Can I dye my hair during menstruation?

In an effort to transform their image, young girls and adult women resort to dyeing hair. The procedure itself is traumatic for the hair cuticle, and on certain days it is especially harmful. For example, during menstruation, pregnancy and lactation, certain metamorphoses occur with the female body. These changes in combination with the painting of curls lead to adverse reactions.

The effect of menstruation on the condition of the hair

During critical days, each girl has different feelings. Some have a slight discomfort, while others feel strong cramps in the lower abdomen, which knock out the usual rhythm of life. The pain often adds a migraine, low temperature, nausea, which adversely affects women's health. This is due to hormonal changes in the body and changes in the quantitative ratio of estrogen and progesterone. This affects not the best way on the condition of hair, skin and nails.

The effect of menstruation on curls:

  • Under the influence of hormones, the sebaceous glands can produce sebum in an insufficient quantity, which leads to overdrying of the roots. But most often, hormonal changes lead to an increase in fat content of the head. As a result, the dyeing procedure is complicated by the fact that the paint falls unevenly and the color does not hold onto the hair;
  • The curl structure also undergoes changes during critical days. Hair cuticle coarsens and does not open properly when stained. After the procedure, a negative result awaits the girl: the paint will not work to the full, and the color will be unstable;
  • During menstruation, the female body loses many useful minerals. There is a lack of iron, calcium and zinc. The curls of the girl from the lack of food become thin and fall out more than usual. In conjunction with the staining procedure causes severe damage to the hair cuticle;
  • Menstruation affects metabolism and thermoregulation. Radical epidermis is not sufficiently supplied with blood, as a result of which the skin temperature drops. From insufficient warming up, the paint will take badly and the color will not change.

During menstruation, girls should fully rest and eat properly to reduce the load on the body. To help hair survive this period can cosmetic masks that will improve their condition. Many hairdressers agree that it is better not to carry out the procedure for dyeing curls on menstruation days. This is largely true of the dramatic changes associated with the use of strong chemicals.

Why it is impossible to dye hair during menstruation?

In pursuit of beauty and the new image of the girls are written to the hairdresser to cut or paint curls. However, not everyone knows that in the latter case you should focus on your menstrual cycle. The adjustments made by nature in the plans are sometimes a serious reason to postpone a visit to the hairdresser.

Possible negative effects of hair coloring during menstruation:

  • Uneven color distribution. When painting on critical days, the chemical properties of the paint may not fully manifest themselves. As a result, the girl is marked "leopard color." In particular, the procedure should be avoided blondes, because there is a risk to get a greenish tint;
  • Complete lack of results. Due to the changes occurring in the female body during menstruation, the paint may not work and the color will not take root. During menstruation, the hair gets temporary resistance to staining and, as a result, the procedure will fail;
  • The deterioration of the curls. Hormonal surge makes strands thinner and brittle. Combined with staining, the procedure has an additional negative effect on the curls. The result will be their loss, dimming, or change in structure;
  • Feeling unwell. Menstruation itself is a great stress for the female body. On critical days, girls may have an increased sensitivity to strong odors. Paint, especially ammonia, causes nausea, dizziness, migraine. With severe intoxication possible fainting. Painting the hair in a new color is better to move to another day due to the general deterioration of health;
  • The occurrence of an allergic reaction. It is impossible to predict all the negative effects of hair dyeing during menstruation. The scalp may react peculiarly to the chemicals in the paint. This is manifested by the appearance of itching, dandruff or hyperemia.

Adverse reactions when coloring the curls during menstruation are observed in girls less often. In most cases, the procedure is calm and does not frighten by its negative results. Listening to the opinion of doctors and hairdressers or not - each woman should decide independently.

Who can dye their hair?

To carry out staining strands in the cabin or at home during menstruation, each girl decides on an individual basis. There is no specific ban on the procedure. Doctors and hairdressers still can not come to a common opinion about the dangers of renewing the color of curls with paint during menstruation. Experts advise to pay attention to the individual characteristics of the organism.

Hair coloring during menstruation does not hurt if:

  • The girl by nature has thin, smooth strands. In this case, preference should be given to sparing paints, for example, ammonia-free or tinted. However, it should be borne in mind that the result will not be long-term and the natural color of the curls will appear faster;
  • Deterioration of health is not observed during menstruation. If the representative of the fair sex is not experiencing strong ailments, it is possible to carry out hair coloring. The result of the procedure may be unexpected;
  • Curls strong and healthy. In this case, the coloring will not cause serious damage to the health of the hair. Perform the procedure is allowed during menstruation.

To avoid dyeing strands during menstruation should be owners of dry and brittle curls.

Dyeing hair with paint in a new color on critical days is fraught with many nuances. The result can be both positive and negative. If there is a risk of a negative reaction, it is better to wait with the procedure.

What is the best way to dye hair during menstruation?

The processes occurring in the female body during menstruation, can affect the result of staining curls. However, only 1% of girls noted a negative reaction. For others, the procedure performed on critical days is no different from previous ones. The result is determined in each case individually.

In life, there are cases when salon or home hair coloring can not be transferred to another time. Recommendations can help reduce the potential risks of the procedure.

