Making dolls amulets

In the Slavic esoteric, there are many varieties of amulets and protective amulets. These are symbols, medallions with suspensions, and original figures of people and animals. Each of these magic items and images is distinguished by its strength, method of manufacture and use. However, the most unusual of the Slavic amulets are motanka dolls.

Charm Dolls Function

Since ancient times, in the culture of the ancient Slavs, only 2 types of dolls existed: play and ceremonial. Game products were created mainly for children. As for the rituals, they most often wore the function of a talisman, that is, they protected the person, his house and household from witch slander, damage or the evil eye.

Functions of Slavic Charm Dolls depend on the type of product:

  • Bereginya (Stolbushka) - one of the most ancient Slavic dolls. It is created to help the hostess and the keeper of the hearth, protects the house from detractors and imaginary friends. Bereginu install near the front door of the house. It is believed that a person who wants harm to the family will not be able to calmly pass by this charm. Bereginya also helps with childbirth. Therefore, in the old days it was carried by the midwives;
  • Bell - this doll protects the house from bad news. It is customary to give it to the most expensive people with the wish of happiness and good health. In the house where there is a bell, fun always reigns;
  • Diaper - this little doll, executed in the form of a swaddled baby, is placed in the cradle of a newborn. Charm protects the baby from the black evil eye, damage and predatory astral entities - mavok. After the child grows up, the diaper is not destroyed. Charm doll hiding in a secluded place. She does not lose her power;
  • Herbalist - pupa-healer, protects against sorcery slander on health and curses to death;
  • Prosperous (Hostess) - a doll charm, the main purpose of which is to ensure a successful outcome in any enterprise. This magic item can be given to a pregnant woman for a successful birth, a young businessman for good luck in business and so on. The doll will drive away all kinds of damage and sorcery slander;
  • Krupenichka - ritual doll filled with cereal or selected grain. Donated to the housewarming, provides energy security and prosperity. It protects against the machinations of the black envious and the sorcerers who lead with them;
  • Zhelannitsa - doll charm, fulfilling the wishes of the inhabitants of the house. The only condition is that desire should be bright, not fulfilled at the expense of the suffering of another person;
  • Ten-hands - the first assistant hostess at home, created to facilitate her work. If there is a ten-hand girl in the house, the keeper of the hearth will cope with work several times faster, and her tiredness will be much less;
  • Lovebirth - a double doll charm in the form of holding hands of a girl and a guy. Gives to the newlyweds, protects from damage to discord and divorce of spouses, helps to save the family and love.

Thus, each ritual Slavic doll has its own functions. However, any of the charms will bring peace and prosperity to your home. Especially if the doll is made by hand.

How to make

Make any doll charm with your own hands is easy. The whole process, from the start of work to charging the magic item, will take no more than two hours. The rules for making each doll are different, but there are some common nuances:

  • In the manufacture of the charm should use only natural materials. Most of the pupae are tissue, occasionally straw or bark. The best material for making a doll amulet is linen fabric, which can be replaced with burlap, chintz or wool, but this is not recommended;
  • It is necessary to create a charm in complete solitude. In any case, the presence of a stranger should not distract you. Fully surrender to work, being exclusively in a complacent mood. The presence of pets is welcome, in particular - cats. These animals have a high magical sensitivity and can help properly charge the created object;
  • The fabric for creating the amulet must be clean and unused. Therefore, it is better to buy the material separately shortly before the production of the pupa;
  • On the day of the manufacture of the guardian, the house must be tidied and thoroughly ventilated;
  • There should be no stitches on the cloth doll. The magic object is made of a single piece of material, body parts are formed using threads and knots. The thread is also used natural - woolen, hemp or silk. Knots on the pupa can be any number, but it must be even.

Regardless of the type of ritual doll, her face does not need to draw. The ancient Slavs believed that the charm, endowed with its own features, can not cope with its purpose and functions. On the contrary, such a product can attract negative.

In order to charge the finished magic item, read any pagan conspiracy. You can start talking doll in your own words. The main condition - you must be confident in their own abilities.

We make a doll Bereginyu

Bereginya It is a small doll charm. She looks like a warmly dressed woman whose head is covered with several scarves and kerchiefs. In his hands Bereginya holds a pot, a bag of herbs or a large wooden spoon.

