Why dream of the waves?

The sea element has many faces. She charms, attracts to her and scares at the same time. The caressing sounds of the rolling water and the storm, accompanied by a piercing, knocking wind - this is what the sea is like and the movement originated in it. Dreams will be different. Much in them depends on what they see in the country of dreams and on sensations.

Dreamed of a wave what does it mean

Interpreters of dreams decode dreams in which a person sees the sea or ocean in different ways. In some cases, the dream book interprets the dreaming waves as a symbol of excitement in reality, in others it considers it as a harbinger of change for better or worse.

The treatment also depends on the transparency of the water and the state of the sea.

In Miller’s dream book, the explanation for this dream is as follows:

  • to see the agitated sea - to get the path to knowledge, to move to a new level in learning, to master a new one;
  • clean water - a stock of useful knowledge that will be used;
  • observation of the dark, bubbling water and the raging elements - to the commission of the dreamer unfavorable act.

Otherwise explains what he saw in a dream restless sea and the waves Tsvetkov's dream book:

  • crashing on the shore, they testify to the rapid resolution of cases;
  • the transparent ones foreshadow an unexpected journey and receiving pleasant emotions;
  • blacks, accompanied by a storm, can dream of scandal or serious illness.

Freud treats the restless sea seen in a dream as a warning of discord with a partner. He also gives recommendations on how to strengthen relations.

In order for a dream, which is a warning, not to become a harbinger of a break, it is necessary to reconsider its attitude towards a loved one.

What dreams big sea waves

A big wave on the sea is far from uncommon. But dreaming restless water can not only in other waters, but also in the city.

If you dream big waves, the dream book gives the following value:

  • to see oneself on a huge sea crest and at the same time rush to the shore is a good sign, foretelling success and prosperity;
  • to look at them from the side - to the need to control their own emotions;
  • to admire the raging elements - to the possibility of achieving a lot, provided that the dreamer takes an active position and will not be inactive.
  • if the sea waters are restless, foaming and breaking against the rocks, and the dreamer is watching from above, then all sorts of difficulties await him in reality.

If the dream that the wave covers what it is

If a person dreams of big waves that are covered with a head, then in reality he will need maximum concentration.

The details are also important, much depends on the type and condition of the water mass:

  • dark and black portend quarrels and conflicts;
  • bright, transparent will be a hint of a fateful meeting;
  • dirty in reality can turn into a protracted disease;
  • frothy - to a long feud;
  • stormy - to the opportunity to make a fatal mistake;
  • lake or river - to self-confidence, poise;
  • oceanic evidence of a creative rise;
  • sea ​​portend tears and sorrow.

Why dream of swimming in the sea with waves

  • If the dreamer had a chance to swim in a restless sea, especially in a storm, on a ship, then in reality he would not be able to hide his plans from others. Secrets and secrets will be revealed. There is a possibility that colleagues will try to slander a person.
  • Swimming and diving while enjoying it is a good sign. Nayavu foreshadows the rapid implementation of the conceived, a surge of vigor and the mass of interesting non-standard solutions, which in the future will lead to success.

Why dream of a big wave - why dream of a tsunami

The raging ocean in reality does not bode well. Floods and tsunamis are a destructive force.

  • If the ocean dreams and big waves, then the values ​​are not literal. All things are different.
  • A tsunami may dream of a turbulent social life, coupled with strong experiences, not necessarily bad, at the same time, spiritual upheavals are not excluded.
  • The important point is that the dream of a tsunami for men and women has a different interpretation.
  • For a man, watching from afar for the elements means promotion.
  • For a woman, sleep is a warning about a rival who is ready to intervene in reality with a loved one or spouse and try to lead him away.

If you dreamed huge waves to what it

  • When dreaming of huge waves, it is worth waiting for the emotional rise and a surge of cheerfulness. During such a period it is easy to keep everything under control and realize your plans.
  • To girls such dream foreshadows the imminent marriage, women warns about a rival.
  • If a person in a dream feels fear from the sight of the approaching element, in reality the difficulties that have arisen will require the attraction of outside help.

What dreams of storm and waves

Storm in a dream does not bode well. Much of the interpretation depends on the course of events. If trouble in a dream was avoided, then there will be order in reality.

In any case, a person must prepare for the fact that he will be in the whirlpool of events and will be forced to solve a lot of problems, both personal and business. It is possible to overcome the looming difficulties, but it will have to work hard for this.

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