Photos of beautiful nail extensions

Nail extension with gel or acrylic does not lose its popularity, despite the fact that one of the fashion trends of the next year is short nails, as well as naturalness and naturalness in manicure. Waxed nails allow you to give the nail plate the desired shape, length, for a long time retain an attractive appearance. Artificially extended nail plate is a great place for creativity and the embodiment of fashionable ideas.

The design of the increased nails: photo, news

Designers offer a variety of manicure options for gel and acrylic nails, allowing a woman to emphasize her own style, personality and brightness of nature. We bring to your attention a photo of beautiful expanded nails, in the design of which the masters use drawings, patterns, pictures, paintings and bright decorative elements.

Drawings on extended nails

Beautiful drawings on the extended nails add an image of mystery and originality, emphasize the character of the girl. In the trend of complex geometric compositions, minimalistic images, which are created using scotch tape and colored varnishes, as well as intricate patterns, floral motifs. It can be a flower or whole flower arrangements, funny cartoon characters, hearts, peas, unusual prints and hieroglyphs.

Patterns on the extended nail plate are applied with a thin brush with acrylic paints, so you will need patience and experience to create masterpieces.

Long, extended nails allow the master to make more voluminous and spectacular drawings, (drawing on short nails will be more concise).

Especially sumptuously looks on the extended long nail plates aquarium design. Vivid pictures, images of flowers, seascapes, fruits, which means juicy colors used in the design will be suitable for the spring-summer season,

Photo news for inspiration

For the winter will be relevant images of the winter landscape, snowflakes, Christmas themes.

Photos of beautiful drawings

There are a lot of variations of painting, you can safely experiment and create your own unique design yourself, starting with light patterns: lines, points, simple patterns.

Learning how to apply simple drawings is possible thanks to the lessons for beginners in just one day.

Watch the video tutorial.

French with a picture of photos of the increased nails

French manicure - out of fashion, it is chosen by many modern girls to create a beautiful exquisite manicure. The special elegance of the jacket is attached to the drawings. Classic white and colorful french with a gentle and light pattern looks flawless and elegant, drawing attention to the well-groomed hands. In the trend of floral motifs, complex geometric patterns and curls. The edge of the extensions can be decorated with lace, bow, rhinestones and sparkles.

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Square manicure

Square extended nails with a pattern look well-groomed and neat. The square shape is perfect for the jacket and is considered a classic in manicure. At the peak of popularity matte finish, which looks gorgeous on the increased square marigolds.

You can also easily implement new ideas in the design and technology of coloring: ombre, broken glass, which look great on square nail extensions.

Best photos

Fashionable moon manicure on extended nails

Split nail plates are ideal for a moon coat in which the emphasis is on the root hole of the nail plate. In the fashion hole of various forms, it can be sharp, oval, triangular. The hole can be unpainted, it can be distinguished with bright lacquer, decorated with beautiful patterns using floral motifs, geometric images, use decorative elements.

Glitter Ideas

Photos of beautiful extended nails with sparkles amaze with their beauty and magnificence. Rhinestones, stones, sparkles, thorns are used by designers in volumetric design. This is a great solemn party option. Glittering sparkles give the nails of charm and mystery.

Using the design of spikes, stones and modeling of the gel look extravagant, bold, catchy and will go for young people. Shimmering design can be combined with stamping - stamps on the nails.

Glitter is excellent and not boring to look with a jacket and perform the role of edging the hole or applied to the edge of the nail. Glitter and rhinestones are simply obliged to be in winter New Year's manicure to create a festive mood.

The wedding jacket with glitters of gold and silver color adorn the hands of the bride and emphasize the solemnity of the event. Sequins covered the entire extension of the nail or only a part of it, stand out the individual elements and 3D patterns. Ideas for use in the design of sequins set, just look at the photos.

Watch the video: Nail Art. The Best Nail Art Designs Compilation. Beautiful Nail Art Designs (October 2019).