What do cats dream about

The four-legged magical satellites have long been considered beast guides to parallel mystical places, therefore they are in dreams not simple, but to significant events. What this vision means in the dream book, this article will help to understand.

Dreamed a cat in a dream what does it mean

Usually these animals dream of a happy turn in the current situation. The main nuances of the dream book are outlined below:

  • often, depending on the attitude towards small predators, cats in a dream are in a dream to mutual understanding and comfort in the house, and for women in confirmation of their graceful femininity;
  • Miller's Dream Book sees in the animal a threat and future trouble, except in those cases where the animal is killed;
  • but Freud asserts that tender females and good cats dream to the dreamer as a sign of a future partner, younger in age, the female designates a woman, the male a man;
  • according to Vanga's dream book an animal that claws and bites, foreshadows personal problems associated with jealousy; bites the finger - A new, prudent friend is wondering how to annoy you;
  • attacking animal hints that it is worth tracking if you are not committing actions that will bring enemies to you;
  • aggressive animal foreshadows an insidious evil woman surrounded.

Why dream of a black cat

In life, the appearance of a black domestic predator on the horizon has become synonymous with trouble, but what does the dream book say?

  1. Black cat symbolizes an evil woman, the one that the cards see as the "peak lady";
  2. black cats are dreaming to violent and long quarrels;
  3. if such a beast will cross the road in a dream - for an unpleasant date;
  4. kind dream to change for a calm flow of life;
  5. black dream a young woman to the immediate troubles;
  6. to kill such a creature - to victory over the enemies;
  7. at all black animal bite marks unkind changes in the situation.

What do cats dream of a woman

Slavs noticed that the pussy is a woman in a dream before a major deception, or as a sign of a meeting with a real witch. Other dream books interpret the vision as follows:
1. a black individual dreams of a woman to the appearance of a rival;
2. The dream of a housewife in this case promises fast care for someone;
3. a woman in her arms to hold the animal in an unpleasant difficult situation;
4. she will scratch the dreamer - to the loss of income;
5. lean dirty creature to a sense of helplessness and female loneliness;
6. chase away the animal - take control of life.

If cats and kittens dream

Sweet creatures at night turn out to be of completely opposite meaning. Dream interpretation is interpreted as follows:
• a kind cat with kittens will dream, expect tenderness;
• many animals unfriendly tuned - to gossip and rumors around the dreamer;
• young women who dream of a long-awaited child, the female, who in the vision gave birth, can promise the fulfillment of desire;
• dreaming of a black individual with kittens to a woman - towards jealousy;
• red - good luck in your endeavors;
• White gave birth to a female - to a good gift from a loved one;
• a tricolor pregnant woman promises a range of events, but luck and material well-being will be a priority.

If in a dream many cats

A large number of baleened cute domestic predators in dream books means an unfavorable sign.
1. As a precursor of a false environment, the dreamer can see such a prophecy.
2. Many cats married to a man or a married woman dreams of replenishing the family with a child or declaring an unknown relative.
3. To girls, such a dream promises treason or deception from a guy.
4. To drive away their congregation - to recovery (yours or loved ones).
5. Meowing near the house means that the house has attracted someone else.
6. For men, it is like a prediction of the unspoken complaints of his companion.

What dreams of dead and dead

But the inanimate animal promises positive facts.
• a dead black cat symbolizes victory over the enemy, a woman sees this before a victory over a rival, a man - as a sign of career victories;
• Vanga's dream book, insists that a dead individual - to shame;
• a dead beast with live kittens pays attention to the needs of the dreamer's children;
• decaying corpse - to the fact that the old troubles will soon emerge;
• unexpectedly alive animal promises to lead from afar from relatives.

If a flea cat dreams of what it means

Such a sign is sent before conflicts with friends:
• have seen how fleas jumped - wait for the snares;
• a pure animal with fleas - the best friend will be disappointed and betray;
• tried to remove pests - you are generous and this will help in the future.

If you dreamed of a white and red cat

The color of the animal in the dream book is taken into account when interpreting:

  • if dreamedblack - The dream will come true soon;
  • dreaming redhead, wait for funny events, redhead scratches - for a woman, the news of pregnancy;
  • had a dream pure white - to change, on the tree it is - to the relocation, a tangle chases - to an increase in salary;
  • appeared gray warns of traitors.

What dreams of a cat man

  1. Wet dream of a man to an influential lady for him.
  2. No tail - to a complete victory over long-standing competitors.
  3. Red - to unbridled love passion.
  4. Iron the beast - to the lady of not heavy behavior, the seeking man.
  5. Smother an animal- to break with his beloved.
  6. For business men large animal marks:
  • farmers - a huge harvest;
  • businessmen - business growth, profit.

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