How to make a screen on a laptop: tips for Windows and Mac OS

Save your important correspondence, funny comments of friends to a common photo or fix a frame from your favorite movie - all this and much more can be done with the help of screenshot - i.e screen capture.

To do this, do not need to use the camera phone, which significantly reduces the quality of the resulting image. To take a screenshot of the laptop screen, you can perform the same manipulations as when creating screenshot on computerthat we talked about earlier. We analyze the main points for creating screenshots on laptops with Windows and Mac OS.

How to take a screenshot on a laptop with Windows

This operating system allows you to make screenshots on a laptop at once in several ways, many of which are very easy to use. Consider universal options and separate features for different versions of Windows.

The easiest way

On any laptop running on the Windows operating system, a button can be found on the keyboardPrtScwhich means Print Screen. This button is reserved for the function of creating a screenshot.

To make the screen the easiest way, need to:

  • Go to the desired page or open a window, a snapshot of which you need, press the PrtSc button. If you want to save only a screenshot of the working window, but not the entire screen, then you need to simultaneously press the keys Alt + PrtSc. On Windows 8, you can hold the buttons Win +PrtSc.With this action, the saved screen shot remains on the laptop's clipboard.
This is what the button for taking screenshots looks like on most laptops.
  • Now you need to transfer it from there for further saving. To do this, any program-graphics editor, whether Paint, Paint.NET, Photoshop or another. Open the program and press the Insert button (or press the key combination Ctrl + V). A snapshot of the entire screen appears in the editor.
The Paste button will help “reveal” the desired frame from the clipboard.
  • Final Stage - save your screenshot. To do this, click the button Save or Save as (when you want to choose from baboutnumber of possible formats), and select the folder where your screen will be sent after saving.
At the end you need to choose the format of the future image, the name and the place where it will be saved.

Screenshots on Windows 7 and 8 - the program "Scissors"

Very handy built-in program for creating screenshots on a laptop and computer on Windows 7 and 8 generation operating systems - Scissors. It can be found in the section Standard.

Thus you can find Scissors in the list of standard laptop programs.
  • Go to the page we need to save and leave it open. Find the Start Scissors menu and open it. After pressing the button Create, you can choose the shape of the future selection area.
Select the screen selection area.
  • Select the desired area and get the following window:
A window with an almost finished screenshot.
  • The program allows you to edit screenshots: make labels, mark areas with a marker and remove excess rubber.
  • It remains only to save the picture on the laptop. To do this, select the button in the top menu Save as. This will give the picture a name, select the folder to save and the format of the screen.
The final stage of creating a screenshot on a laptop with this program.

Screenshot on Windows 10

This version of the operating system helps to create screenshots on a laptop without any extra programs and additional manipulations. Very convenient and easy way.

How to create a screenshot on Windows 10:

  • Open the page we need;
  • Push Win +PrtSc;
  • We are looking for a finished screen shot in the folder Screenshotswhich is created automatically in the system Image folder.

Make a screenshot on Mac OS

Macs have a different keyboard structure, so their laptops have a different key combination for creating screenshots. However, it is also very comfortable.

The following combinations will do:

  • For screenshots of the entire screen you need to click cmd (⌘) + shift + 3. The snapshot will be saved to the desktop;
  • To create a screenshot of the selected screen area is clamped key combination cmd (⌘) + shift + 4. After that, the finished picture can also be found on the desktop;
  • To create a screen of the working window, click cmd (⌘) + shift + 3 + space. The finished photo is also stored on the desktop.

Screenshot using third-party programs

For those laptop users who regularly make screenshots due to their work or hobbies, they have come up with special programs for creating screen shots.

They allow you to perform additional commands, such as a screen shot with scrolling (when you need to save a long page in the browser, for example), taking several snapshots in a row, saving snapshots to servers with the possibility of getting links to the finished picture, and other nice editing extras.

The most convenient free programs for creating screenshots on laptops:

  • Screen Capture;
  • LightShot;
  • Joxi;
  • Duckcapture;
  • SSmaker;
  • Clip2net.

Many of these free programs are suitable for both Windows and Mac. You can learn about their additional features and, if you wish, download them by clicking on the name of a service.

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