What dreams of dandruff

In life, dandruff can literally drive you crazy: outward manifestations, itching, discomfort, etc. In real life, they try to get rid of this fungal disease in all possible ways.

But what if she just had a dream? What to expect the dreamer? We propose to consider this issue in detail and in different variations.

Dreamed dreamed of in a dream what is it

In the question of dreams, in which dandruff is dreamed of in the head, dream books converge - this is a symbol of money, wealth and fun. In detail, interpretations may vary.

  • For example, Miller's Dream Book believes that she dreams of a quick success in business, a successful transaction or a good acquaintance.
  • Dream Vanga explains such a dream by a serious monetary increase in the form of inheritance, but this is not a literal meaning; perhaps, a person will find money in another way.

The details that accompany the dream describe the complete picture and give the necessary clues. So try to remember every little thing - it will help in the final definition of the dream for each dream book.

What dreams of dandruff on your head

If you dream of dandruff on your head, and in your dream you made the decision to get rid of it - this is to the sad events, the dreamer will be full of doubts and spiritual torments.

If the head is itchy, and the cause is dandruff in his hair / head - wait for good news: a promotion at work (in a post or just a salary), a lottery prize, etc.

It is important to remember and features:

  • its amount in the hair;
  • condition (large flakes or single signs);
  • exactly where they found it (in their hair or on the heads of other people, on garments, dreams on their shoulders, etc.);
  • shake or see how it flies from the head;
  • in the hair of a child;
  • actions (comb, watch, etc.);
  • in the hair of a dog or other animals;
  • in the hair of a stranger or from your friend, etc.

Each of these positions interprets the future in its own way. Therefore, it is important not to miss even the smallest details, and then the interpretation of the dream book will be more accurate.

Dandruff with cereal in a dream which means

Another nuance: if you dream of dandruff on your head with flakes - this is for material gain or success in love. By the number in which she dreams, you can judge the scope of upcoming events.

If a girl dreams of a lot of fungus in her hair, as in the period of snowfall - it is expected by a favorable marriage for love or the fulfillment of a cherished desire. If a woman dreams of - it means an improvement in the well-being of her family or a pleasant surprise from a loved one or a husband. For a man, this is a sure sign of a successful deal or promotion for work. Each dream book states that the order of actions is important:

  • if you are dreaming where a person tries to comb it from his head, in the process, she pours on clothes - if she dreamed of such a variation, expect a serious monetary profit and wealth;
  • see in the mirror a lot of fungus on their hair - dreamed of this option, expect profitable cooperation, which will surely give tangible results;
  • shake off your clothes - if you dreamed of such a dream, expect pleasant efforts that will increase self-esteem and give wonderful emotions;
  • if the dreamer in a dream because of dandruff is awarded censure and ridicule from others - he expects incredible popularity, if at the same time his hair is dirty and greasy - to the near riches;
  • if she had a dream covered in rough crust, which causes a lot of pain on contact - you prepare a pleasant surprise.

Dandruff on someone else's head to dream

  • If dandruff dreams on someone else's head - dream books are united in their interpretation, such a dream predicts material aid, care and support of loved ones to the dreamer.
  • If you have dandruff in a child's head - such assistance will come from an unexpected side, perhaps someone else will take responsibility for the dreamer or for his obligations. Also dream books assure that such a dream promises sincere joy and prolonged fun.
  • If she dreamed on the head completely gray man - it's time to apply your knowledge and experience. Efforts and efforts will bear fruit, and soon the person will reach his goal.

A lot of dandruff for what dreams

The more dandruff dreamed dreamer on his hair, the more pleasant surprises he will get.

If a person tries to get rid of her - such a dream, according to the dream book, foreshadows the dreamer sadness and frustration. This may be due to the emotional state of the person, perhaps he was just tired of the endless race and he needed a short break in order to put his thoughts in order, he needed fresh ideas.

Dream books say - if she dreams in her hair - this is for change, renewal and change of life for the better.

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