Plot for a quick sale of a house and a plot of land

Magic is an aid in many areas of life, especially in the financial sector. With the help of magic, not only brisk trading is provided, but also easy resolution of problem transactions.
You have a house or land for sale, but:

  1. There is no buyer, and the lot must be sold as soon as possible?
  2. Do you have problems with paperwork?
  3. Need more favorable terms?

Plots for sale will help you. There are several types of them - focused on increasing the number of buyers, easy flow of the transaction and increasing profits from the sale. There is also a universal conspiracy to purify the energy of the house / plot, which at times increases the chances of a good deal.

All conspiracies will be discussed in more detail in the article.

What to read plots for the sale of houses and land?

You should know that any plot to sell a house or land must be read by the owner of the plot. In the extreme case - a practicing white magician, whose reputation you are confident. Also worth knowing that special luck awaits you in reading the conspiracy to the waning moon at midnight in silence and solitude. Regardless of the circumstances that led you to search for an alternative acceleration of the transaction, do not forget about the main rule.

The successful outcome of a magical ritual directly depends on following all instructions, focusing on the purpose of the rite and believing in the nature of the forces used.

All the conspiracies provided in the article are taken exclusively from white magic arsenals and are safe for you, your property and customers.

Universal plot to sell a house or plot

You need to get a family of new church candles, you can buy them in the church closest to the property being sold. Make sure that according to the lunar calendar at the time of the conspiracy the moon will decrease. Wait until midnight, retreat to the empty room of the house being sold, or stand in the center of the plot. Arrange the candles in the center of the room / area in the form of a circle, light them and sit inside the circle in a prayer position.

Spend a few minutes in complete silence. Try to focus on the desire: to sell a house or plot as quickly as possible with the help of white magic. Do not let extra thoughts about everyday worries and worries. When you feel focused on the purpose of the ritual, take a deep breath and begin to repeat the words of the conspiracy:

  • For home:

“The house that gives shelter, the walls that give peace, soak up the power of fire and the magic of good. I, Slave (s) of God (s), (your name), let you go in the hands of reliable. May the buyer not keep himself waiting, and the white light will lead him to your doors, and his gaze will not pass by your windows. Let the foot of the stepped on the threshold not step back in vain. Trading success in my favor will be crowned, as quickly as I wish. Candles are church, candles are spoken, hear my request and tell the Lord. I will deliver you to the holy land, let my conspiracy be accomplished! Amen".

  • For the plot:

“The land that has nurtured the nations, the earth is a stronghold of living nature, take the heat and the crackle of fire. In the name of our Father, I, Slave (s) of God (s), (your name), let you go in the hands of reliable. Let the buyer not keep himself waiting and touch the foot of his land and he will not be able to refuse. Let the divine sign given, it will be instantly fascinated. Trading success in my favor will be crowned, as quickly as I wish. Candles are church, candles are spoken, hear my request and tell the Lord. I will deliver you to the holy land, let my conspiracy be accomplished! Amen".

The plot must be repeated seven times in a row, trying to keep the voice from shaking. Be confident in yourself and your strength, radiate light and kindness, cast aside greed and cunning.
When the candles go out and darkness reigns - stand up. Candle stubs collect in a handkerchief and sell to the ground under an aspen, alder or birch - a tree with female energy.

Plot-prayer for the sale of houses on the grains and pin

You will need:

  • salt;
  • rice;
  • deep bowl;
  • new, unused safety pin.

Go to the empty room of the house being sold. Mix the cereals in a bowl and center the pin so that it sticks out in the middle. Read the prayer while you mix the cereal and finish by sticking a pin into the mix:

“Our Lord is holy, reigning in heaven, I plead with you, your servant (s) (your name). I want to sell my house to people honest, not evil. I want to sell for the good of the happiness and prosperity of my family, with the money I’m getting, I want to buy what I feel need. We need (to name the desired amount of money). Amen".

Hide the bowl of cereals and pin in the closet in the back room of the house, making sure that nobody will disturb it. After a quick and successful sale of the house, it will need to be removed and buried in the ground in a deserted area.

