Fashionable evening make-up 2019

Whether it is a holiday, corporate party or wedding, every girl wants to look perfect on it. To do this, you need to choose the right outfit, shoes and accessories. Particular attention should be paid to evening makeup. It should favorably emphasize the natural beauty, shine, attracting admiring male views.

Trends in evening makeup for 2019

Makeup artists say that if the trend for naturalness persists in everyday make-up, then evening makeup is preferred. brightness and brilliance.

When choosing a makeup, you should keep in mind the simple rules that are relevant and applicable to any image:

  • Natural eyebrows. It is worth forgetting about the broad, thick drawn eyebrows that were so popular just a few seasons ago. All you need for a perfect look is a brow brush and fixative gel.
  • Red lipstick. To date, red lipstick erased the boundaries between day and evening makeup. No matter where and with whom you are, a bright shade is always appropriate if you are able to combine it with the right eye makeup. Last year, lipstick with a hint of wine and a matte texture was preferred, and in 2019 the gloss will again increase in popularity.
  • Smoky eyes ("Smokey Ice"). Already that season, stylists have been experimenting with “smoky eyes” makeup options. The shades, methods and styles of feathering are changing, but dark eye makeup remains a mast hev of 2019.
  • A lot of sparkles. Glitteromania of the outgoing season will not reduce its position in 2019. Glitters will transform any makeup in the evening, bringing flicker and celebration into the image. They can be applied to the eyelids, lips, cheekbones and even hair, and an abundance of shades allows you to experiment with each color.
  • Multicolored shadows.The demand for bright shadows in the makeup of the eye will increase dramatically in the coming year. Mainly mono-colors with a minimum number of transitions and feathering on the moving century will be used. Any color from the palette, which we were previously afraid to use in make-up, will now be more appropriate than ever in evening and even everyday make-up.
  • Arrows. It would seem, what could be more trivial than black arrows? Nevertheless, stylists do not cease to find one hundred and one new interpretations of this classic element of evening make-up. In 2019, the arrows on the eyelids tend toward the temple, can be narrow and wide, short and long. The arrows draw in pencil in both the upper and the lower eyelids. You can create an interesting effect by drawing a line on the brow arc.

Evening makeup to the eye color

In order to choose the right makeup, you need to take into account the natural data of the person. A special role when choosing shades of makeup plays eye color. Depending on the selected palette, the color of the eyes can be favorably accentuated or lost among dozens of layers of shadows. That is why recommendations for evening makeup should be considered for each eye color separately.

For blue and gray-blue eyes

The most attractive blue and gray eyes are emphasized. warm, sunny colors. Bronze, copper, gold - a great solution for an evening look. Peach, orange and yellow colors will look original and mysterious. Festive effect can be achieved using a variety of glitter and glitter.

Choosing blue shade for evening makeup, you need to use only dark shades that do not match the color of the eyes. Ultramarine and cobalt shadows are suitable for bright eyes, which make the look brighter and more attractive.

To make the makeup more unusual and festive, instead of a black pencil, you can use blue, dark brown or gray.

Also, violet and lavender eye shadows will suit the owners of gray-blue eyes.

For brown eyes

Evening events are designed to surprise, this is the time for vivid images and stylish experiments. Owners of rich brown eyes, like no other, can afford fashionable and unique evening makeup.

Classic version with black liner perfect for girls with dark brown eyes. Black color will well emphasize the cut of the eyes, deepen the natural shade and make the look more mysterious. It is not necessary in the evening make-up limited to only black eyeliner. You can use eyeliner violet and brown shades, which effectively emphasize the color of the eyes.

When choosing the shadows should pay attention to the contrast shades green. Emerald, olive, marsh - these are the colors that are most beneficial to emphasize brown eyes.

Brown-eyed girls can afford to play with the fashionable this season red shadows. It is with brown eyes that the red shadows blend best. In order for the eyes not to look tear-stained or painful, concealer should be applied to the area around the eyes.