For the manufacture of the charm will need:

  • Fabric for the base of the doll (column) - cut 15 cm in width and 40 in length;
  • Light flax or chintz for winding - 28 cm wide and 40 cm long;
  • White flax square flap (23-25 ​​cm) for creating hands and head;
  • A small cut of red linen for the vest of the doll;
  • 2 flax cuts 15 cm wide and long to create the chest and lower part of Beregini;
  • Bright fabric for the skirt and apron of the doll (measure to the eye);
  • Knitted rags for a scarf and knots;
  • Tape for a warrior and belt (preferably red);
  • Red threads for fastening doll parts;
  • Cotton wool for stuffing.

You can make this doll as follows:

  • First, the basis of the guardian is prepared - the so-called column. The prepared fabric should be twisted into a roll so that the edges of the base remained smooth. This is important for the sustainability of the future Berehini;
  • The resulting column is wrapped with a light cloth and tied with a red thread in the neck and under the knees of the doll;
  • A head is created. The flap of fabric is wrapped around the upper part of the base, wrapped with red thread around the neck;
  • The folds of fabric coming from the head, we turn down, we fix. Thus, the handles of the doll are obtained;
  • Buttocks and breast are made. This pupa differs in magnificent forms, therefore the pieces of fabric prepared for the indicated parts of the body are twisted among themselves and filled with cotton for volume. Both flaps are fixed at the waist;
  • Charm doll dresses up in a vest. In the square flap of the fabric, holes are made according to the position of the hands of Beregini. The loose ends of the vest are wrapped around the waist of the doll;
  • The skirt is done. Harvested material is folded in half lengthwise. A red thread is passed through the fold. The skirt is wrapped around the waist of the guardian doll several times, tightened and tied at an odd number of knots. An apron is worn over the skirt;
  • A belt is worn over the waist of the doll, and a so-called warrior is tied over the head, which is tied at the back of the head;
  • A scarf is put on over the warrior's head on the charm doll. The wide edge of the flap is bent inward, wrapped around the neck. The shawl is tied at the nape of Berehini;
  • In the hands of the doll is given a bag or a wooden spoon.

You can recharge the finished doll charm immediately, as soon as the work on its creation is completed.

Do-it-yourself doll Handbell

Charm doll for home and family Bell has a conical shape due to the fluffy skirts and the preparation of the appropriate form. According to legend, for the first time such a doll was created during the reign of Ivan the Terrible.

To create a bell, you will need:

  • Natural white fabric;
  • Durable light-colored material;
  • Colorful cloths for doll clothes;
  • Threads for binding;
  • Scissors;
  • Beads, laces and other details to decorate the product.

Charm for home and family Bell is done as follows:

  • Head. Light fabric rolls down in a spiral. This symbolizes the unity of different generations of the same family. Then the resulting spiral is covered with white material, prepared for the body of the doll. With the help of red thread, the neck of the bell is indicated;
  • The pattern on the face. As mentioned above, the face of the ritual doll can not be drawn. However, in the case of Kolokolchik, a cross-shaped pattern is depicted using threads on the head of the doll. It is not necessary to draw or embroider - it is enough to wind the thread in a certain way;
  • Arms. A small piece of fabric is taken, twisted and secured with a thread. The thread is wound crosswise;
  • Clothing. For the doll charm of the home and family, you must prepare a skirt, vest, belt and kerchief.

The skirt of this pupa should be multi-layered and resemble a bell. It is recommended to use satin or silk as a material for the manufacture of this item of clothing.

Ready charm you need to put on a small dais. Suitable book or souvenir shelf.

Doll Charm Pelenashka

Of all the dolls amulets for the family Diaper most easy to manufacture. You will need 2 small cuts of fabric, a piece of colored material for a kerchief and a thread for twisting. A charm for babies is created in the following sequence:

  • One of the fabric patches is twisted and rewound from both sides by threads;
  • A scarf is put on the upper part of the twisted fabric. Thus the face of the pupa is indicated;
  • Further, the workpiece must be swaddled, after which the Diaper is tied with a red thread.

It should be noted that in order to activate this amulet, a special conspiracy is read, which the mother of the child who speaks of spoiling the child must read:

Take, Pelenashku,
Evil dark
Yes, the word is black,
Yes, from my kiddies take him,
Let it be so!

