Nail fungus on hand home treatment

Stratification of the nail plate, unpleasant spots with a hard and loose crust, discoloration and other troubles can be evidence of a serious disease. Today we offer to discuss the topic: a fungus on the hands, the manifestation of symptoms and treatment. During the publication you will learn how it looks, consider the causes and treatment options at home (folk remedies) and inexpensive drugs that can cure the disease, as well as provide you with a photo on the subject.

Nail fungus on hand home treatment

Fungal infection is one of the most common forms of the disease, which is quite difficult to cure. One of the first symptoms of this problem is pruritus, which is especially annoying after water treatment. Damage to the skin and surrounding tissues refers to mycotic diseases (onychomycosis), which is caused by fungi dermatophytes. Experts say that a small amount of fungi already exist on our skin and do not bring any harm to human health. However, with weakened immunity and when exposed to skin with infected surfaces or people, they penetrate deeper and begin their destructive action. On the presented photos you can clearly see what the disease looks like.

How does nail fungus look like?

Fungi mainly affect the interdigital cavities, the fingers and the nails themselves. In the initial stages, this disease can go unnoticed, since the manifestations are very smooth and there are no visible changes except for itching. In the second stage, the fungus begins to manifest itself externally. This can be seen on the fingertips and on changes in the nail plate (there is a change in color and delamination) or in problem areas of the body with high humidity (interdigital area, feet or heels) - longitudinal cracks appear, suppurations (inflammation can break), peeling of the skin, the plates exfoliate (emptiness appears inside) and fragility, white or yellow stripes (even or wavy) and itching appear.

Presented photos clearly demonstrate the appearance of the problem. Cure the disease can be folk remedies or medication.

Causes of nail fungus on the hands

The fungus disease is very contagious - contact with an infected surface or a person who is progressing the disease is enough. Particularly susceptible people:

• immunocompromised;
• patients with diabetes;
• with cardiovascular diseases, etc.

Add - onychomycosis is a dangerous disease and requires serious treatment, since mycotic fungi spread toxins not only to the infected area, but throughout the body. If you find these disorders, you should immediately contact a specialist and begin a course of drug treatment. The specialist will recommend inexpensive but effective drugs. Note that similar manifestations give psoriasis and other diseases, so before you begin independent actions (home treatment with folk remedies or use of medical remedies), you must make an accurate diagnosis and identify the true causes. External similarity can be traced to the presented photo.

Inexpensive but effective drugs

Nail fungus treatment drugs are inexpensive but effective on the hands and feet:

• Nystatin and Levorin ointment;
• Clotrimazole, Nikosan, Triderm;
• Diflucan, Fluconazole, Nystatin and Mikosist.

Ointments and solutions are usually applied to problem areas no more than twice a day, internal preparations are used exclusively by a doctor's prescription, taking into account clinical indications (after identifying the cause). Treatment with folk remedies does not give such a massive effect, but it is quite acceptable to use it with medication.

Treatment of folk remedies

Why nails exfoliate on the hands of the causes and treatment of folk remedies - one of the most popular requests on the Internet. On the first part of the question can give two answers: the cause of the bundle can be a strong lack of vitamins or fungus. In the first case, you need to drink a course of vitamin preparations, as well as make vitamin baths. One can only get rid of the second cause by treatment.

We offer several popular methods:

• homemade ointment from the fungus - put the whole egg in the shell into a bite (70%) and put it in the refrigerator for a week, after a week (during this time the egg will dissolve with vinegar) add 200 grams of butter to the composition. Ready means to store in the refrigerator;

• Novocain lotions or compresses with iodine - moisten a cotton swab with a novocaine from the ampoule and apply it to the problem area, apply it at night;

• Strong black tea and brewed coffee (both drinks without sugar) are also a great way to alleviate the condition, and sometimes completely cure nail fungus. To do this, keep your hands in a solution of one of these drinks for 10-15 minutes. It is recommended to do it at night.

The described folk remedies undoubtedly help to get rid of the symptoms on the hands and feet at home, but they are not always able to completely cure this disease, which is confirmed by user feedback and the photos provided. It is recommended to consult a doctor and prescribe a full medical treatment (the doctor can advise effective and inexpensive drugs).

Why nails on the hands of the cause and treatment

Why nails exfoliate? There may be several causes of the problem, which is duplicated in the presented photos, the main of which is the nail fungus on the hands and feet.

An additional reason for such manifestations may be:

• lack of vitamins;
• overdrying of the nail plate with aggressive agents (detergents, for example);
• injury to the nails (clicking the finger on the keyboard, filing with a metal nail file of still wet nails, bruised fingers, etc.).

If you notice that your nails are exfoliated, as shown in the photo, take care of their recovery at home: drink some inexpensive vitamin preparations, try not to injure your nails, use protective gloves when cleaning the apartment, and so on. For more serious problems , for example, severe detachment, when almost half of the upper part of the nail plate leaves, it is recommended to turn to traditional medicine and prescribe a complete treatment.

How to properly care for nails on the hands at home

Nails on the hands and feet, as well as the skin require special attention. So that they please you with their smooth surface, uniform and correct color, and also do not become separated, follow the simple rules at home:

• make vitamin and salt baths for arms and legs at least once a week (it is recommended to alternate);
• use creams (nourishing, moisturizing);
• make baths with the use of oils (olive, castor, burdock, etc., are excellent).

In addition to these rules, try to avoid possible injuries. Even a seemingly insignificant injury may be the reason that they begin to exfoliate. Do not forget about the legs, a beautiful pedicure is impossible without healthy and beautiful nails. These recommendations are relevant for the child, for the woman and for the man.

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