Scheme and description of how to crochet rug

Crocheted rugs have recently become very popular: square (as in the photo below), a rectangular carpet, round, oval, from yarn (yarn), twine or remnants of rags, on a chair or on the floor in the bathroom. All option is good. The most important thing is that such a magnificent carpet can be crocheted itself, using the scheme and description, step-by-step instructions, or relying on a video tutorial on YouTube or MK (master class: How to crochet a diagram and description).

Besides the fact that you can decorate your home, create a cozy atmosphere in it - this is still a good way for any needlewoman to practice and develop their creative abilities. Everyone remembers the grandmother's knitted items throughout the house, I would very much like to make these myself: on the bedside tables, a stool, in the hallway, kitchen. Lace motifs are very airy and immediately attract a lot of attention.

Crochet knitted rug: schemes and description

As we already wrote above, the carpet can be tied absolutely from any materials, be it a model from old things (T-shirts), from plastic bags (from cellophane and trash) or from ordinary yarn. Any option will look beautiful in your home on the floor, or on a chair. Often, in addition to the rugs, for the interior decor and rooms create beautiful plaids of cloth scraps, a stool cover, multicolored pillows from knitted squares with knitting or crocheting, original napkins on furniture or under vases from crocheted circles for comfort. There is a lot of excitement around knitwear products - the models are very “homemade” and unusual.

To make it possible to tie a beautiful carpet with your own hands - you can use any materialany mating(semicircle fillet viscous) and pattern(star, cat, owl, tiger, sun, turtle,). You can do it in different ways, then decorate it at will. Look at the photo - a selection below and select the option for yourself and your home.

How to crochet a rug from a yarn?

First you need to pick up neededand correct materials. If you knit for the first time, you may need help from already experienced needlewomen (such as a mother or grandmother). You can knit products, guided by step-by-step instructions for beginners from the master class, for example.

Everybody knows, what are the most beautiful rugs, crocheted - japanese. Here the secret is the right choice of the color of the future product. It does not matter if the carpet is large or small - it should be beautifully connected and harmoniously combined with the pieces of furniture in the room. Same, no need to use light color - beige(avoid milky shades) he will quickly get dirty. And also - thin threads, so that your creation will last longer.

So, now we will provide a detailed scheme and description of how to crochet a rug with your own hands step by step. Openwork option "sun" - it is better for him to pick up yellow thread. Do not use acrylic and wool - only cotton! You may also need one. hook number 7, and this amount of yarn, which would be enough for the entire carpet. We advise knitting yarn in two additions.

  1. Dial 4 V.P.. (air loop) connect with the help of ss (connecting bar) in the ring.
  2. Knit scheme A1 (in the first picture below) 6 times.
  3. Further, after completing clause 2, knit the A2 scheme.
  4. Further - repeat scheme A3. Close 264 S.T. (column).
  5. Knit in a circle with SB.BN(column without nakida). The product to close - it is ready!

Crocheted rugs with diagrams and descriptions

How to make crochet rug - the scheme is presented below. Knit a pattern of "popcorn" multi-colored thread. Products of this form are very popular with young children: it is comfortable and comfortable to sit on them play. A small child will be delighted with tactile sensations. Animals will also be glad to the new "inhabitant" of the house - you can sharpen claws or sleep about it.
Take a few colors of thread, hook and follow the scheme below:

Crocheted oval rug

Make a beautiful oval masterpiece is very simple. We knit it with simple loops according to the scheme. Such children's rug will fit well into any room.

  1. Recruiting a chain of VP the length we want.
  2. To choose it correctly, you need to take the width of the future carpet from its length.
  3. If the width is 40 cm and the length is 100 cm. Then 100 - 40 = 60 cm. Approximately this one needs to type a chain. But do not forget that when knitting it will stretch!
  4. Knit it in a circle / spirals according to the scheme below, alternating columns. We hope that this step-by-step description for beginners really helped!

