How to make Lizun do it yourself?

What if the child asked for an unusual toy, and the parents no longer know how to surprise the baby? The answer is simple:hendgamor the most famous name in our latitudes - lizun. This is a jelly-like toy, which was popular in the world in the mid-seventies, but is still relevant among our young people. It seems to be a liquid, but it seems like a bright jelly fell in love with the ability to preserve a variety of forms, to stretch and shrink, to spread, but to gather together back.

Of course, lizun can be purchased in the store, but it is not as exciting and safe as making it with your own hands. And the knowledge that no hazardous substances will be contained in a child's toy only confirms the fact that making a lick at home with your own hands is a great idea.

A jellylike thing can be done at home in several different ways from a number of ingredients that will be at hand. The main thing - to comply with the presented proportions.

Varieties of lizunov

The composition of hand-made lizunov may differ depending on what kind of result its creator expects to receive. Density, transparency, porosity, stickiness, wateriness, color gamut can be completely different, so many lizuns visually very different from each other. At home, they often prepare handbags from: PVA glue, shampoo, liquid laundry detergent, gelatin and clay.But also often the recipe includes sodium tetraborate (he Borax powder, it’s Bura solution 4%), construction glue and more.

As a dye, you can use: Zelenka, gouache or acrylic paints, as well as any food coloring. Important: The color of the toy for the child is important, but the main thing here is not to overdo it, so you should add only a few drops so that the toy does not paint the hands and furniture.

Decoration Board:modern lizuny, especially for girls, look very aesthetic due to the addition in the manufacture glitter, sparkles, mixing toys of several colors to create the effect of "cosmic overflow". Also added there small volumetric elements like balls, to create the effect of the cream in the cake.

Advice on creating the perfect do it yourself: so that it was pleasant to play with it, during the manufacture you can add essential oil to the mass.

Storage Tips:if you want to keep your hand-made handgun as long as possible store it in a plastic box. Also you should not put it on the surface of fleecy and wool materials - it spoils the jelly-like toy. You should also remove the pen from brightly lit surfaces and batteries, since heat spoils the slide.

PVA glue and starch

One of the easiest ways to mix hand-made lizuna is to use the tools that are available in any home. It’s easy to do it yourself, but the result will not be long in coming.

ANDIngredients for lizun:

  • Starch - 1 tbsp. l .;
  • PVA glue - 50 mg;
  • Warm water - 100 ml;
  • Dye to choose from;
  • Package or capacity;
  • Latex gloves.

DIY cooking method:

Gently mix all the ingredients in a container by mixing them carefully, or send them into a bag, close the top and knead the contents for about three minutes.

With the help of plasticine

The second recipe for making lizun do-it-yourself is a popular combination of clay and gelatin. Such a slide will serve the kids just a few games, but it will be rich and vibrant.

ANDIngredients for lizun:

  • Clay bright color - 100 g;
  • Food gelatin - 40 gr;
  • Water - 100 ml;
  • Metal capacity;
  • Plastic container;
  • Spoon;
  • Latex gloves.

DIY cooking method:

  1. Gelatin is poured into a metal container, filled with cold water (50 ml). The mass should be mixed and left for one hour. At the expiration of the capacity of the gelatinous mass to put on fire, bring to a boil and remove from the hot plate.
  2. Then plasticine kneads the plasticine, and when it becomes soft, you need to fill it with water (50 ml) and stir the ingredients with a spoon or spatula.
  3. Ready gelatin mass must be sent to the clay, then carefully mix the contents to a state of plastic homogeneous mass. You can do it yourself with gloves on.
  4. The final stage of creating a lizun from plasticine is simple with your own hands: you need to put the mass in the refrigerator for 40 minutes, until it hardens completely.
  5. Plasticine slide ready!

Baking soda ash

Another recipe for children's happiness - to make their own hands lick from soda. Immediately it should be noted that this method is also not distinguished by a durable result, but if it does not work out, or the child does not like the toy, then it can be sent to rest without conscience.

ANDIngredients for lizun:

  • Baking soda - 1 tbsp. with a hill;
  • Food coloring - 3 drops;
  • PVA glue - 50 gr;
  • Warm water - 1/2 st .;
  • Spatula or spoon;
  • Plastic container - 2 pcs .;
  • Latex gloves.

DIY cooking method:

  1. In one of the containers send the right amount of glue and add 1/4 cup of warm water. There we knead the dye.
  2. In the second dish put soda and the remaining warm water.
  3. Pour the soda solution into the adhesive mass. Mix well until uniform and density ready lizuna.
  4. Safe handball for the child is ready!

From shampoo and construction glue

For this method of cooking lizun at home, we need more "interesting" ingredients, but the effect of them will be no less memorable.

ANDIngredients for lizun:

  • Construction glue ("Titan" or "EcoLux") - 90 gr;
  • Shampoo - 30 g;
  • Gouache or dye bright color - a few drops;
  • Package;
  • Spatula or spoon;
  • Latex gloves.

DIY cooking method:

  1. Glue and shampoo are mixed in the package in a ratio of 3: 2. If you want to experiment with the texture of the toy, then you should follow the rule: the more shampoo there is, the more elastic the lizun will be, while the glue will give the toy a density.
  2. We send gouache or dye to the mass, whereas for the effect of transparency you should not add dyes, and shampoo should be a transparent consistency.
  3. Mix well the mass to the state of the finished lizuna.

Lizun with borax

One of the most popular and at the same time effective ways to make jelly-like toys with your own hands is the mixture of glue and sodium tetraborate. Here is the correct recipe.

ANDIngredients for lizun:

  • PVA glue - 100 gr;
  • Bura - 4 hours l .;
  • Dye to choose from;
  • Plastic container;
  • Spatula, stick or spoon;
  • Napkin;
  • Latex gloves.

DIY cooking method:

  1. Shake the glue in the vial and pour the required amount into the container. Add dye and mix.
  2. Introduce borax into the mass and mix everything up to the desired consistency.
  3. We lay out lizun on a napkin and give it soak to the water.
  4. The jelly-like toy will be ready after it is well kneaded.

From liquid laundry detergent

Another recipe for making a slime with your own hands is to make it from a liquid powder, which contains the properties we need.

ANDIngredients for lizun:

  • PVA glue - 1/4 cup;
  • Liquid washing powder - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Dye optional;
  • Capacity for cooking;
  • Latex gloves.

DIY cooking method:

  1. In the capacity we send the necessary amount of glue and dye. Stir.
  2. Send in the powder and mix the chemical liquid.
  3. Knead everything with gloved hands until the desired consistency.

Lizun from alcohol and sodium tetraborate

Immediately it should be noted that it is impossible to replace the ingredients, especially alcohol-containing ones. If you want to make a quality lizun do it yourself, this recipe is useful.

ANDIngredients for lizun:

  • Polyvinyl alcohol - 1 tsp;
  • Sodium tetraborate - 2 tbsp. l .;
  • Water - 500 ml;
  • Food coloring - 3 drops;
  • Spatula or spoon;
  • Plastic container - 2 pcs .;
  • Latex gloves.

DIY cooking method:

  1. Mix dry alcohol with water (250 ml), send to a slow fire for half an hour. Remove from hot plate, let cool.
  2. Sodium tetraborate is mixed with 250 ml of water in a separate container, mixed.
  3. The finished alcohol solution is mixed with the resulting borax in a 3: 1 ratio, after which the necessary dye is added.
  4. Carefully knead the mass until the consistency of the lizun, then leave to freeze for 2 hours in a cold place.
  5. After this lizun is ready for use.

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