What to give her husband a birthday?

Every year on the eve of her husband's birthday, a loving wife wonders how to congratulate her betrothed? On the shoulders of the spouse is often entrusted with the organization of the holiday and the creation of a corresponding atmosphere, and in the bustle often do not have time to choose a gift. Therefore, it is better to take care of this in advance.

What to give to her beloved husband for his birthday

The wife will answer this question best of all - who else knows a man better than anyone? But over the years, original ideas have dried up. A fresh solution may be new literature, rare and gift editions of his favorite works.

Music lover will please collection drive of your favorite group. You can always give something related to the hobby - new items are easily tracked on specialized sites and forums.

If your husband is a fisherman - You can give him a birthday spinning the latest model or a multi-set of lures, baits and hooks.

Active guy, which is resting in nature, it is worth giving a quality folding knife or something from tourist inventory:

• tent;
• sleeping bag;
• karemat;
• set of carbines;
• tourist dishes;
• equipment for breeding fire.

Many long dream of a bicycle, but do not dare to buy - the realization of such a dream will be more than a pleasant surprise.

A gift for the jack of all trades - A set of quality tools. If the husband likes to swim - buy a subscription to the pool after his birthday, you can give him new swimming trunks, a towel, a hat and swimming goggles.

A man who spends a lot of time in front of a computer, as a gift, a new comfortable computer chair will suit. Well, if your chosen one is a musician - of course he will be pleased with the new musical instrument on which he plays, or whose musical equipment he lacks.

Universal giftsthat will suit any man can be:

• cologne or perfume water;
• cutting edge shaver;
• leather belt;
• purse or purse.

However, every man will appreciate an individual gift, chosen specifically for him, not necessarily useful and practical, but able to please his soul.

Ideas for a gift to her husband for his birthday 30 years

30 years is a wonderful age between youth and maturity, and the choice of a present for a thirty-year-old guy is extensive and varied. New technology will always be relevant - update your husband smartphone, video recorder in the car or radio.

If your husband is still a child in the shower - please him with such a novelty of technology as a quadcopter, he will certainly become the best birthday present. It can also be a toy car, a tank or a radio-controlled helicopter.

If your husband is interested in photography - you can give him a new camera or accessories to the existing one. This may be a specialized lens, a photographer's bag, a neck strap for a camera, a portable tripod, light equipment.

A gift to her husband's birthday with his own hands

For needlewomen it will not be difficult to create a birthday gift for your husband yourself. Any knitted product made with love and taking into account the personality of the birthday will be a pleasant surprise and will surprise her husband.

A lot of emotions will give him an associated favorite scarf, with the name of the football club, for which he is ill. An uncomplicated and pleasant surprise will be a collage of his photos or a funny caricature cartoon printed and framed.

The universal idea of ​​a birthday present is to bake a delicious cake and decorate it as your man should like it.

Unusual birthday gifts for the beloved man

To please your beloved with an unconventional gift - it is easy if you have imagination.

Ideas options:

• painting pattern by numbers;
• puzzle with his or your joint photo;
• photo book with his photos;
• certificate for a photo session.

An unusual gift will be an original cake ordered from a professional pastry chef, provided that a man loves sweets. The cake will be made according to any sketch and on any topic; you can also make a holiday inscription, for example, “The best husband” or “Happy birthday, dear!”. It will not be superfluous to coordinate with the pastry chef what sweets and fruits the birthday boy loves.

What can you give a beloved man - an original gift

A wonderful gift for a loved one is to record a collection of his favorite songs or one of the novelties on a separate disk or a new USB flash drive so that he can listen in the car. If you can sing, perform and record one of his favorite songs in the studio.

For men who are able to appreciate the culture of eastern countries, the Japanese set of Tumi Ishi stones made of natural wood will be an interesting gift. Such a simple meditative game will help you to tune in to the right train of thought, relax and be distracted by the lunch break.

Similar properties have a small tabletop Japanese garden, made in the form of a compact box with various stones or small architectural structures, imitating a real Japanese courtyard.

A birthday present for a man who has everything

To please a wealthy and self-sufficient man is difficult, but quite realistic. The main secret is to give him impressions.

Extreme sports - A storehouse of gift ideas. Organize a weekend on which the birthday boy will be able to use his birthday present:

• jump with a parachute;
• fly on a glider;
• Kayak or kayak;
• raft on a mountain river (rafting).

Everyone will be pleased to see the individuality in the gift, it can be engraved with his name, initials, date of birth or inscription.

Engraving can be performed on:

• ball or fountain pen;
• wrist watches;
• keychain;
• clip for a tie.

A man who has everything, you can give a birthday portrait of his portrait, ordered from a professional artist who can draw it from a photo.

A more budgetary option would be a photo printed on canvas - most of the photo shops offer this service. In addition to the portrait, you can order and present a family photo or photos from your joint vacation.

But do not forget about the holiday decoration of your congratulations. It is always more pleasant to receive a gift that is beautifully and stylishly packed, a card or a postcard with congratulations and pleasant wishes will be a good addition.

The main secret of a successful congratulation is to take into account the desires and hobbies of the bestowed, and bright emotions are guaranteed.

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