How to make Korean makeup?

Many girls with European appearance admire the beauty and youth of Korean women. To achieve a similar result will help Korean makeup, which is now at the peak of popularity around the world. A minimum of cosmetics and the correct placement of accents will highlight the natural beauty of the girl. What are the features of Korean makeup and how to perform it in stages, read further in the article.

Korean Makeup Features

Korean makeup has many differences from the generally accepted European. To obtain the desired effect, you should adjust certain areas of the face.

The features of Korean makeup include:

  • Making perfect porcelain skin;
  • Giving the face a slight radiance;
  • Add a natural blush on the cheeks;
  • The makeup accents on the eyes;
  • Creation of broad and straight without bends of eyebrows;
  • Adding volume to eyelashes using mascara;
  • The possibility of applying false eyelashes;
  • The use of shades of light shades;
  • Lack of contouring lips;
  • Drawing small, thin and smooth arrows.

You can get flawless Korean makeup with the help of properly selected cosmetics. BB cream will help to achieve a positive effect. The tool adjusts the tone and texture of the skin is not worse than the foundation. Korean women use a cream with an SPF of 30.

Korean makeup will look better on the face when applying couchon. Cushion is a sponge with a tonal base, which contains many useful components. Means easily lays down on skin and well hides visible shortcomings.

None of the Korean makeup is complete. tinta. Means different liquid texture and includes a lot of color pigment. The main plus tinta - durability and versatility. Tint can be used for coloring lips, and to give a blush cheeks. Means provides a translucent, opaque covering.

To emphasize the line of growth of eyelashes Korean women use exclusively liquid eyeliner. The liner allows you to draw a thin and neat arrow.

Korean makeup also suggests using highlighter. It is convenient for them to lighten certain areas of the face to give skin radiance and transparency. This technique is called strobe.

Eye techniques

Girls with a European type of appearance will be easy to make-up eyes, like Korean women. The main task is to adjust their shape and change the cut.

When creating Korean makeup, the focus is on the eyes.

Before applying make-up, the eyelid area should be treated with a primer. This will allow you to smoothly apply the shadows and prevent them from rolling down. When choosing a color shadows preference should be given to light shades with a creamy texture - pinkish, pearl-golden, light peach, beige, sand, etc. Using such a color scheme will visually enlarge the eyes.

Outer corners rarely obscured by shadows. If necessary, for these purposes are used brown or plum shades. Borders of color transition should be well shaded to give a natural look. Dark shadows are recommended to slightly hold the lower eyelid to create a swelling.

Korean makeup often involves the absence of shadows on the eyelids.

The main element in make up is eyeliner. Enough to emphasize the natural line of growth of eyelashes. It is recommended to draw a thin, straight, small arrow. The tail should go down slightly toward the cheekbones. Important note: for liner you should use only the liner, not a pencil.

Korean makeup is not without add volume to your eyelashes using mascara. It is necessary to apply means in several layers. Keep in mind that Korean women do not twist eyelashes. If necessary, you can use false eyelashes. This is especially true for creating an evening look.

Eyebrow shaping

The shape of the eyebrows of Korean women differs significantly from that generally accepted in Europe. Girls with a European type of appearance usually draw curved eyebrows, with a narrow tail. To make Korean makeup correctly, you need to simulate their shape. To correct it, you need to use shadows or a pencil.

Korean women prefer to give the eyebrows a natural, smooth shape without bending.

Eyebrows should be dyed carefully, gradually achieving a straight and wide shape. The hue of the cosmetic for coloring is required to choose a shade lighter than the hair color. To make the eyebrows natural you need to make a good feathering. To consolidate the results, it is proposed to use a special fixative - gel, wax or lipstick. These cosmetics keep the eyebrows in shape for a long time.

To facilitate the work when making eyebrows, you can use special by stencils. They allow you to quickly and, most importantly, easily outline and paint over the form. Beginners will need to practice a little while using them, but the result will be pleasantly surprised.

Lip design

As described above, when creating Korean makeup, the main focus is on the eyes. Therefore, make up lips should be done in soothing colors. Korean women prefer to use persistent, translucent tints, glitters or lipsticks of light shades.

When creating a Korean makeup using lipstick with a matte texture or dark shades is not provided.

Korean women avoid delineating the natural contour of the lips. In this regard, girls with a European type of appearance should stop using contour pencils.

Apply the product should be on the center of the lips, shading with fingertips extra lipstick closer to the edges. The corners are not stained. From above you can put a little transparent light shine. This creates a gradient effect. To achieve the desired result, it is recommended to paint over the contour with the concealer.

Korean makeup involves creating the effect of kissed lips.

The shade of lipstick or tinta is better to choose the berry - raspberry, strawberry, cherry, because Korean women often use them. They add to the image of naturalness and tenderness. Nude colors are not popular in Korea, so it’s better to discard them when creating Korean makeup.

