The most fashionable women's winter and summer sneakers

Every woman in the wardrobe there is a couple of different comfortable fashionable sneakers. And no matter how old a woman is 15 or 50, many people prefer this particular shoe to everyone else, as it is very comfortable and goes well with skirts and dresses.

Therefore, every year designers create a large number of interesting new models, which will appeal even to the most avid lover of hairpins and high heels.

The most fashionable women's sneakers from the latest collections (photo 2018)

Sneakers, regardless of fashion, should be primarily comfortable and comfortable. The main direction is a model with a flexible sole and lightweight fabric. Global brands Reebok, Puma, Nike, Adidas are trying to produce environmentally friendly products that can withstand high sports standards and loads. Both sneakers and running shoes are made only from natural, high-quality materials.

The most common fashionable female models are with print and on the platform. Designers are trying to strike a balance between sneakers and fashion. All this can be traced in the photo or in the company store Adidas.

Sneakers for women Nike

Designers every year offer all new and new ideas. Women's Nike sneakers this season - a sample of simplicity and ease. The shoes are very comfortable and stylish. This year the collection impresses with its rich color range: red, green, blue, orange, pink, black, white. The most original model is purple with turquoise wedges. In most Nike models, the upper part is a mesh, and on the sole are colored shock absorbers.

Photos from the latest collection:

Adidas sneakers for women

The most suitable for practicing all sports sneakers - Adidas. Easy female running models get for the summer. They are practically weightless, but very practical to wear. For the coldest time of the year - winter with insulation. Suitable for fitness shoes with thick soles, and basketball shoes are equipped with a high shaft and a movable shock absorber, indispensable for abrupt active jumps.

Any brand store Adidas will offer a classic model - leather, velcro and high-top sneakers - they are ideal for long walks. But Adidas in heels or wedges is the pinnacle of designer fantasy, adding to the owner of originality and a few extra centimeters.

Photos for inspiration:

News from Reebok

Women's sneakers from Reebok sample practicality for leading an active life. All shoes are made exclusively from natural materials - suede, leather, textiles. It can be a light summer collection with a sole without a tread or boots with insulation for winter. Popular design with color inserts, reinforced back surface and air pumping system make the Reebok shoes unique among the entire shoe line. Most reviews from these models are positive.

Photos of models Riobok:

White and black models

Models of sneakers with black and / or white colors exist in all collections of well-known companies Adidas, Nike, Rybok, Puma and others. After all, it is absolutely a win-win for lovers of the classics. White and black women's sneakers look great in the hall, and on the treadmill, and on the volleyball court, and for a walk, and even at a party. They are universal, they can be worn in any season.

Both white and black are combined with clothes of any color with almost any sports element of the wardrobe. This trend will never go out of style. And in any store there are surely several models of white, black or combined color.

Leather winter models of women's sneakers

Sneakers have long ceased to be exclusively spring-summer dressing. All the most famous manufacturers necessarily offer winter models, mainly leather.

The greatest variety of them presented in the photo. The original finish for them will be fur trim. At the same time, shoes do not overgrow with neither additional weight nor volume. And the inner material can be not only fur, but also fleece, bike, wool, etc.

Fashionable summer women's sneakers

The most popular model for today is the new balance. It firmly fixes the foot, protecting against unwanted injuries, protects against vibrations.

The children's series of new products is also very popular. For many babies, these are universal shoes for all occasions.

Photos of summer novelties:

High models on the platform

“Snickers”, boots with wedge - “arrowroot”, with hidden wedge - “bekkety” at the peak of popularity. No matter what, such footwear is comfortable, fits perfectly into both urban and office style. But categorically not suitable for sports records.

On the one hand, women's high-top sneakers on the platform attract attention, but on the other hand they weigh much more than classic fitness models.

With what to wear women's sneakers - photos of fashionable images

Until recently, the question of what to wear sports shoes was rather strange - well, of course, with sportswear. But today, many well-known brands produce a huge amount of stylish, multi-colored, multi-functional shoes suitable for both long skirts and coats and leggings. Under the tops, shorts and T-shirts fit the new balance, and the classic models of Adidas, Rybok, Nike, etc.