Nail art design liquid stones photo

A variety of patterns on the nails is striking in its infinity of colors, shapes and styles. Every year masters from all over the world offer their design options. Many photos show step by step the latest manicure in the most different techniques.

It has become common to see on the nails casting, rhinestones, stickers, metallic effect and much more. If you often watch YouTube, a photo of trends for the current season, then you will definitely be able to choose the coating technology that is right for you.

The fashion industry keeps abreast of new trends in the beauty industry, that is, everything that women in fashion shows are directly interacting and interconnecting with. In this case, we will talk about the technique of casting liquid stones, the idea of ​​which belongs to Ekaterina Miroshnichenko, an ordinary manicurist who blew up the “world of manicure” with a new design that remains relevant to this day. The whole world has learned about this woman, who applied this technique on the extended nails.

Nail art design liquid stones photo

If you are doing a build-up in salons, then you can easily try to make a beautiful manicure with an individual design using the method of Catherine. The bottom line is that only the one who makes building the gel can afford it, because casting with liquid stones is drawing a picture with a special foil stamping onto the gel. Sometimes this technology is used on gel polish, but very rarely.

A variety of liquid stones affects its shades, which can be performed on both long and short nails. It looks best on sharp and long, because the larger the area, the clearer the pattern. Specialists in beauty salons know that not every material is able to consolidate this material. If you are a lover of jewels and believe in signs of the zodiac, then imitation of sapphire, emerald, ruby, or any other will suit your manicure and will be combined with evening and daily outfit. Modern astrologers will tell you which stone brings good luck to your sign, and based on this information you will be able to choose the design that reflects your character.

Nail design stones liquid novelties

Women of any age tend to adorn themselves to attract the attention of the male half of the population. What just do not do with people instincts. In the modern world, it has become common to follow innovations, because information has become available, which could not be said about the past century.

Polymeric substances that are used for liquid casting techniques, give the application on manicure volume and three-dimensional. This allows the use of materials such as dry butterflies, cat's eyes. All this is very fashionable this year: spiders, decorative insects, beautiful ready-made pictures, stickers with floral print, etc.

French velvet sand coating is very relevant and common today. It is also popular because it allows you to embody a lot of ideas and for a long time remains unchanged. For example, a red jacket will look great with a cocktail dress or in everyday life with any other classic clothes. Choosing one or the other way to decorate hands is the business of each woman individually, because housewives may not be suitable for businesswomen. Accuracy, originality and beauty - the main determinants of modern manicure.

Nail art design with liquid stones and cast photo

If you follow the innovations in the fashion world, then you are familiar with such a thing as nail art. Photos and images with original design in this style once again prove the infinity of human fantasy. Casting in combination with the original nail design “liquid stones” will help you look original and stand out from the crowd with a flick of the wrist. There are several directions - drawing a picture with a needle, brush, transfer of the stencil to the surface of the nail, three-dimensional design and with the use of such devices.

Beautiful nail design with the technology of liquid stones is a difficult job and therefore, it is better to visit the salon to do everything beautifully and correctly, in order to avoid negative consequences. If you want to shine at a party, do not spare the funds for such fine work. You can try the easier way to create a manicure with liquid stones at home, if you have everything you need for this equipment and special materials. You can create this manicure using the selected photo with ready-made ideas and turn on your imagination. The source of your imagination can be a photo with natural stones, which as a result is transferred to the nails with the help of this unusual technique.

Nail design with liquid stones: photos, videos, news

If you want to independently learn how to perform the technique of casting liquid stones without leaving your home, then various videos and photos will become the main source of inspiration for the whole art in the field of manicure. Having gained experience, you will be able to demonstrate a lesson to your friends - a master class of this technology. Beginning girls should get a simple varnish of several colors and practice on themselves in order to further reach the level of embossing with liquid stones, because jewels can sparkle not only on the ears, neck and wrist, but also on your nails.

Watch the video: Liquid Stone nailart (April 2020).