The tone of the face and the color of blush

Korean women amaze with their porcelain skin tone with slightly rosy cheeks. In this case, the face radiates a faint glow. To achieve this effect will be simply using special cosmetics.

The rules for making face tones:

  • Moisturizing the skin. Before applying makeup in the Korean style, it is recommended to treat the skin with a cream and primer. This will make it possible to apply make-up evenly on the face;
  • Elimination of visual imperfections of the skin. To make the skin look perfect, you should use concealer;
  • Strobe Highlighting of individual areas of the face is unacceptable without the use of a highlighter. The tool is applied to the cheekbones, nose, under-eye area, a crease over the upper lip, chin and carefully shaded;
  • Face retouching. Korean women often use cushions instead of tonal means. The tool simultaneously contains the properties of toners, powders and BB-cream. It allows you to create the effect of perfect, smooth, porcelain skin;
  • Powder application. Choose a tool should be light texture. The skin of the face gives a slight radiance and transparency.

To give the face a suitable tone using the means of light shades.

Korean makeup should look as natural as possible. Sharp differences in shades are excluded. Therefore, all cosmetics after application should be well shaded.

Making the look more Korean will help adding blush. Blush should be used only natural shades - peach, pink, beige. They are applied with a fluffy brush on the upper part of the cheekbones to create a lifting effect.

Instead of blusher of the Korean during the application of make-up part of the used tint.

Korean make-up step by step

Korean makeup is suitable not only for girls with an Asian type of appearance. For the Russian fair sex, it is also suitable. To get the desired effect, you should familiarize yourself with step by step photo instructions.

Step 1. Prepare the skin for makeup. With a cotton pad, clean the face with a foam or gel and apply a tonic. Then use a moisturizer and wait for it to be absorbed into the pores.

Step 2. Apply primer to the skin of the face. The tool will even out the skin texture and prepare it for applying the foundation for Korean makeup.

Step 3. Drawing a tonal framework to create the effect of porcelain skin. You can use BB-and SS-creams. They are easy to apply and create a natural look. Cushion liquid consistency is also suitable. To transfer the tool to the skin will help a special sponge.

Step 4. Application concealer. Korean makeup involves the presence of perfectly clean skin. Hide age spots and bruises under the eyes with the help of concealer. For applying and shading means use a brush or fingertips.

Step 5. Powder application. With a wide fluffy brush we shade a tool over the entire surface of the face. Suitable crumbly and colorless powder with a light texture. In moderation you can use the highlighter.

Step 6. Alignment with blush. A little blush applied to the cheeks and cheekbones. To create a Korean make-up, it is recommended to use products with a natural shade - peach, soft pink, beige.

Step 7. Drawing the shape of the eyebrows. Korean women have broader and wider eyebrows, therefore it is recommended not to emphasize bending. For shape correction, it is better to use powder shadows. The tool should be well shaded.

Step 8. Eye makeup. Shading is not necessary to create Korean makeup. If necessary, you can use pinkish or plum translucent shadows. The corners of the eyes are slightly obscured. For eyeliner is recommended to use the liner. A thin straight line is drawn with a short tail bent down. Apply mascara on the eyelashes in two layers. It is also possible to use false eyelashes.

Step 9. Makeup lips. Korean women are not taken to sum up the contour with a pencil, so it is better to create the effect of kissed lips. Lipstick is applied to the prepared skin of the lips. It should be painted from the center to the edges. Considerable attention is given to good shading. To create the effect of kissed lips is better to use Tint. Shades of lipstick should choose natural - cherry, raspberry, strawberry. To fix the resulting result you need a transparent sheen.

Korean makeup is easy to perform and looks pretty Russian girls.

Advantages and disadvantages of Korean makeup

Korean women always look young and natural. Russian girls often try to repeat their image. You can achieve a positive effect if you know some of the nuances.

Korean Makeup Benefits:

  • It is at the height of fashion around the world;
  • Suitable not only for Korean women, but also for girls with a European type of appearance;
  • Emphasizes natural feminine beauty;
  • Allows you to use the minimum amount of cosmetics, which has a good effect on the skin;
  • It is used for all occasions - to create a day and evening image;
  • Suitable for all skin types;
  • Use shadows is optional;
  • You can use false eyelashes when creating an image;
  • Solves the problem of the impending century, if the Korean eye makeup is performed in a monochromatic color scheme.

There are some drawbacks to make-up. The main and only minus can be considered inconspicuous Korean makeup. Korean women prefer natural shades of shadows, rouge, lipstick.

Korean makeup is mainly suitable for all girls without exception. With the help of cosmetics the skin is given a slight radiance. As a result, the fair sex look young, flawless and natural. Video tutorials and photo instructions will help you create your own image.

Watch the video: MY EVERYDAY LOOK - KOREAN MAKEUP TUTORIAL ROSY PEACH. Erna Limdaugh (April 2020).