Brown-eyed girls worth wary of blue shadows. Light blue shades add to the eyes a painful, simple appearance. From the blue palette it is better to use the dark one, for example,ultramarine color. This color, like black, will enhance the natural depth of the eyes.

For green eyes

The choice of makeup for green-eyed beauties is quite large. Green eyes are perfectly emphasized. light shadows. Peach, brown, purple, bronze - these are the colors that are perfect for girls with green eyes.

Especially green eyes suitable shades brightly-pink colors. For a charming look suitable combination of coral and dark brown, as well as lilac and coffee shades.

It is necessary to be afraid of very light shades of pink, blue, gray and white. Also, do not choose silver and bright blue shadows. Because of them, the eyes will lose expressiveness, but they will get a painful look.

When applying evening makeup on light green eyes, you need to choose shades much darker than the eyes. Pastel colors (peach, beige, light green) are suitable for the inner corner, dark colors are applied to the outer corner of the eye. Especially impressive and festive looks emerald Colour.

Dark green eyes gobright shades. For evening makeup fit purple, gold and swamp color.

Evening makeup for hair color

When applying evening makeup, it is important to remember not only the color of the eyes, but also the color of the hair. Depending on the shade of the hair, select the correct shadow, blush, lipstick and even tonal tool. Evening makeup is especially different. for blondes and brunettes.

For brunettes

Owners of dark hair have a slight advantage over fair-haired girls, as their appearance without makeup looks more contrast and expressive.

In the evening make-up brunettes can afford to pay attention to the bright shades. Blue, purple, metallic - those colors that will decorate blondes in a gala evening.

When choosing a mascara, you need to give preference brown bloom. It will give your eyes a more natural look, even if complex makeup was applied.

Lip makeup can be both bright and more calm. Burning dark-eyed brunettes can afford spectacular lipstick fuchsia colors or ruby. For girls with less dark, blond hair, you can experiment with shades of pink or orange.

Brave girls can take advantage lipstick extraordinary shades. It's time to get blue, green, yellow lipstick, or completely apply glitter to your lips. When else to try, if not for an evening party or party?

The color of rouge and powder should be selected based on the color of the skin and eyes. The lighter the skin and eyes, the less warm and saturated should be decorative and tonal tools for the skin.

Putting paint on the face, it is necessary to remember the golden rule of evening makeup. The emphasis should be either on the lips or on the eyes. What exactly is up to you.

For blondes

In 2019, evening makeup for blondes should be in the most warm, natural colors. Festive image will help create golden or bronze palette of shadows for a century. It is also recommended to use eye makeup. pink, powdery shades. They will give an image of femininity and expressiveness.

To make an additional emphasis on the eyes, you can use the classic black pencil for eyes or eyeliner.

For light-haired blondes more suitable light brown or gray eyeliner. Light and platinum blondes are dark plum or blue eyeliner.

For evening make-up you can use the technique. "Smokey Ice". Black color needs to be imposed in moderation or mixed with other colors, since a dark shade can make the eyes look heavier, giving the image a sloppy look.

The final stage of any eye makeup is ink. Blondes can use both black and blue, brown or plum mascara. Fashionable trend in 2019 will be thickly painted eyelashes of the lower eyelid.

When choosing a lipstick, you should pay attention to coral red, cherry shades. The texture of the lipstick can be glossy, matte or pearl.

Additional attention should be paid to the color of the tonal tool and skin texture. Healthy, glowing skin without weighting is the main trend of the season. You should not apply too dense a layer of tonal means, it is better to use a light BB cream, concealer (if necessary) and highlighter.

Highlighter created to "highlight" the skin, giving it a healthy look. But do not apply it too much. Excess funds on the face will give the skin a wet effect, like after exercise.

The choice of tone depends on skin tone and eye color:

  • Blondes with blue eyes are recommended tonal resources in warm floral tones, for example, pinkish or peach shades;
  • Fair-haired girls with brown and green eyes should opt for powder or rouge in bronze tones.

