How do you like a boy in school?

Every girl wants to please the boy and make an unforgettable impression on him. Being very young and inexperienced, the girl can not know all the subtleties of this business. She is trying to make every effort to look good, be interesting and attractive.

How to please the boy - tips

If you decide to impress the boy and please him, the most important thing is to be yourself. No need to invent yourself some kind of image and behavior. Everything should be natural. Each person has his pros and cons, isn’t it better to demonstrate something good, but to work on negative qualities?

So, a few tips on how to enjoy a boy at school:

  • You need to take care of your appearance. Neat appearance: good hair, modest, but stylish clothes. Do not wear and show your best outfits. It is important to combine clothes correctly: remember that there should be a maximum of three colors in the clothes. Clothes should not be too frank, in everything there should be a measure. The main thing - the neatness and sense of taste. If your peers have already begun to be beautiful and dress not by age, no need to take an example from them. Modesty, ease - always valued the most.
  • Be nice, friendly and kind. Boys do not like rudeness. The girl should radiate tenderness and light. If your classmates believe that the ability to use foul language, smoke, look sexy, make up is the best way to please the boy, they are mistaken. A girl is a flower, therefore she should be treated with due respect. And respect cause decent, educated girls.
  • Take an interest in what your chosen one likes (hobbies, hobbies), what circles he goes to, what he enjoys, what kind of music he listens to. Attach to his interests in order to show off his knowledge and skills, and thereby make a proper impression on him.
  • Sometimes you can turn to the boy for advice and help, but don't bother him.
  • Communicate more with him, joke, be natural.
  • No need to overly show that you like him. At school, many envious persons can throw unsuccessful, insulting jokes in your direction, therefore, approach this skillfully.
  • They said compliments, show support, be a friend you can trust.
  • Try to be polite with others, as your behavior is viewed from the side.
  • Sometimes you can plan a situation when you can be together: sit next to each other at school, go home, watch along for recess, and so on.
  • Do not rush, give him time to examine you and sort out your sympathies.

How in 12 years like a boy

How do you like a boy if you are 12? By this age, enough tastes and interests are formed to surprise the guy. But if he does not notice you, it is better to use some new methods. Try to work on your appearance. Talk with mom, with friends, see interesting images on the Internet. But don't try to look older. Dress stylishly, but not vulgar.

Try to find out what the guy you like is keen on. Join his interests. Remember that guys appreciate those girls who can be trusted and who you can rely on. They love those who are not afraid of any obstacles, who love all sorts of little boys. Try to do some kind of sport - it always attracts interest and respect.

How to please the boy if he is older

Often girls like guys who are much older than them. Girls by nature develop much faster than boys, so sometimes with peers it is not at all interesting.
So how do you like a boy in school if he is older than you? The mistake of many girls is that they try to give themselves age and look older. This method does not cause much respect. Try to be natural. The most important thing is to be interesting: to read a lot, to develop, to have a lot of hobbies. It should be fascinating to communicate with different groups on different topics.

Use in your speech more humor, all sorts of funny words and phrases that will raise your spirits and enrich the conversation. Humor, smile, lightness, sincerity - that's what he likes! Do not be clever. Boredom causes boredom and apathy, and your task is a manifestation of interest.

Theater, cinema, KVN, sports, books, games - a lot of areas for development. Be interesting and busy. Exclude from your behavior ostentatious joy, imagination, stupidity and naivety. The most important is seriousness, respect and ease.

Ways to like a boy in school in 1 day

Every girl wonders how to please the boy in one day and what to do to please the boy you like? There can be no affirmative answer to this question, everything depends on you and on the person who likes you.

Try to impress him: wear something beautiful, do your hair. Attractive appearance has always worked wonders. People around you are used to seeing you in one image, so try changing it, becoming brighter and more beautiful. This is a win-win option in order for a boy to like it in 1 day.

If you do not know how to like a boy in school, try to show off your abilities in sports, or at some event. You can try to hint him about your sympathies, such determination will allow you to get closer.

How to like a boy if he doesn't like you

Often sympathies and feelings are not mutual, what to do in this case? How do you like a boy if he doesn't like you? As such, the way to fall in love with a guy is not. You can’t forcibly be nice, and if he doesn’t like you, you shouldn’t try hard to please a person, this only causes remoteness and irony.
The only way is to remain yourself.

Try to take care of yourself, your appearance and behavior. You should have more hobbies and hobbies: sports, dancing, music (learn to play the guitar), painting.

Girls who have a lot of interests and hobbies are always interesting for children. Do not forget, such hobbies as sports and music can help you expand the circle of fans. Usually after such an internal and external "update", the guy who did not like you, begins to show increased interest and bite your elbows. Therefore - act!

How to like a guy

Many girls every day make efforts to somehow interest the guy and like him. Often, not all tips and methods help to do this. What to do in this case?

Try to get the guy interested. It can be an entertaining conversation, a joint walk to various fascinating places.

If the guy still does not know about your feelings, try to approach the relationship from a friendly point of view. Do not rush things. He should look at you and decide on his sympathies. Your main task is to prove yourself as a girl from the best side. Be sincere, smiling and interesting.

Do not forget, out of friendships can grow something more. The main thing is patience and maximum effort. Be always beautiful, well-groomed, kind to others.

Like a guy in pen pals

Correspondence is an excellent opportunity to start a conversation, get to know each other, and thus, interest the guy. Your task is to make the correspondence as entertaining and interesting as possible. Check out the guy’s profile: his hobbies, the music he listens at, and the jokes he laughs at.

It is known that a personal page helps anyone to express himself and easily can tell about what he is. You can chat with his boyfriend for his favorite music. Find common topics, but before that, be sure to study the special material so as not to look silly, but by doing so show that you understand this topic.

What if you are a full girl

Many girls are terribly complex because of their appearance and believe that the fullness can scare the guy. What to do and how to like a guy, if you are full? First take care of yourself, your appearance. Choose a stylish hairstyle, make a light make-up, which can add to your appearance attractiveness and charm. Fullness should not stop you from looking good.

Style, the right clothes, makeup - all this will help to look better and more attractive. Clean up the wardrobe. Not necessarily shine outfits. Try to combine the right clothes and find your style. Try to be bright interesting. Take care of sports, dancing. Drop the complexes, believe and love yourself. Remember that the main thing is how you present yourself to others.

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