How to crochet a round rug for beginners: video

There's a lot video lessons about thathow to learn to crochet it for free. This can be made from a thick thread, weave with elongated loops, sew from several motifs, stripes, make it shaggy, terry and voluminous. Such crafts can be sold or donated for a birthday or housewarming.

How to knit square and rectangular mats?

In order to get beautiful square square - in each row, increase in 4 corners: 2 S.T., 2 V.P.… 2 S.T. In the following R. Hook is introduced under V.P. This is a more rustic option, but suitable for the city, if you change the style of mating.

The easiest option to crochet square rug:

  • Take the yarn from knitwear. Color - optional.
  • Chain from V.P. the desired length.
  • 1 R .: all loops S.C.N. Turn the canvas.
  • 2 R .: all loops in the front wall of P. Invert knitting again.
  • 3 R .: S.B.N.
  • 4P. = 2 P.
  • 5 R .: for the back wall ssn
  • 6P .: all rows. Starting from the sixth knit pattern from 2 to 5 R.
  • On the video you can see an example of such a product.

In the same way, a rectangular rug is knitted.

Knitted rugs do it yourself for the floor

Take a look an interesting selection of inspiration ideas. There are carpets in modern style, consisting of roses and flowers, from patches, rags, two or more flowers - all of them are good in the interior.

How to crochet rug from threads for beginners: video

Crocheted rug from old things: step by step instructions

Very often we have a large number of knitwear left, which we going to throw it away. But, what if we tell you that it is not necessary to do this? You can make it beautiful knitting yarn and weave many designer unique gizmos. Before we begin to weave, let's learn how to create the yarn itself. For this you need a rag, T-shirt and so on. From such material can make a variety of patterns.

Crochet rugs: master class

We will attach below videos for beginners: how to crochet rags rugs. For now, for more experienced needlewomen our master class.

To start we cut old t-shirts. It is better to do this in one continuous spiral, so that you have to tie fewer knots. After that, you need to take a big and thick hook and start to collect loops. As if you are typing them using a normal thread. Close V.P. in the chain and sew the junction for durability. The knitting pattern is attached below. With her and simple yarn you can knit a round rug.

Rug of old t-shirts

Materials: knitting yarn of lilac and violet flowers, hook No. 15, scissors, needle and thread.

  1. Yarn cutfolded in half tie up 10 S.C.N. and close the ring.
  2. 2 S.S.N. in each P. of the previous R.
  3. From each P. on 2 S.S.N.
  4. S.C.N., 2 V.P., S.SN. 1 P. This pattern is repeated until the end of R.
  5. S.S.N. around the circle.
  6. Lilac thread should be fixed after the previous row. Now knit purple. We do 1 P. on the hook. Ssn around the circle.
  7. S.C.N., 2 V.P., S.S.N. in 1 P.
  8. 1 S.T. in P., 2 S.T. in the hole below, then again in P.
  9. Change the thread. The entire series of S.C.
  10. Repeat the pattern above with holes in this row.
  11. S.S.N. around the circle.
  12. Change the color. Openwork holes throughout the circle.
  13. S.S.N.
  14. Lilac thread: S.T. - 1 R., openwork drawing - 1 R., S.T. - 1 row.
  15. At the very end of the "cloves" pattern. From 1 P. 6 S.B.N. = repeat in each 6 P. Everything is ready! The same option can be made from the cord.

From plastic bags with their own hands

Knitting rugs from trash bags do it yourself is very complicated. After all, for this, too, you should first make a yarn. How is it done correctly?

  • Packed strips (3 cm for polyethylene, 1 - 1.5 cm for garbage bags), cut along the package and not across, connect.
  • They can connect so: we tie them into a knot, or we pass one through the second ring and through our own ring.

Another option: use hoop / hoop - hoop:

Crochet rugs for bathroom and toilet: ideas and novelties

Watch the video: How to Crochet a Giant Circular Rug - No-Sew (April 2020).