How to survive parting with your loved one tips psychologist

Exit without significant losses and survive the crisis of parting with a loved one - this is the claim of the human mind to defeat the primordial egocentric instincts, the biochemical laws that govern emotions, the prejudices generated by society.

How to survive parting with your loved one

It is important to take for granted and put up with it, because parting with a loved one is a normal phenomenon. In each of us, nature has a mechanism for overcoming love dependence. It is necessary only to launch it, to believe in its intrinsic value and uniqueness, to live fully. Such an attitude and the course of reasoning will help to survive the separation and cope with their feelings.

Parting with your loved one - how to get out of depression

The causes of depression may be different, but the ways to deal with it are suitable for all women. In those moments when the brain once again returns you to the particularly painful days of betrayal, you need to forget about self-pity and banish the feeling of guilt.

You could not prevent your partner from leaving, but you are able to get out of depression yourself after parting with your loved one. To do this, you need to learn to respect and appreciate yourself and not allow yourself to stoop to the plinth. You need to cope with your feelings, let go of the person and continue to live on.

Without fail operating funds to transfer treason:

  • Change the image (repaint or cut hair, drastically change the style of dress, choose an unusual makeup for yourself);
  • to do repairs at home (the more inconvenience it causes you, the greater will be the relief from its completion, a connection will be created between the end of physical torment and moral);
  • go on a journey (even if in a neighboring village - the main thing is new impressions and physical movements and actions);
  • acquire a hobby and diversify your hobbies - salvation from depression (favorite work in a difficult period will bring a feeling of liberation from emotional bondage).
  • to be busy.

How to survive parting with your loved one tips psychologist

If time passes, and the gap with his beloved man is given a heavy heartache, if this is the first experience of separation from his beloved, then it is rather difficult to overcome a heavy feeling.

Small advice from psychologists, tested on many girls prone to depression:

It is necessary to find at a close distance from their daily routes a place where you can spend 5 minutes alone. Let it be a bench on a boulevard or a table in a cafe (people are around, but they will not be disturbed), a playhouse for children in the courtyard.

A girl should establish for herself a period in which she will forget about her own loss, about the boy who has betrayed her, overcome the longing and return to a busy life. Now she has a task: every day she should come to this place alone, think about her merits, have a happy future and stamp out the next date in a specially instituted calendar.

The maximum period in order to survive the separation from his beloved man - 3 months. Further, as a rule, the pain first becomes tolerable, then begins to go away.

Parting with your loved one - how to transfer separation

Relationship with a loved one, exhausted themselves, it is impossible to continue them. We must realize what had happened and bring order to feelings. To endure separation, it is necessary to gain strength to live on; the main thing is to be honest with yourself.

How do women survive parting

Women's behavior patterns:

1. Aggression, a strong desire to harm the former guy and rival - useless and self-destructive behavior.

2. Sacrifice, helplessness in a situation, often a feeling of guilt - behavior leading to depression.

3. Tantrum, throwing in search of new relationships - fruitless, premature attempts.

4. Constructive rethinking of the situation is rational behavior, which gives rest and recharge to the affected psyche and a solid basis for fresh feelings.

How to forget a loved one after breaking up

Women who have parted with a partner should ask themselves: why can I not live without him, why do others not crave his intimacy? It is necessary to allow a man to leave forever, to let go and not to try to own it.

How to return the relationship with your loved one after breaking up

If the separation from a man happened suddenly, in a fit of jealousy or anger, then, most likely, there is no need to follow the advice of a psychologist described in the article. Returning a loved one after parting will turn out regardless of the woman's efforts. The beloved will find various ways of reconciliation himself.

If separation has matured for a long time, was thought out by a man, then forget about it. You suffer from nostalgia for him, but for your feelings and memories. Be self-sufficient, learn to love yourself, help those who are more unhappy than you.

How to part with your loved one tips

To part with your loved one does not mean to stop seeing him. You can communicate with him, build a new good respectful relationship, if he deserves it. If a girl loves a guy, she wishes him happiness and freedom of choice.

You should not avoid dating and new relationships, but do not need them, do not expect them to last. Just enjoy life, simple things, real success.

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