Men's haircuts 2018: photo news

It is no secret that in matters of fashion men have always been much more conservative than women, and this applies not only to the choice of clothes, but also hairstyles. For many years now, women's hairstyles have been a no less important attribute than the details of clothing. And if, according to a well-established trend, the beautiful half of humanity is ready to follow fashion, in spite of everything, then men, for the most part, do not have a strong desire to spend a lot of time on hair care. And this means that, like centuries ago, fashionable haircuts are short haircuts.

Men's hairstyles 2018 (trends)

But as it turns out, even short hair can be the basis of a stylish and elegant hairstyle. This could be assessed by women, who were seriously interested in new items with shaved temples, so popular at the very beginning of the year. And regardless of whether it is autumn on the street or winter, they almost always have a desire to change the image.

But still short hair is the prerogative of the male population of the world. Get information about the proposed options today, you can easily, using the services of the Internet, where a large number of widely represented (photo) fashionable haircuts for short hair (photo).

Fashion trends (new items with titles)

Of course, women's trends of the current year, as always, have a greater influence on the development of fashion trends, but it is necessary to note the gradual expansion of the range of hairstyles not only for men and teenagers, but also for boys, whose appearance today parents pay increased attention to.

If you try to seriously understand the topic of the issue, then it turns out that men's hairstyles are no less diverse than women's ones. The classic haircut, which is done with regular straight scissors, is still very popular, and the length of hair, depending on the client’s desire, can vary from 3 to 5 cm, as well as a haircut, suggesting a short hair length.

Like twenty - thirty years ago, men demand haircut boxing with shaved temples and the back of the head.

No less popular and halfslidec, suggesting the presence of hair of greater length, both at the temples and in the region of the crown.

Many continue to prefer style Briton, which is a classic hairstyle with side parting. This hairstyle has its own distinctive features, since in this case wax is used for styling hair on the temples, and additional volume is specifically attached to the upper strands.

The most popular are such youth haircuts, like bob on medium and double square, performed with the participation of simple and thinning scissors. But not every man decides on such a creative decision.

Shaved temples haircuts

As already mentioned, hairstyles with shaved temples in men are still popular today, and this demand is due to several of their virtues:
- a huge variety of options;
- simplicity and ease of installation;
- the ability to change the shape of a round face, emphasizing its advantages to the maximum.

By the way, almost all the listed hairstyles are a pronounced example with a shaved temporal region.

Beautiful asymmetrical options

Hairstyles with asymmetry that have become fashionable in 2015-2018 look very impressive. By the way, quite recently they were popular, for the most part, among girls, who also refreshed their hair with highlights.

Classic for men with glasses

In principle, men with glasses are often advised to make classic haircuts that can emphasize and, as necessary, change the shape of the face, making it possible to make it as attractive as possible.

Variations of hairstyles for women with glasses, of course, much more, and such haircuts are suitable for brunettes, and for blondes, and it doesn’t matter if they have thick hair or not. In addition, the choice of haircut does not depend on the age of the woman. For example, fashionable haircuts for short hair for women in 2018 for 40 photos can be easily found on the Internet.

Options for kids

According to experts, children's hairstyles in 2018 will be as varied as possible. As schooling implies a certain neatness from a student, classic haircuts with short hair will be in fashion. On the other hand, with the right approach, hairstyles for boys with longer and, at the same time, wavy and curly hair will become popular.