelling appears in the upper or lower eyelid, resembling a tight ball that has a small size. After 2-4 days there is an appearance nbut apex tubercle yellowish spot - it's an abscess, often covered with a crust, which in no case should not be removed or try to squeeze out. At this stage, some barley sometimes appears, which delays the healing process. A picture of barley on the eye is presented below.

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