What dream prison

Modern dream book claims that if a person dreamed of a prison, then in real life he would have to face some restrictions. Soon unpleasant events will occur with him that will change the further course of life.

In order to decipher such a dream as accurately as possible, it is necessary to take into account all the circumstances of the dream imprisonment. The correct interpretation will depend on many important nuances.

Dreamed prison what does it mean

As the dream book says, the prison dream for trouble, but do not prepare yourself for the worst.

Interpretations of sleep may be different:

  • to meet in a dream with your jailer - some person from your environment, perhaps even a relative, is plotting and trying to interfere with your plans;
  • sit in prison and feel guilty about it, to understand that the punishment is fair - you are afraid of real punishment for the offense you have committed;
  • you were unexpectedly taken into custody - Try to devote time to your loved one, talk to him and provide help;
  • you were escorted, but at the last minute the cell door closed right in front of you - soon you will earn a large amount of money;
  • talk to your cellmates in a dream - you are close to committing a bad deed, control your behavior;
  • see the prison door open, releasing the prisoner - to a girl, such a dream promises a love relationship, to an elderly woman - deliverance from diseases.

What dream prison jailed me

If you dream of a prison and they put you in it, wherein you're trying to get out breaking the grid - in real life you are trying to free yourself from the negative influence of a stranger. You also draw conclusions too quickly and are often mistaken; try to become more thoughtful and cautious.

You feel that the dungeon has become home and you do not want to be released from it. - In reality, you do not have enough privacy, you are defenseless in front of other people and want to hide from the outside world behind thick walls.

Look out the camera window - you seek to improve living conditions, but so far unsuccessfully.

Sit on the killo - you have a dangerous enemy, and you do not know how to deal with it. In this situation, the main thing is not to make hasty and rash acts.

Why dream of a prison woman

If the girl dreams of prison, this may mean that the dreamer has some kind of secret that she really wants to share with other people. Do not do this, try to keep everything secret.

This dream may have another interpretation:

  • Detention happened unexpectedly - your girlfriend needs attention and support;
  • see your husband or lover in the chamber - perhaps he is cheating on you in real life;
  • see the illuminated prison building from afar - you are waiting for the test, worthy of which will help out the intuition;
  • enter the dark chamber and light it with a flashlight - you are trying to find a way out of a difficult situation, but fail, ask for help from close people so that trouble does not happen;
  • avoid meeting a person released from prison - An unloved man will offer you marriage.

If a man dreams of prison

Each person can have an unpleasant dream associated with imprisonment in a dungeon. What does it mean for a man to dream in which he was put in a cell?

Dream interpretation gives the following interpretation:

  • see the camera with bright windows - you will avoid real trouble thanks to its integrity;
  • the door of your cell is trying to break the crowd - friends will lure you money, be careful;
  • see the jailer in the cell - your interests will suffer from the treachery of other people;
  • watch out of the prison window - soon there will be a person in your life trying to subdue your will;
  • break the bars on the windows of the dungeon - you are trying to get out of someone else's influence;
  • Your relative was put in the cell - close people are afraid of you, do not be a tyrant.

Sitting in jail in a dream which means

Dreams in prison - what can it mean? It all depends on the details of the dream:

  1. see the thieves themselves go to the camera - there will be a big misfortune;
  2. see dirt and sewage in the dungeon - good luck in business and profit;
  3. rear prisons collapsing - soon the white line in life will replace the black one;
  4. die in captivity - to problems at work;
  5. dreaming of a friend in a cell who was illegally imprisoned - in reality he is waiting for your help;
  6. the dungeon building is burning and burning brightly - in life there will be changes for the better.

If dreamed of escaping from her

If the dream is a prison break, you will soon be free from all that is superfluous and unpleasant, you will find long-awaited peace and tranquility. Fortune will smile at you again, and all the troubles will be left behind.

For a girl to see a man escaping from a dungeon - to the new frivolous novel.

If such a dream is seen by a sick person, he will soon recover and be completely cured.

To see a man as his beloved one escapes from bondage with another person - to infidelity in reality. It is worth noting that in most values, this dream is very favorable and promises a solution to the dreamer.

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