The strongest prayers for children

Children - the greatest gift of heaven, but also a great challenge. To raise an adult worthy person from a small, fragile child is a big responsibility, and it is even harder that not everyone is in parental authority. In life, children face a number of dangers and problems that can not always be resolved only with the help of maternal support or patience. But pure love and the desire to give the child all the best should be reflected in the prayer for the welfare of the child.

Mother's Prayers for Children

Mother's prayer for her child always comes from the depths of the heart. She loves him unconditionally and, of course, wishes him great happiness. If the child is in danger or sick, there is no peace for the mother’s heart until he is well. Relieve agony can be with the help of special words directed to higher forces for assistance. The strongest maternal prayer for her child is ascended, first of all, to the Virgin Mary:

"O Blessed Virgin Lady Virgin Mother, save and preserve under my shelter my children (names), all young men, young ladies and babies, baptized and nameless, and in the womb of mother wearable. Cover them with the robe of Your motherhood, keep them in fear of God and in obedience to parents beg of my Lord and Thy Son, grant them useful for their salvation. I entrust them to Your Motherly look, as Thou art Divine Protection for Your servants. Mother of God, introduce me to the image of Your heavenly motherhood. Heal my soul and body wounds of my children ) my sins I entrust my child wholly to my Lord Jesus Christ and Yours, Most Pure, heavenly patronage. Amen! "

The Virgin Mary is the mother of Jesus, her love is an example of a great sacrifice. Giving the most expensive, she taught humanity the true faith, so desperate women turn to her for help.

To pray for children?

Knowing who to offer prayer to will help ensure that the appeal to God is heard and the mediator becomes the child's protector. Directed prayer calms the parental soul and carries a more powerful message. In Orthodoxy patron saints of childrenthat you can pray for the well-being, protection, or healing of a child is:

  • The Lord God (he is directly addressed to prayers for a difficult child);
  • Virgin Mary;
  • Jesus Christ;
  • The martyr Gabriel of Bialystok;
  • Saint Stylian the Parthagon;
  • The martyr Neophytos of Nicea;
  • Rev. Ambrose of Optina;
  • Holy Week youths (Maximilian, Iamvlihy, Martinian, John, Dionysius, Exacustodian, Antonin);
  • Barbara the Great Martyr;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker;
  • John the Baptist;
  • The guardian angel of the child.

Knowing from whom to ask for help, choose the right place to pray. The best is the temple: there is a huge number of images, and you can easily find the one to whom to raise the petition. But the most important is not the place, but the promise. You can pray at the images of the house and even at the child’s bed. The strongest prayers for children are those in whose performance the parent believes unconditionally.

Prayer to the Virgin

The health of the child causes the mother the greatest excitement. The baby seems so fragile, especially in the first year of life. But the older the children become, the more danger lurks them in the way. How not to fall into despair, if every minute you think about how to protect your beloved child from disease and other problems? Consolation can be found in the appeal to the Mother of God. The prayer for the children of the Blessed Virgin Mary reads:

"Mother of God, be merciful to my children (names). Take from them the incurable diseases and the views of evil people. Let them receive your blessing and your Son, the Lord Almighty. We are all God's creatures, have pity on our children, deliver them from physical torment and sincere. Have mercy on our children, enlighten them and direct you on the right path. In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen. "

As children grow older, maternal anxieties only increase. To the desire to protect is added a constant experience about how the fate of the child will turn out, will he be happy in marriage and profession, will he find a worthy occupation? To appease mental agony, you can turn to the Mother of God with the words:

"Holy Mother of God, patroness of our children! Help us protect our child, let his life be long and happy. Deliver him from the influence of evil, from evil and envious people, from unclean intentions, help him to take the righteous path. Holy Mother of God, stand protecting our child now, forever and forever. Amen. "

Mother's prayer for the health of her son and daughter is read in the evening. Prayer for charms is pronounced at any time of the day.

How to turn to the Lord Jesus Christ?

Jesus had a great gift to hear the suffering and to guide them in darkness, pointing the way to the light. A parent suffering about the well-being of his children is like lost in the dark. To obtain God's mercy and ask for protection for the child through her, read the prayer to Christ:

"Lord Jesus Christ, wake Thy mercy upon my children (names), save them under Your shelter, cover them from all sly lust, turn every enemy and adversary away from them, open their ears and eyes of hearts, give them tenderness and humility to their hearts. Lord , we are all your creation, take pity on my children (names) and turn them to repentance. Save, Lord, and have mercy on my children (names) and enlighten their minds with the light of mind of Your Gospel and instruct them on the path of Your commandments and teach them, do thy will, for thou art our God. "

Prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker

Since ancient times, a saint is considered the protector of children, protecting them from various misfortunes and temptations. To receive his intercession for the child before the Creator, read the prayer should be as follows:

  • Leave the business, even the most urgent, immerse yourself in an atmosphere of peace;
  • Clear the thoughts of resentment and evil. Those who caused you grief must be forgiven. Do not blame anyone;
  • Prayer is pronounced meaningfully, you must believe in holy words;
  • Especially helps to pray in the circle of household or like-minded people (also a prayer by agreement);
  • The use of black magic and rituals is prohibited;
  • A parent is required to be pious, give alms and remain disinterested in the soul;
  • At the end of the prayer, thank the saint, the words must come from the heart and not be "on duty".

