How to get to know a girl

Many guys absolutely do not know how to get to know a girl and how to approach her. Every guy wants to like and impress. In most cases, if a guy sees a beautiful girl, he does not know where to start communication and how to interest her.

There are several ways to make friends. The most important thing is a well chosen place and time. Many guys meet on the street, in transport, in a shopping center, in a cafe, in a library, at an exhibition, in a theater or a club.

Most guys have the fear of dating. They do not know how to start a conversation, what phrases to use, so that the girl would show interest and not pass by.

Especially dating on the streets often end in failure and the guy, having caused the collapse of his self-esteem, despairs and stops making new attempts at dating. The most important thing when meeting is the manifestation of determination and the ability to interest the chosen one.

How to meet a girl and start a conversation correctly

If you do not know how to start a conversation with a girl, in order to get to know her, you need to work on yourself. Take care of your appearance, start playing sports or exercise, choose the right stylish clothes for yourself. Girls love well-groomed.

Next, learn to speak correctly. Develop, read more, you should be interesting and it should be interesting to communicate and conduct a conversation with you.

Start a conversation with some joke, make her smile. Humor has and brings. The joke will serve as a great excuse to start a conversation. Further, you can ask whether you are on the way.

And convince her that you, without any bad thoughts, decided to meet her. You should not ask a lot of questions and be intrusive. Try to be bolder. The most important thing is to charm her. Turn on the fantasy, down with prejudice!

Tips for getting to know a girl

So how to get to know the girl in order not to scare her away and at the same time like her?

  • First of all, even before dating, take care of the appearance. Remember that you meet each other by clothes, so work on your appearance, start to play sports or dance (dancing allows you to make an excellent posture and bearing), find your own style, start using men's perfume. You have to add charm and charm to your style. But you do not need to cock at the same time and be too narcissistic. Remember that simplicity and naturalness are much more attracted to the female half, rather than artificial self-confidence, mixed with narcissism. And do not forget that if you want to meet a beautiful girl, you yourself must look appropriate.
  • The most important advice - be at ease and as natural as possible. Tightness and constraint immediately felt at the beginning of a conversation. And as you know, the right start is the key to successful further relations. Be decisive and sincere.
  • Smile As you know, a smile is contagious and gives charisma to any person, so if you decide to meet a girl, try to smile at her first.
  • Use humor. Try to throw some nice and kind joke at her address, like this:

-Girl, you lost something ...
-Yes? And what?

Such a joke would be appropriate and make her smile. And then you can try to get to know her, but not be intrusive. Gallantry and tact are our everything! So be modest in your actions. But do not use banal phrases, show your imagination. The main thing is to make her smile.

How to get to know a girl on the street and how best to approach her

Most guys do not dare to meet a girl on the street, experiencing fear, while others, on the contrary, make attempts, but fail. What is the reason for dating, who are not crowned with success?

The thing is that guys do not know how to get to know each other. Having barely begun, the acquaintance fails because the guy starts the wrong conversation.

Probably you noticed that girls always liked beautiful, well-groomed and interesting guys? But nothing prevents you from becoming the same. A person who is engaged in himself, not only from a physical point of view, will always be interesting to others.

Therefore, work on yourself, do not be lazy to look good. Work on your character traits (determination, intelligence, erudition). Improve and develop yourself. Be interesting.

Of course, work on yourself takes time and labor, but the result will be justified: you will be interesting and will make a proper impression on others.

How to meet a girl on the Internet

It is known that the Internet is a great way to meet. He gives hundreds of ways to start a conversation. If you like a girl on the Internet, and you want to start a conversation with her, try to interest her, after cleaning your page of any unnecessary "junk" that can scare her away.

Do not forget that your page, in some way, is your face, which makes it possible to lay down an impression about you.

So how do you start dating? Many begin to get acquainted, having previously evaluated the photos and posts on the wall, others begin to communicate with a compliment.

Another good way to make friends is sending good music. A girl can appreciate her and write her opinion. This will give a good start to the conversation ensued.

You can view her page, appreciating your hobbies and interests, it will give an opportunity to send her something that might interest her. Remember, interests bring together.

What to write to meet a girl on the Internet

Many guys have the wrong idea about how to correctly meet a girl on the Internet and what to write to her. If you want further acquaintance to succeed, it is better to prove yourself and be able to attract a girl.

Start with a greeting, send some verse or song. Show your imagination and originality. This is true since women have always been attracted by creativity and originality.

Be cultured and tactful as possible. There is no need to build a macho with narcissism. Naturalness and expression of interest, combined with appropriate compliments - will allow you to achieve some success at the initial stage of communication.

One more piece of advice, if you failed, you were ignored, or the girl already has a cavalier, it would be better to leave a pleasant impression of yourself and write something good and pleasant to her at the end of the conversation.

How to meet a girl if you hesitate - the first phrase

If you do not know how to get acquainted with a girl, if you are afraid to approach her, you need to work on your determination. The most important thing is to be natural. Greet her, say a compliment, make her smile.

If the subject of your sympathies is in a constant field of vision, but you can’t decide to come up, try to find a reason to exchange a couple of phrases, and thus start communication.

Do not forget that humor predisposes people, and girls sympathize with those guys who make them smile and laugh.

Do not forget that compliments disarm, as any woman needs them. Therefore, act. The main thing is sincerity and naturalness. Be original, fascinate!

How to meet a girl for a serious relationship

If you decide to meet a girl for a serious relationship, you need to change your dating strategy. Finding your own half is not easy, because now it is quite difficult to find a person with the same serious intentions. Try to look at the girls / women who surround you.

Sometimes it happens that our happiness is in front of our eyes, and we do not notice it. If this option does not suit you, try visiting special places where there is a chance to get acquainted with some pleasant, sweet person. This may be a theater, exhibition, library, courses, seminars. It all depends on what contingent attracts you.

Some prefer dating at a club or at a party. This is also a good option, but there is a high probability that the acquaintance will be devoid of seriousness, since people prefer to go there for other purposes: recreation, entertainment, casual connections, etc.

Seminars, courses - a great way to meet new people. You can sign up for dancing for adults or for those trainings where there are most women.

This will be an excellent opportunity to demonstrate your best sides and show masculine charm, since any man in the women's team is an object of universal attention and admiration.

The main thing is to work on yourself, on your body and on your manners, and any girl will not remain indifferent.

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