How to understand that you like a guy in school

When a girl is in love, she tries in all possible ways to understand whether she likes the guy. Every day she observes his behavior in order to at least somehow uncover this mystery.

Long stay in a state of uncertainty and uncertainty, rather strongly depresses and depresses. From here there is a change of mood, sadness and detachment.

But do not despair, there are plenty of ways to understand that you like a guy. It is enough to choose the most effective way and get the desired result.

How to understand that the guy likes you - the main signs

There are several main signs that you like a guy in school:

  • Behavior changes. When a guy likes you, his behavior begins to change. This can be understood by talking and gestures. He becomes either too talkative: he starts talking a lot about himself, showing off to make an impression, or, on the contrary, he closes and becomes shy and shy.
  • Gesturing - A special body language that sometimes helps expose the feelings and intentions of a person. Try to watch him: his attitude towards you can be expressed through touch. He can often touch your hand, your hair - this is a clear sign that you care about him. He will also try to always turn in your direction at school, lean closer and more often be around. Your task is observation.
  • Sight. As you know, the eyes never lie. Try to meet his eyes and follow his further actions. If he averted his eyes - this can say either that he is shy, or that he is indifferent to you. The guy who likes you will not let you out of sight, he will watch you, but carefully hide it.
  • Appearance. When a guy wants to please the girl, he makes every effort to impress her. He is trying to dress better, to make a stylish haircut, many even begin to use male perfumes to make an impression.
  • Communication with other girls. Often, in order to interest the girl he likes and attract attention, the guy starts to provoke her to jealousy. He tries to defiantly communicate and flirt with other girls in order to arouse her feelings.

If at the same time the guy looks in your direction and after you quit the conversation with the girls, then this is a clear sign that he was trying to get your attention.

  • Increased attention. The person who likes you will by all means call you to emotions and seek attention. This can manifest itself in different ways. He will anger you, cling, twitch, find fault with you, or, on the contrary, constantly call by name, ask for something, ask, and sometimes even help.
  • Showy indifference. There are such situations that a guy, fearing to expose himself or express his feelings, begins to carefully conceal them and demonstrate complete indifference, sometimes even false disregard. Here, try to be more attentive, you can be brave and ask openly what is the reason for this behavior.

How to understand that you like a pen guy

The Internet is very firmly rooted in people's lives and has become not only a source of various information, but also an excellent way to establish acquaintance and communication. There are several ways how to understand whether you like a pen guy.

If a guy writes to you often, sends all sorts of pictures and music, is constantly online, and he hastens to wish you good night - all this will talk about his desire to communicate with you.

The best way to find out about his sympathies is to pay attention to what he writes about and what character the music sends. By correspondence, you can guess how much he likes you.

If he shows attention and care, is interested in how your day went and in what mood you are in - then this is a clear sign that he is not indifferent to you.

Through networking, people get to know each other. Such an acquaintance, which grows into communication, often turns into a live meeting.

How to understand by the look that you like a guy

As they say: "the eyes are a mirror of the soul", therefore, by looking you can determine what a person is experiencing in relation to you. Usually, if a guy likes a girl, he is constantly looking for a reason to look at her.

But how to understand by sight, do you like a person? Try to look at a certain 1-2 seconds, holding the look. If he doesn’t look away, he smiles, then he obviously likes you. If the guy looked away, then either he is shy of you, or he is indifferent to you.

Pay attention to how he looks at you during a conversation. After all, the gaze of a man in love is eloquent enough and, better than any words, will answer your questions.

How do you know if a guy likes you at school?

If you like a guy from school, and you do not know what he feels for you, try to watch him. See how he looks at you, how he communicates with you. Try on the break itself to show him any signs of attention. Interest him.

Make it clear that you like him. Guys love compliments, as this gives them confidence. They are shy at this age and are used to hiding their feelings. If you feel that he likes you, try to take the initiative yourself.

But if the situation remains uncertain, and you do not know how he treats you, try to call him to talk. Try to go home with him, or be alone in class.

Look what he will talk about. He can carefully hide his feelings, show indifference, and can lead the eye, be shy and silent, so watch him.

How to make a guy understand that he likes you - tips

If you decide to hint a guy about your feelings and do not know how to do it, try using some tips:

  • Show attention and care. You can resort to using eyes and smiles aimed at him. If you are not familiar with a guy, try to greet him one day and smile at him. This will provide an opportunity to make acquaintance and get closer.
  • Show your sympathy by praising him. Make compliments. But do not overdo it!
  • Try to support him in any situation. Taking care and friendly support is a great way to endear oneself.
  • Try to get closer to him (sit side by side at one desk, go home or go on a tour together). But do not impose!
  • Use humor. Jokes always bring people together. Be fun, but sincere. In their behavior there should be no hypocrisy and falsehood.
  • Chat with him more often. Find out what he is interested in. Start a conversation on those topics that are interesting to him. You can pre-study the most useful information about this, and shine with knowledge. Common interests strongly bring people together. And it is very important if people have something to talk about. So improve yourself.
  • Be yourself. No need to play. To please a person, you just need to be natural and sincere. It has always been valuable and attractive.
  • If you are a courageous and determined girl, you can openly, but alone (maybe even outside of school), express your sympathies and feelings to him. But do not wait for anything in response. Just be sincere and honest.

How to understand that you like a guy if you do not communicate

If you are not familiar with the guy, and you do not know how to understand whether he likes you, try talking to him first. Start with greetings, and each time, greeting or saying goodbye to him, give him a smile and a kind look.

This way will be a great opportunity to start a conversation. After that, try to get closer to him. You can go together for lunch, or home. This method will allow you to be alone, and therefore, to know better about each other.

Be bold and take the initiative, because the guys are a little shy and shy.

After you will interest the guy and make friends with him, you can begin to gently give him signs of attention, which can manifest in the form of care and compliments. And then - watch how he looks at you and how he treats you. And act!

How to understand that a girl likes you 7 signs

If you like a girl, it doesn't matter where at school or at a university, and you want to find out what she is experiencing for you, try to watch her. Girls change noticeably when they like someone, and do not know how to hide their feelings at all.

So, here are some signs that a girl likes you:

1. The girl you like will always keep you in sight. She can show her attention in different ways: to tease, touch, maliciously joke, and maybe the other way around, always try to start a conversation with you, smile, cheer and make a compliment.

2. Sometimes a girl gives out her feelings with the help of her touches. After all, it is known that no girl will touch a guy, if she is not indifferent to her, therefore, if she likes you, she will look for ways to touch you and disturb your space.

3. A look. The girl you like will look at you differently. The look will be more gentle and friendly. She will periodically look at you, so watch her eyes.

4. Conversations. Pay attention to what she asks you about. If she shows interest and asks a lot of questions, then she is clearly passionate about you.

5. The girl you like will look for a reason to call, to meet. She will write you sms, or often correspond with you online.

6. Support from her side, increased attention, the manifestation of care - all this suggests that she is not indifferent to you.

If a girl feels sympathy or love, it is easy to determine by the way she looks at you. The eyes reflect what a person feels, so be observant.

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