A strong maternal prayer for children to Nicholas the Wonderworker is presented below:

"O our good shepherd and God-wise mentor, to the prelate of Christ Nicholas! we shall not be in joy our enemy and not die in our wicked deeds in sinful captivity. Pray for us unworthy of our Co-worker and Vladyka, Imha you with uncomplicated faces say: mercy to us have made our God in our present life and in the future Let us not reward us in our work, and in uncleanness of our hearts, but in our goodness he will reward us. On your greater intercession hopefully, with your intercession we praise, ask for your help, deliver to your most holy image, adhere, help us, pleasing of Christ, from those who find evil on us, yes for the sake of your holy prayers will not embrace us to attack, and not wallow in the abyss of sinfulness and in the mud of our passions. Pray to St. Nicholas, Christ our God, and give us a peaceful living and the remission of sins, our souls saved s and great mercy, now and ever and ever and ever. Amen".

About the health of the child

In order for the saint to send good health to his son or daughter and protect him from disease, say this:

"The Wonderworker, saint of Christ, Father Nicholas! You exude the world, doing endless miracles, the sea. You maintain the fortress of the spirit among the sinners, you heal the sick and the devil! Pray the Holy Father! Help your sinful Lord (name). Ask him for strength and fortress to endure the test, a light burden on his body. Soar with his kindness over his mortal body. In order for the spirit to stand against the misfortunes and devils of the devil, unworthy temptations. Together with those whom the Lord accepted in heaven, about His eternal glory! Amen ! "

With severe illness

If medical intervention does not bring results, and the situation worsens every day, it is difficult to remain in faith. But to lose it is a great sin, therefore, in order to strengthen the spirit, read the appeal for assistance of a saint in case of a serious illness:

"Oh, Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. I fall down at your feet and ask for the recovery of a sick child. I send a miracle from heaven and help him cope with a serious illness. Step up before the Lord God for my transgressions and ask him for a generous and merciful forgiveness. Let it be so. Amen!"

Thanksgiving prayer

Requests to St. Nicholas can be addressed an unlimited number of times, but be grateful and order a special prayer in honor of the saint by saying:

"Oh, most holy of God the Blessed - Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Grant mercy for the recovery of my beloved child. I beg you, forgive me my sinful grief and do not be angry with me for ignorance. Amen!"

How to pray?

Not every parent knows how to properly offer prayers for a child. Mistakes are not made intentionally, but out of ignorance or the inability to see and understand the situation. Among the most common omissions in this matter are the following:

  • Mother or father believe that the baby belongs to them completely, because they gave him life. Choking love creates energy attachment and dependence. This is fundamentally wrong. The child is the creation of God, and his soul is one-man, and fate is entrusted to God. Wanting to help a child means trusting God;
  • Often parents ask the higher powers for those things for a son or daughter that they personally see as correct. But egoism and prayer are incompatible, and this should be remembered;
  • It logically follows from the last paragraph: it’s impossible to beg for the welfare of a child, having in mind a constant fear that the opposite effect will bring unhappiness or shame first of all to you. The prayer, in which the personal benefit is laid (even if it is non-material and with good intentions), is not sincere;
  • Know that the true good for the child is not always what you would like for him, no matter how cruel it may sound;
  • When offering a prayer for the health of the body, do not forget about the spiritual and moral development of the child.

How to ask?

  • Ask God and the saints for assistance in the life of the child, the preservation of his soul and morality;
  • Wanting the baby to grow into a decent person, do not contradict yourself by setting a different example with your actions. Behave yourself and do no evil to anyone;
  • A jagged text of a prayer and its reading out dozens of times will not bring the desired result if the prayer is performed for a tick. Be sincere and pray consciously;
  • The main mistake during prayer is self-deception. If you want a child to be happy and successful in his career, but at the same time in your heart you are afraid that he will leave you in old age, this is self-delusion, which is a sin. Fear will create an energy block that imposes an imprint on children's destiny;
  • Turning to God, ask him to send a strong and wise Guardian Angel to the child;
  • The appeal to the Almighty about creating energy and spiritual protection for children is always justified. However, the parent himself must deserve the basis for such a request by his actions and piety.

Goodness desired by a child is, above all, purity of spirit and continuous development. Possessing the qualities necessary for fulfilling these conditions, he will be able to create his own happiness.

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