A good addition to evening makeup will be false eyelashes. They will visually enlarge the eyes and make the look more expressive.

How to make an evening makeup at home?

In order to make the evening makeup perfect, first of all, you should take care of how the skin looks. If your skin is imperfect from nature, then here are the TOP products that will be useful to you:

  • Primer. This makeup base, which creates a barrier between skin and cosmetics. It will help smooth out the unevenness of the face, increase the durability of tonal means and increase the pigmentation of decorative cosmetics.
  • Concealer. In the evening make-up foundation should be persistent, and also have a not too dense texture. It is not recommended to use shades darker than your skin, as this will create a mask effect.
  • Powder. This tool is necessary for girls with oily skin. Powder will delay the appearance of ugly shine on the face, as well as add firmness to makeup.
  • Highlighter. This remedy makes the skin look healthier and more radiant. The trend of this season is natural beauty, so the highlighter should be used in moderation.
  • Concealer. This concealer will hide bruises and fatigue under the eyes.

You can also smooth out skin imperfections with the help of contouring pallets. However, in pursuit of perfect features, girls began to lose their individuality.

In 2019, makeup artists recommend emphasizing their individuality and using contouring tools to a minimum.

Make evening makeup at home is not difficult if you have a minimum set of cosmetics and follow the simple recommendations of a makeup artist. The following is a step-by-step instruction on evening make-up, which will help you apply it yourself at home.

Step 1. Cleansing. Before any makeup, you must clean the skin from dust and toxins. To do this, you can use lotions, tonics or foams for washing. They will not only cleanse the skin, but also, depending on the chosen product, moisturize or gently peel the skin.

Step 2. Face Tone.In order to achieve the perfect tone of the face, you can use the tools presented above.

First you need to apply a base under makeup (primer) or face cream. To apply tonal cream dotted, then, using a brush or sponge, distribute the cream from the center of the face to the periphery. Problems on the skin can be hidden with concealer, causing it to the area around the eyes, or corrector.

Step 3. Eye makeup.This evening eye makeup is perfect for girls with any type of appearance. Black eyeliner will emphasize the cut of the eyes, and the shadows in gold and peach tones will make the image more festive.

Eye makeup is applied in the following sequence:

  1. Apply light nacreous shades of a warm shade to the upper eyelid. Lighter, colder shades should be used on the eyebrow area and in the inner corner of the eye.
  2. Apply a dark shade of shadows on the outer corner of the eye, gradually shading means to the middle of the century.
  3. Fill the mid-century with shades of golden hue, making the transition to the border zones.
  4. Apply eyeliner depending on the shape of the century. You can use a pencil or a marker in different shades instead of an eyeliner, creating a brighter image.
  5. Cover the eyelashes with mascara. To create a larger volume, you can curl them or use false eyelashes.

Step 4. Makeup lips. Evening makeup involves the use of bright shades of lipstick. To make the image unforgettable, you can apply a gradient makeup of the lips. For this you need a lip liner and two matching shades of lipstick.

First, you need to outline the lips with a pencil, going a little beyond them. Then apply lipstick, leaving a place closer to the inside of the lips. Pencil and lipstick need to be shaded, creating a small transition. Apply a lighter shade of lipstick or gloss on the inside of the lips. To make the lips even brighter, you can put a transparent gloss on top.

Step 5. Completion of makeup. The final stage of the make-up can be applying a highlighter to advantageous areas, dusting the skin or adding rouge.

It is important to remember that if you use the shadows, which are strongly sypyat, then eye makeup should be done before applying the tonal framework.

Also, if necessary, you can tint rare eyebrows. Natural and even slightly disheveled eyebrows are in fashion now, so you shouldn’t put extra attention on them.

Evening makeup ideas

Creating an evening look, you need to remember the fashion trends of the upcoming season, as well as use the recommendations of experts. Adhering to fashionable forecasts and tips, you can create a unique and unforgettable image for the solemn event.

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