After that, you can put the charm to the baby in the cradle. From now on, the Pelenashka will protect not only the little one, but also his entire family.


Prosperous (other names are Hostess or Domovushka) created by the mistress of the house to protect the whole family. This is a ceremonial doll in the form of an obese woman with her arms crossed. To create it you will need:

  • Light fabric for the head and handles;
  • Threads for fastening;
  • Five-coin;
  • Optionally - beans;
  • Bright fabric for clothes.

This charm is made for the house in the same way as the Bereginya doll. However, the body of this pupa is not intercepted at the waist with a ribbon - its figure must remain full. The following parameters also distinguish it from Beregini:

  • Fixed size - 8 cm;
  • A coin with a par value of 5 rubles is placed inside the Beneficiary. This will allow the amulet to attract wealth. If your goal is also to replenish your family, you can also put a bean in the doll;
  • Making a charm is not on the table - all the necessary materials are on the knees of the skilled worker. Creation of the Prosperous - a symbolic analogue of childbirth.

On what part of the house to place the charm, you will tell Domovushka herself. Take it in your hands and go around the whole house. Where you want to put a doll - there she has a place.


Travnitsa or Kubyshka - artistically decorated bag with healing herbs. In Slavic homes, this talisman was most often given to children in order to protect them from damage to their health. In addition, Travnitsa has a therapeutic effect in diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

To make this doll you will need:

  • Light natural fabric for the base (about 40 to 40 cm);
  • Flaps of colored fabrics and laces for clothes;
  • Fasteners;
  • Cotton wool for filling the head;
  • Loose and narrow color tape;
  • Medicinal herbs: mint, oak bark, chamomile, thyme and so on.

Travnitsa is done as follows:

  • Take the light fabric, put a small amount of cotton in the center;
  • Form the head of the doll and fix it with threads;
  • Make the doll fluffy with a small amount of grass collection and fixing threads;
  • Form the handles by twisting a small piece of light-colored fabric into a bundle and securing it cross-wise with threads;
  • Body Herbalist fill healing herbs. The more fit, the better;
  • Make 2 small knots on the ribbon and tie the head of the pupa with it, which should be decorated with small horns;
  • Make clothes for a doll - a sundress and a scarf.

You can place a charm in any room of your house, but it is better if it is a bedroom or a nursery.

We make doll Krupenichka

Krupenichka - doll charm, which is always put in the corner of the room. In ancient times, such a doll was also a kind of piggy bank. In the years of famine, a part of the grain could be taken out of it. However, after harvesting, stocks in Krupenichka should always be replenished, otherwise it was thought that there would be no good luck and prosperity in the house.

Krupenichka is done according to the same type as Travnitsa with only one difference: instead of healing herbs, this ward doll is filled with croup or selected grain. To fill the charm fits:

  • Wheat;
  • Rice;
  • Buckwheat;
  • Millet.

In the old days, by the appearance of Krupenichka, it was possible to judge the social status of the owners of the house. The fuller the doll charm, the wealthier the owners.

Place Krupenichka preferably in the kitchen or in the hallway. Thus, the charm will attract wealth to the house.

We make a doll Zhelannitsa

Zhelannitsa - one of the few bare-headed hay dolls that is crowned by a luxurious braid. This charm is made richly decorated with the help of various ribbons and beads. It is believed that the elegant Zhelannitsa is more willing to turn into reality the cherished dreams of their owners. Therefore, in addition to a set of materials for the standard motanki, you will need a large number of ornaments, as well as bright threads from which the doll's hair is made.

The process of creating the Wishlist is:

  • The head, arms, and body are made on the same principle as the other coils;
  • On the face of the doll with the help of threads, the same cross-shaped pattern is depicted as in the case of the little bell. The horizontal line means the daily life of the hostess, the vertical - 3 main phases of her life (birth, marriage and death). The threads of the pattern are tied 6 times on the back of the head of the doll, but not cut. They will form part of the braid;
  • A spit is created from a large number of natural threads. The threads left from the formation of the pattern on her face are woven into her;
  • The head of the doll is tied with red ribbon or red and white lace;
  • Clothes are created Zhelannitsy. The brighter and more elegant it will be, the stronger will be the effect of the charm on family members living in the house.

