Why dream of sperm?

It is known that a dream is a reflection of a person’s feelings, thoughts and desires. We often see in a dream strange and unusual things, causing bewilderment and even shame. For example, if you dreamed of sperm, you are unlikely to share your impression of it with everyone around you, believing that it is indecent.

In fact, such a dream simply carries certain information, and you can decipher it, if you look into a modern dream book.

Most interpreters agree that the semen that has dreamed is a good omen and can be interpreted in a positive way.

Dreamed sperm what is it

1. If masculine sperm dream of a woman / girlit means that in reality she may encounter problems in her personal life that will arise due to the frivolous love affair. It is also possible the development of a conflict that can unbalance and present a woman in the most unfavorable light.

2. Man such a dream promises good luck and success in business.

But there are other interpretations:

  • take your seed to the bank - In reality, the dreamer feels lonely and abandoned;
  • see a long outpouring of seminal fluid - you are considering new plans and decide how to implement fresh ideas;
  • you can not ejaculate in a dream - you are unsuccessfully trying to find a way out of a difficult situation;
  • I had a dream in a dream like a fountain - share with your feelings and worries with a loved one, you should not keep everything in yourself;
  • you dreamed of crying in bed - in love affairs a dangerous rival will appear, a dream promises a girl a fleeting romance and problems because of him;
  • if you dream of sperm in a condom - you are trying to hide important information, the distribution of which will destroy your reputation.

A lot of sperm to what dreams

If you dream of sperm a lot, thick and plentiful, such interpretations are possible:

  • see copious semen on clothes - you will have to find yourself in a strange and ridiculous situation in the near future, but you should not get upset about this, it is better to treat with humor and just forget;
  • to see a lot of semen of a strange, unnatural color - a dream warns of an immediate illness of close relatives;
  • feel the sharp smell of male semen in a dream - you wish to continue the race and are morally ready for it;
  • you saw the sperm mixed with blood - a bad symbol warning of troubles and failures in business;
  • for a girl to swallow a seed in a dream - the dreamer wants to have a more sincere and trusting relationship with her lover.

Facial cum in a dream that means

  • If a woman dreams about sperm on her face in a dream, it means that the current state of affairs and personal life completely suits her. She does not want to compete or to achieve something more, because she feels the fear of the unknown and is a little insecure in herself.

If we talk about the relationship with the opposite sex, then this girl prefers to obey someone else's will, so that she will not be abandoned or expressed dissatisfaction with her behavior.

  • If a man sees a dream, in which there is an outpouring of semen on the face of his sexual partner, it means that he prefers a leading role in all spheres of life, both in personal relationships and in business.

Such a person has high self-esteem, so he is not accustomed to reckon with the opinions of people around him. Very soon he will be punished for his own arrogance.

To dream of sperm on the hands and on the body

Dream interpretation says: if you dream sperm on hand, the person in reality did not reveal his own potential. He is too critical of himself, and this prevents him from realizing his plans.

If you had a dream on the body seminal fluid means that a person has no ambitions that are necessary to achieve all the goals in life.

  • The dreamer is too lazy and not ambitious, he is content with the little that fate sends him.
  • It is necessary to change this attitude to life, to become more active, not to be afraid of trials and boldly overcome difficulties. Also overcome your own dependence on circumstances.

What dreams of sex and sperm

  • Dream interpreters say that if a woman dreams of sexual contact and thick male sperm in the mouth - her current relationship with her partner does not suit her. Perhaps he is too closed and fixated on his own feelings.

To eliminate this problem, you should talk with your partner, share your own emotions with him.

  • If the outpouring and male semen had a dream girl The dream book says that such a dream symbolizes its purposefulness and will to win at any cost. Such a girl is always self-confident, she does not wish to succumb to persuasion or succumb to difficulties.

See black cum, especially if it is with blood - do not be frivolous when choosing your sexual partner, in particular beware of sexually transmitted diseases.

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