How to read the plot for success in business?

Do you know the difference between business and battle? Nothing. And there, and there are advantages to those who are better prepared. And there, and there are trump cards under the cuffs, and the one who wins the trump card wins so that no one will notice.

Surely you have noticed people who are seemingly unremarkable, but do business in an agile and quick manner. The level of competition in the industry of their business can go off-scale, but they are always the best customers. In this case, few would call them professionals. The secret of their success at first sight is mysterious and causes envy.

How to succeed in business when you do everything right, but luck turns away anyway? How to catch up with those who grew up among sharks, if life is not prepared for this? How to become a successful businessman with the help of secret tools?

The answer is simple: magic.

We will never know whether your competitors resort to it, because its use must be kept in strict confidence. But we are sure that white magic in business will not hurt, but, on the contrary, will give you strength and good luck.

What are the plots of success in business?

As every housewife has his own special recipe for baking, so every businessman has his own special recipe for attracting good luck.

In difficult times, when pressure of circumstances undermines faith in oneself, alternative conspiracies come to the rescue. Speak good luck in business taken on bills and gold jewelry, on basil leaves and coins, on candles and change, and much more. In this article we will look at three traditional conspiracies and the most popular conspiracy of simoronskoy technology.

The plot on the bills and the gold ring

The most effective conspiracy for business success is to be read on the rising moon at midnight from Tuesday to Wednesday. It is extremely important that the sky was not overcast this night and the young sickle of the moon was visible.

Prepare in advance:

  • Small denomination banknote;
  • Ink pen;
  • Gold ring;
  • Ploshka;
  • Two candles;
  • Water;
  • Ginger root.

When the clock strikes midnight, stand by the window, place the objects on the window sill. Pour clean water into a bowl, add ginger, cut into large slices. Let the water stand for five to seven minutes. In the meantime, light the candles, turn off the lights in the whole house, and carefully shut all the doors. The goal of this action is not to miss the magical energy and concentrate on yourself.

On a paper bill write with your pen your name, today's date and inscribe three runes of financial well-being - Fehu. The same runes can be drawn on your wallet.

Take ginger out of the water and set it aside. Put a bill with runes on the bottom of the flatware and press it down with a gold ring. Immerse the index finger of your right hand in water and draw the Fehu rune on your forehead.

Now pronounce the plot:

“Hallowed be your name, as water is holy in the light of our moon. I call upon the aid of the powers of heaven, beyond the control of mortals, and I know the secret path to know, familiar. I ask the powers of heaven to help me in my work, in my undertakings and tasks. I acquaint myself with the words (after these words, once again run a wet finger over the forehead) and wish you financial success for yourself, with great gratitude and reverence. ”

Sip a third of the water in small sips, leave the rest to stand on the windowsill until the water disappears in direct sunlight. It is important that no one removes the water tank from the window sill. Candles clean in a secluded place. For nothing more than success rituals, do not use them.

Dry the bill and carry it with you in your wallet, without showing it to anyone, wear the ring without removing it for twenty one lunar days. After this time, you are waiting for cardinal changes for the better.

Plot on basil leaves and coins

Required items:

  • Fresh basil;
  • Brand new coins, preferably bronze or gold;
  • Red fabric is small;
  • Pot;
  • Soil for plants;
  • Holy water.

This conspiracy is held at dawn, when nature wakes up and flowers are asleep in bloom. Direct sunlight is required, under the influence of which the ritual will be performed.

Basil, or tulasi, one of the sacred plants of India, is used in many Ayurveda formulations. For our ritual, a bundle of basil with roots on the market is suitable. Clipped, ready to eat, should not be taken, it is not suitable for ritual. If basil grows in your garden or a garden of your acquaintances, it is best to dig up a bush and bring it home.

Visit the church in advance and donate a small bill for its beautification. This will be a sign that you are ready for changes in your financial affairs. Also in the church, take the holy water - a small amount.

So, starting the ritual, first plant a bunch of basil in a pot. Wrap it with a red cloth, protecting the plant from negative emotions. Gently pour into the pot enough holy water for comfortable growth. Then place the coins around the stalks, placing them with their ribs. You can put the pot on the edge of the inside.

Read the plot:

“With buds, sprouts, coins, money, I'll build a path to success for myself, I will call for myself wealth. As basil will grow, so my business will be great. Do not touch me troubles, do not touch me grief, the power of sunlight I bloom out of spite anyone. "

Place basil in a conspicuous place and do not forget to water the plant on time. Watch it: if it starts to rot or wilt, it means damage has been imposed on you and a simple ritual will not help. In this case, we recommend a plot to remove damage. If the plant is strong and branched - this is a sure sign that the conspiracy was successful. Wait at the rate of financial growth.

Candles and change

At the closest to your workplace church, get three simple candles. When paying, hand a large bill to the church attendant. Ask for the delivery of the smallest coins and bills. Give the received trifle to the poor on the street, each time saying silently the words of the prayer:

"As to you, a servant of God, I give from the bottom of my heart, so the Lord will thank me and increase my well-being."

It is important not to respond to the words of gratitude and walk to the workplace in silence, without speaking to anyone. Let the first words you utter refer to a customer, customer, or other person carrying money. Then the plot will start working.

Simoronsky conspiracy for success in business

Conspiracies from simoronsky practice are often eccentric - this is their distinctive secret. Money loves positive emotions, and the plot, done with a smile, attracts them many times more.

Simon's ritual "Green socks" attracts good luck in business a week later. For the conspiracy will need:

  • new socks green;
  • six coins in denominations of 5 rubles or kopecks.

Green is the color of energy, it attracts financial success and sales growth. The brighter the socks stored in the ritual are, the more effective the result will be.

It is best to perform the ritual on the growing moon, when the money energy is strongest.

Before bed, hang socks on the window. Thrust three nicks into each of them and read the mantra above them:

“Om mani come. Om mani come. Om mani come! "

The next morning, take out the coppers, put on your socks, and go to work. In the evening, repeat. During the week do this ritual and good luck will smile!

This conspiracy received the most feedback from practicing magicians. Its essence is simple to the limit and easy to perform. Seasoned magicians know - the charm of the Simoron conspiracy is absurd, in the surprise of the Universe, which will not fail to reward the magician who has made her laugh.

When to read?

It is better to read plots on success in business to the growing moon. Conspiracies at full moon, new moon, lunar eclipse, solar eclipse will be effective. Favorable days are considered women's days: Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.

However, various conspiracies require different times of day. There are conspiracies that are read at any time, and their effectiveness depends solely on the faith put into words. For example, the simplest prayer for success in business, if repeated several times a day, begins to bear fruit almost immediately.


White conspiracies in business are different in that they do not wish evil to anyone: neither competitors, nor you, nor your offenders. White magic is unconditional and is a sincere ethereal message, to which supportive higher powers respond. Such conspiracies are effective in that they do not violate the structure of the universe you are accustomed to, but, on the contrary, set it up correctly and change your mood for the better. The success of any business depends on your mood and confidence.

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