You need to put the doll in the room where the family member lives, whose wish the craftswoman would like to fulfill. If his thoughts are pure, Zhelannitsa necessarily help.

Doll charm for the economy Ten-handle

Another Slavic doll charm for home and family with bare head and gorgeous braid is Ten-handle. Unlike all the products listed above, it is not fabric that is used for its basis, but fresh and durable straw.

It should be noted that only a young girl who has never been married can make a Ten-Pen. An analogue of this amulet for a married woman is the Filippovka doll.

According to the ancient Slavic legend, the intercession-goddess was granted by the intercession goddess Makosh, regretting the crying girl, who worked very hard but did not have time for anything. To create this guardian helper you will need:

  • Straw or bast;
  • Wool threads of different colors;
  • Red thread for tying the base of the doll.

Charm is made this way:

  • A bundle of straw or bast is divided into 3 parts:
    • Large - for the body;
    • Medium - for the spit;
    • The smaller one is for the hands;
  • Parts of the material for hair and body are put crosswise;
  • From the part for the hair weave a simple braid. In this case, a large number of bright threads are woven into hay or bast. Thus, the basis for the body is intertwined with the scythe;
  • The share of hay for hands is divided into 5 small parts. Each of them is wrapped with thread;
  • Blanks for dolls' hands are folded, intersecting in the center, where they are tied with red threads;
  • The head of the amulet doll is formed in such a way that the scythe is on the side of the imaginary nape. Then the workpiece is overtightened at the neck level;
  • Hands are placed at chest level and also cross-wise along with the body;
  • Clothes are made for the doll. Braid tied with a red ribbon, the skirt should be as elegant as possible;
  • Read a special conspiracy:

I create a girl, create a beauty
So that I can cope with everything without effort!
Let it be according to my word!

Position the Ten-dock opposite your workplace. This charm will greatly increase your productivity.

Family doll Shepherd

Lovebirth - a special motanka doll, which is usually given to young people on their wedding day. According to the Slavic tradition, this charm was hung up on a harness in which the husband and wife were carried after the marriage. A lovebird is a symbolically accreted figure of a man and a woman - a symbol of happiness and well-being for a young family.

In order to create a talisman you will need a small but strong stick. Она будет основанием для оберега и "срощенных" рук супругов. Все остальные заготовки такие же, как для стандартных кукол мотанок. Делается Неразлучница следующим образом:

  • Палка обматывается светлой тканью, которая фиксируется при помощи ниток;
  • На палку накидывается лоскуток светлой ткани. На ней сразу же при помощи красной нити обозначается голова куколки;
  • Палка-основа фиксируется на уровне груди фигурки;
  • Обозначается талия при помощи красной ленты, на голову надевается косыночка, на талию - передничек. Это фигурка женщины;
  • Таким же образом, рядом с куклой-женщиной создаётся кукла-мужчина. Его туловище также охватывается лентой на уровне торса;
  • В завершении фигурке мужчины нужно сделать ножки. Ткань разделяется на 2 части, скручиваются и фиксируется;
  • Из дополнительного материала мужчине можно сделать камзол.

Расположить Неразлучницу можно над входом в дом. Этот оберег защитит молодую семью от порчи на разлад.

Как расстаются с куклой-оберегом

В большинстве случаев куклы-обереги создаются на длительное время. Их передают по наследству из поколения в поколение. Но случается и так, что с куклой приходится расстаться. Например, если она перестала выполнять свои функции.

Чтобы избавиться от оберега и не навредить своему дому и семье, следуйте конкретному плану действий:

  • Попрощайтесь с ним мысленно и поблагодарите за добрую службу;
  • Разберите изделие на составляющие части. Таким образом вы нейтрализуете его магическую силу. Важно учесть, что разбирать оберег нужно голыми руками, без использования ножниц и других острых предметов;
  • Сожгите оставшиеся материалы. Их нельзя использовать для создания других амулетов;
    Во время сжигания магического предмета ещё раз поблагодарите его и попрощайтесь.

Важно учесть, что даже пепел от бывшей куклы-оберега нельзя держать дома. Пепел нужно аккуратно собрать и развеять над проточным водоёмом.

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