How to forgive the betrayal of a loved one

Most people believe that the main thing in the family is honesty to each other, and they want to have the only platonic and physical love. First of all, the degree of mutual understanding depends on the nature of both spouses.

Psychology, as a science, equates betrayal with disease, since a certain number of men cannot overcome the craving for adventure on the side and constantly tread on the same rake. Constant betrayal - is evidence of serious problems in the relationship. Still, wives can learn about treason from girlfriends, neighbors, or from her husband, who decided to repent. In any case, no way to avoid quarrels and offenses.

So let us turn to a very important topic for every woman: how to forgive her husband’s adultery - the advice of a psychologist (and save the family).

Is it possible to forgive the betrayal of a husband?

In most cases, as soon as a woman learns about treason, a chain of rash actions begins:

- get drunk with your best friend and do what she thinks is right. But this is not worth doing;

- start revenge on your husband's mistress;

- consider yourself fat and ugly;

- without considering, to break off the relationship or, in response, also to change her husband.

But, if you really want to learn how to forgive the betrayal of a husband, the advice of a psychologist will help you.

Any thoughtless actions can lead to irreparable consequences. It is worth thinking that he stayed with you, did not go to her, but simply used her. So, he loves you, and treason - it just turned out to be a passing physical attraction. He will definitely regret his deed, ask for forgiveness, give gifts and try to behave properly. Of course, everything depends on the person, but psychologists advise to give a second chance, because everyone in life can make mistakes.

For example, the famous doctor Oleg Gennadievich Torsunov says that adultery is a test for two and the family does not rest on carnal pleasures, but on mutual understanding, the ability to understand, forgive and accept the partner's shortcomings, since responsibility always lies on the shoulders of two. You are not the only woman who is faced with such a life situation, and most families remain complete despite everything.

How to forget the deceit of a loved one?

To forget any negative episode of life and start it from a new sheet, you need to start working on yourself. Fitness, shopping, or even cross-stitching - all this is a small step into a new reality with a happy family.

In a relationship with a guy you need to understand what he needs, but not to show his high value for you, and you can even give a slight excuse for jealousy, but in no case repeat his mistakes. Even in the Bible, treason is equated with the sin of murder, it is worth remembering. Islam, generally as a punishment for treason, assigns one hundred lashes, publicly.

An important rule of female psychology is to be hot in bed and cold outside. Using this rule, you will be able to bind the husband to yourself. He must understand that it can very easily lose you irretrievably. And the main thing is to make it clear that your partner is to blame for treason, and to give him the opportunity to correct himself next to you, for betrayal is not only the end, but also the beginning of a new page in life.

What if I can not forgive, but I want to restore the old relationship?

The answer to this question can be found in your behavior and attitude to life, since not every woman can forgive a man even after an accidental betrayal. Of course, life views cannot be changed, but it’s quite possible to look at things from a different angle, if only for the sake of children. Therefore, you should not dwell on the mistake of a partner, we are not perfect, but we have one life and it is possible that your husband or boyfriend is the same companion for the whole life's journey. This turned out to be his little weakness, which means that he needs to be helped to cope with this incident.

To restore normal family relationships, one should avoid all those things that cause bad feelings towards her husband. It is necessary to talk about further joint plans for life and, most importantly, calmly sort things out between themselves - this always helps to revive past feelings. You can also sign up for a joint trip to the family therapist. And the main thing is to try by all possible means to improve family relations and leave all the bad things in the past. And you should try to do this together.

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