An important condition for the conspiracy is your honesty to yourself: when naming a sum, do not bargain with God. Call fair and average figures, not overstated or undervalued. Some of the amount received for the transaction in gratitude to the higher forces will need to be given to the homeless for charity purposes.

Plot for sale of a house with a plot of land

You will need:

  • branches of a tree growing on a plot, preferably male;
  • church candle;
  • Holy water.

Wait for the descending lunar day. At noon, break off a small branch from any tree that grows on the site, and stand at the threshold at midnight. Holding in one hand a lit candle, in the other - a sprig, sprinkled with holy water, bypass the house and the perimeter of the adjacent area.

Memorize the words of the conspiracy in advance:

“Grow trees, stand firm, raise me - grow another. The new owner will come, take the keys, love the house, care for the trees. Happiness in the house, on the earth - fertility, in my new life - memory. I - wealth, home - the light, the earth - a caring hand. My word is strong, my intentions are pure. Amen".

Repeating the above plot words, on every corner of the house, on every window and in every corner of the plot, on the fence and the gate, leave the crosses with a sprig. They should not be visible.

Bury the candle in the corner of the plot, plant the twigs in the ground above it. Soon the waiting buyer will appear on your doorstep - meet him with joy.

How to speak the keys?

The best way to get the price the house deserves is a plot to sell the house and land on the keys. For three days, when the sun rises and when it sets, take the keys in your hands and pronounce the words of the prayer:

“Good luck come to your house, - open the door with the keys with keys. Go home, bring justice. Appoint the price right, self-interest in speed pereinach. Call the keys of the buyer, the price will say attractive. In the house of the new settled, share with me the wealth. Amen".

To the rising moon

A plot to sell a house and land on a growing moon is the key to the success of the deal. The rising moon is a time of change, growth and profit, so the ritual conducted during this period is especially strong. For better success, repeat it three times a week - at midnight on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

It is important not to mix one ritual with another and not to use more than one at once, so that magical forces do not come into conflict.

“The moon is growing, bearing success, hear my call in the night silence. For a deal dispute for money, I ask you to help you quickly - I am in a hurry to sell. The Lord bless my house and the one who dwells in it. ”

On distance

The plot to sell the land to read at home is certainly better. But in life there is anything, and you may not be able to consecrate a house or a plot personally. Then a powerful conspiracy to sell the house and the land at a distance will come to the rescue.

Like any prayer for the quick sale of the house, it should be read on the rising moon, in silence and solitude. Stand at the window of the house in which you are located; imagine that you can see the property being sold outside the window. It is advisable to wait for the night to come so that outside objects could not be seen. Put a lighted candle on the window-sill and, if there is, a photo of the house / land and the keys to it.

Say the following prayer 7 times:

“The river flows, the city lives, the sun shines, it marks with happiness. A merchant on the market, milk from krinok. Buyer by - stop the boot. Under the sky alone, under the Lord one, the prayer of my dean, sell the house to the address (the address of your house), for the price requested, no less nothing more. ”

What could be the consequences?

As already stated above, all the conspiracies provided in the article are taken from white magic. None of them carries a negative either to the speaker or to the buyer. After all, white magic - the magic of positive thoughts and the outcome of its conspiracies can only be positive or neutral. The latter may be due to non-compliance. the rules that every white magician should know by heart:

  1. First of all, uttering a conspiracy, one must believe not only in his success, but also in the very process of what is happening. Doubtful in themselves and in natural forces white magic just is not given.
  2. It is very important to observe not only the individual time frame for each type of conspiracy, but also the general unspoken rule of the growing moon.
  3. You can not change the components for rituals, if you do not know the consequences.
  4. Conspiracy words must be pronounced in a confident, even voice.
  5. Plots for sale should be as disinterested as possible. Do not be demanding, be begging. Open your palm so that something new comes down into it.
  6. Do not forget to thank the higher forces after each success, at least verbally, otherwise they will stop helping you.

In an effort to speak a house or plot for sale, first look deep into yourself. First of all, you need to clear your thoughts of attachment to the house, and the house - from being tied to yourself. Be ready to part with your family from childhood home and pass it into the hands of the new owner with good warmth.

After all, the very essence of white magic is in a positive attitude towards itself and the world around it.

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