Why dream of a fish woman

In a dream, people often see various, sometimes even strange and unusual phenomena. Many believe that dreams visit our mind during rest for a reason. Most in such things believe persons of the female sex, who are more superstitious than men.

Women believe that dreams are prophetic and carry some hidden meaning. One of the most frequent dreams is a dream in which there is a fish.

Dreamed fish woman - what does it mean

In most dream books, such a dream is considered a pretty good and favorable sign for a woman. This symbol foreshadows important life events. Before making any conclusions on this subject, one should take into account many different nuances and reasons why the female person dreams of this symbol.

Indeed, in a dream it can be of various sizes, be in a particular place or state, in particular, the main essence of the dream depends on it.

Most common variants of dreams about this symbol:

  • edible: boiled, salted, fried, dried;
  • dead or raw;
  • live swimming in an aquarium or in the wild;
  • catching it with bare hands or a fishing rod;
  • school of fish of various sizes.

Miller - The author of a fairly well-known dream book, claims that if a woman regardless of her age shedreaming - it foreshadows only positive events and positive news for her.

However, if she dreamed big pack fussy and randomly floating fish, then it is a harbinger of trouble.

What dreams of fried fish

One of the most common options is when dreaming fried fish for woman. Conception it portends a long way for sleeping, whether the path is good or bad depends on how well the dish is.

If in a dream the frying process is long and hardthen it promises a troublesome and difficult path for a woman.

For those withthe process of eating this dish, and at the same time it was very pleasant to the taste - it promises a safe road.

Dreamed frozen fish

Sometimes in dreams this symbol is present in unprepared states, namely in raw or frozen. This sleep for a woman means some kind of expectation in the future and necessarily joyful, exciting.

If you dream that you have to eat it raw There is a chance to get some illness.

Fresh or dead - interpretation of sleep

If dreaming fresh fish for woman - it promises good health and good health. Also, it means that the sleeping is strong enough for any undertakings.

Dead or non-living - on the contrary, prophesies various ailments, illnesses and troubles.

If she is in a dream wormsThis is a sign that soon the woman’s mental equilibrium will be greatly disturbed by people who suddenly show themselves from the negative side.

If dreamed sick or dying fish - this dream promises a sleeping disability.

What dreams of dried fish

It is a symbol of life changes, especially if in a dream a large number of fish.

  • If you dream one or more sea ​​creatures - a sign that it is time to make a long-planned purchase, which promises to be successful for a woman.
  • When in a dream she falls from the sky - This means the opportunity to get a pleasant surprise or meet a good person.
  • If during the rest of dreams that on the table Only this dish is to have a good time in a family or friendly circle.
  • Catch her in a dream, means to understand the absurdity of people from their surroundings, but not to interfere in it.
  • If a dreamed the process of dryingthen this is a sign that in the life of a woman soon significant changes will be made.

There is a dream of fried fish woman

Image of fried Pond dwellers and eating them, as a rule, are good signs, but the process of eating them raw, boiled or smoked is a failure.

If you dream that a woman eats her immediately after fishing - This means that in the near future we will have to face tests that will test it for strength and test the strength of spirit.

If a woman dreams that she eats this dish in a big companyThis means that she will have to organize a large business with a group of people, but if she is sleeping eats This product is one, while at the table all the others are sitting with empty plates, this is a sign that it will infringe upon other people during the organization of a major business that promises this dream.

The general concept of sleep, where a person eats this dish friedpromises monetary gain, but it depends on some nuances of the dream.

If this dream is not clearly remembered and has no details, then it is positive and does not promise any negative situations.

Why dream of a big fish in the water

  • If a woman dreams of a fish that swims in water in an aquarium or in a pond, it promises good news in the near future from good friends or family.
  • But, if it is a marine species, Soon the woman will face problems and troubles in life.
  • Catch big fish, means to get a good income, which will soon be permanent.

Why dream of a pregnant woman fish

If such a dream comes to one that born in autumn or Decembere, it is a sign of what sex the child will be born.

If in a dream a girl caught a fish with the masculine name, it will be a boy, female - a girl.

Pregnant celebrating your birthday in May or in the summer months this dream shows that they will be very caring mothers.

For pregnant this symbol means fertility, if a girl who is unaware of a possible pregnancy has had a dream, it is a sign that she should check.

If a girl dreaming dead sea ​​dweller is a bad sign, promising a possible miscarriage, so after seeing such a dream, you should prepare for a large psychological burden.

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