Etiquette is a rule of good tone

Etiquette - the rule of good tone is very important to adhere to all those who want to succeed and communicate with successful and wealthy people.

Rules of etiquette and etiquette

Etiquette in society are considered certain rules of behavior, good manners and polite tone. Etiquette helps people to feel comfortable when communicating with each other and not to put the interlocutor in an awkward position. In particular, courtesy and perfect manners in the family teach the girl to be a real lady and adhere to the refined style of behavior at a party. However, not only girls, but also boys, from childhood, are taught the rules of communication and behavior, which is a shame not to know. With 1 class teachers spend fun and educational lessons for teaching school students etiquette. Training can take place as a beautiful presentation, or as an oral class hour.

Not only children, but also adults are sometimes interested in the basis of the topic of ethics, so you can often find a similar request on the Internet: “Write, what was the name of the famous textbook teaching the rules of good taste?”.

The main means of extracting such information are a book and a video. But any young lady who spends a lot of time in the company of adolescents will make better use of such a source as wikipedia of high life. There you can learn everything not only quickly, but also delve into the history itself and, for example, find out how the guests behaved at the table under Tsar Peter the First!

The rules of good tone for women and girls

The main rule of etiquette for women is undoubtedly a neat and well-groomed appearance, clean shoes and clothes. Also, a woman or girl should pay attention to the selection of handbags, gloves and shoes.

Every woman should have a handkerchief with her, these days they are disposable paper napkins. We should not forget that the strong smell of deodorant or perfume is regarded as vulgar movetonom.

Lady should not wear a large amount of jewelry at once, it will look silly and unnatural.

The form of clothing is desirable to be coordinated with the man in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Appearance in order is required at home or in the toilet room. To comb, to preen, to be painted in public places is bad form. All that can be done in society: take a glimpse in the mirror or touch up the lips.

You can be late for a date, but a maximum of 10 minutes, otherwise it will be considered a disrespect of the fan.

The rules of good tone for children

Rules of conduct for children are divided into several subgroups.

Table behavior:

- Sit down at the table and start eating should be with everyone;
- before eating you need to lay a napkin on your knees;
- you need to eat with your mouth closed;
- you cannot talk while eating;
- you need to get up from the table with all or according to permission.

The rules of speech etiquette provide for the child to know the words of gratitude, respect for the older and younger.

Guest etiquette is obligatory for inoculation since childhood. Here are the basic rules to explain to children:
- do not go without an invitation;
- it is indecent to be sitting at a party for a long time;
- visiting friends is necessary only in a good mood;
- to invite guests to yourself in advance;
- welcome guests personally, while paying attention to each of them personally.

Good manners for men

A modern code of male manners states that a man should adhere to a good appearance and exemplary behaviors:
- neat classic hairstyle;
- A long tradition of bowing lady turned into a modern nod with her head;
- the restaurant should not get lost among a large number of dishes, and you can use only the basic devices in order to avoid awkwardness;
- when entering the room, you must skip the lady forward;
- when sitting at the table, the chair must be moved back first to the lady;
- do not put your elbows on the table;
- to smoke, you need to ask the ladies permission;
- it's ugly to leave a lady alone;
- pink and red roses give only beloved girls;
- sneezing or coughing is necessary in a handkerchief;
- when leaving the transport it is desirable to give a hand to the lady;
- indoors in the presence of the lady you need to remove the headdress.

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