Tips for painting strands during menstruation:

  • Use only proven and high quality paint;
  • Conduct a test on a separate strand of hair to clarify the final result of dyeing;
  • Use after the procedure, nourishing balms or special care masks;
  • Apply gentle chemical dyes to update hair color:
    • Without ammonia - semi-permanent paint does not destroy the structure of the curl, but the color is washed out faster. The tool is not suitable for lightening, but only for toning strands. The composition of the dye usually contains a large number of useful components that contribute to the additional care of curls;
    • Direct action - the safest option of hair coloring during menstruation. Available in the form of tinted shampoos or crema. The tool does not open the hair cuticle, and painting is carried out superficially. However, the firmness of the color given to the curls is weak.

Compliance with the recommendations of experts will help girls to minimize the risks of hair coloring during menstruation.

Recipes natural paint analogs

It is possible to change hair color during menstruation without the use of dyes with chemical components. Organic dyes provide careful coloring of curls and practically have no contraindications to use. Natural remedy can be prepared independently at home.

Recipes natural analogs:

  • Give your hair a reddish hue will help henna. Mix 250 gr. powder with 3 tbsp. l cocoa or strong tea brewing. Pour the ingredients with water to the consistency of the mixture was like thick sour cream. Apply the finished product to clean, dry curls. The head is insulated with polyethylene and a towel. After 1-5 hours, wash off the paint.
  • Via Basmas You can dye your hair black. To prepare the paint, you will need to mix henna and basma in a ratio of 1 to 2. Dilute the powder with warm water and mix thoroughly. Add to the mixture if necessary a couple of drops of any essential oil. Apply organic paint on dry curls and warm the head. After 1.5 hours, rinse off with warm water.
  • Lighten hair during menstruation is allowed. chamomile decoction. This recipe is suitable for blondes tinting color. Pour 1.5 cups of dried chamomile flowers 400 ml. boiling water. Put the mixture on a low heat for 5 minutes. Apply the broth to the curls and wash off after half an hour.
  • You can get chestnut hair color using walnuts. To prepare the paint should be mixed 1 l. olive oil and 2 tbsp. l alum and chopped peel nuts. Add 100 ml. boiling water and cook in a water bath for 10 minutes. Strands are processed ready decoction for an hour.
  • Onion Husk used to give the hair a golden-red shade. It is necessary to fill a glass of onion peel with two glasses of water. The liquid is brought to a boil over low heat. Curls are moistened completely in the resulting broth. After half an hour should rinse the strands with warm water.

To dye hair during menstruation with henna and other natural ingredients is not only possible, but also useful. However, with an allergic reaction, the procedure is not worth it. This method of coloring is not always suitable for owners of dry curls. In this case, add vegetable or essential oil to the paint.

How to avoid undesirable consequences?

Every female body is individual. During menstruation, many girls experience painful sensations. Experts do not recommend hair dyeing during this period, because there is a great chance to get a negative result. This is due primarily to changes in hormonal levels.

Undesirable effects of hair coloring during menstruation and methods of combating them:

  • The color of the strands remained original. Do not re-paint the curls and exceed the time of exposure to paint - it does not help. It is better to wait until the end of the menstrual period and carry out the procedure again;
  • Hair is not completely dyed. Fragmentary fixation of paint on the strands is called "leopard color." It looks such staining casually and ugly. To solve the problem, it is recommended to use a tinted shampoo that fills the voids with the desired color;
  • Hair became dry, brittle or hard to fall out. Additional care will help improve the condition of the strands during your period. It is useful to make nourishing or moisturizing masks, use balms or natural shampoos. The use of a hair dryer, ironing or curling that will aggravate the situation should be avoided;
  • Hair acquired a different shade: greenish or blue. Correct the situation will be difficult. You can try to temporarily remove the color of direct dyes.

If the girl is faced with negative consequences, it is worth holding the hair coloring after a time when the menstrual period ends. This will give the desired result. Faced once with a problem, there is a chance to face it again. Being aware of such features of their bodies, women are advised not to do the procedure during menstruation.

Hair Styling Tips for Menstruation

Many hairdressers do not consider menstruation a serious reason for postponing the procedure of dyeing. Negative consequences are manifested only in 1 girl out of 10. Each case is individual and depends on the characteristics of the organism.

General recommendations for hairdressers hair coloring during menstruation:

  • To carry out the procedure with 3-4 days of the menstrual cycle. This will reduce the risk of a negative result;
  • Postpone a drastic change in your image for another day. Only tinting of the roots or updating the natural shade is allowed;
  • Use paints with a sparing composition: ammonia-free, tint or natural;
  • It is necessary to give preference to proven means;
  • During the procedure, warm the head with polyethylene and a towel. It is also possible to carry out heating with the hair dryer;
  • Use after hair dye balms, masks, serum. Cosmetics quickly restore the curls after the procedure;
  • Do not paint curls in the days of menstruation on their own. It is better to confide in this case to an experienced master.

There is no specific ban on hair coloring during menstruation. However, for some girls it is better to postpone the procedure for another day. If this does not work, then it is better to paint curls according to the recommendations of specialists. This will help reduce the negative effects or even avoid them.

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