What dreams leeches

No one would argue that dreams are an important component of the life of every person. First of all, sleep is the restoration of the body’s energy potential and normalization of vital activity.

Recently, increasing popularity is gaining dream Miller and VangaIn which are collected the most popular queries dreams.

Dreamed of pests stuck to the skin on the hands or feet? According to the dream Vanga The pests attached are personified by the mapping of a person’s attitude to his own life.

Dreamed leeches in a dream what does it mean

Leeching dreams - before you there are long-term monetary obligations that must be fulfilled and they, like a stone, are in your life. If you dreamed of a woman - wait for the replenishment of the family, but only if the girl wants to bear and give birth to a healthy child.

Unmarried girl White or black leeches on the legs or arms are dreaming - an obsessive admirer who should take a closer look at building happy and harmonious relationships.

If a pregnant woman is bitten a parasite, wait for detractors from the people around you. It is worth reviewing your immediate environment and less discussing your life with other people. Dream of cockroaches and insects - the abundance of enemies in the environment.

What dreams leeches sucked to the body

  • Leeches sucked to the body of a woman on the dream book - these are unresolved problems that seem to drain energy out of you and waste precious forces that you could spend on achieving goals.
  • Pests that dream, sucked to his feet on the esoteric dream book mean spending power in the wrong direction.
  • Dead dream - to solve problems soon. But if a sleeping leech, which is intended for human consumption, dreamed of a sleeping person, this dream means good health and well-being of the whole family.

Leech on the body for what dreams

  • Dream leeches on the body of a woman on the dream book- a kind of struggle with the temptations that are somehow present in your life.
  • Pests on the dream of Miller mean the accumulation in the life of a sleeper a large number of enemies and naked envy.
  • If a leech legs dreaming of a woman - external crutches, which should be eliminated for a free and full life, filled with harmony and happiness.
  • If you dreamed about - adultery.
  • Dreamed on head or under the skin you will smile good luck in business, career or personal life.
  • This dream a woman according to the dream book heralds the opening of new doors in the achievement of goals. Often, a dream about these pests can be interpreted as changes in the physical plane, deterioration or improvement of health, well-being or general condition.

Many leeches why dream

If you had a dream in the water on the dream book, beware of the evil deeds of the people whom you have close to you have allowed. You should review your social circle in order to protect yourself from mental disorders and disappointments.

Since ancient times, if the leech dreamed - it meant the presence of enemies who weave intrigues against you. Most likely, in order to interpret a dream, it is necessary to recall the details in which most often the person who wishes you evil will be found.

Dreams that leeches bite what it is

Sometimes sleeping, for example, a woman may dream a dream in which black insects bite him and leave wounds on the body. Deciphering this dream - as an attempt to invade your life of other people. It is likely that the people around you wish you well, but you should not devote them to your plans, as most likely your goals and dreams will not be achieved.

If, I had a dream to a pregnant woman you need to worry about your health and safety of your unborn child.

If you saw on the face of white and black leeches - wait for diseases from the skin.

Summarizing the above, it can be noted that not always the prophecies that are in the dream book, must necessarily come true. In order that a negatively colored dream does not manifest itself in the future, it is necessary, after awakening, to read a conspiracy or prayer.

The power of the word acquires immediately after awakening. As an option you can use the prayer Father Our. Each person has his own attitude to dreams, however, it is always worth remembering about intuition, which plays an important role in human life.

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