A prayer for a loved one to call right now

In the age of technology, there are more and more problems, but their solutions are multiplying. If in ancient times they prayed to the Lord for the husband to return from the battle, the visiting prince drew attention to the red maiden, now they are praying for the beloved to call and invite for a date. And such prayers work very well.

Important rules and ritual of reading

The most important rule of any prayer: when saying it, address the Lord with the correct words, tested by time and generations.

Choosing a Christian prayer in order to receive an important call, carefully read its text. Sometimes a prayer is issued for prayer, the action of which is fundamentally the opposite of God's word. The magical conspiracy violates the will of the person, causing him to call, while the Lord only helps and instructs the chosen one, not breaking his will, but strengthening the already existing feelings.

By whether the prayer works, one can understand the true nature of the senses. If the guy didn’t call after the prayer repeated several times, then his feelings for you are not strong enough. You should not press him now, it is better to wait for some time and try again to win his heart.

There is no ritual for reading a prayer so that a man will love, be bored and call, unlike a conspiracy. They pray in any conditions and regardless of the time of day. Perfectly is the morning after awakening, in a special prayer corner of the house, where the icons of Jesus Christ, the Virgin, Nicholas the Wonderworker or others stand. Pray on your knees, it is recommended to light a church candle for better concentration.

Appeal to the Lord as an existing prayer, and in your own words. Sometimes the latter has the best effect, for prayer comes from the heart. The worst, that is, the zero effect will have the prayer, read from a piece or screen of the phone, jagged words, the meaning of which you do not quite understand.

In addressing the Lord it is important to understand what you want from him and how you approach him, to be ready to thank him with a word, prayer, cleansing, fasting, or going to church.

Who to pray for a guy to call?

Whatever saint you choose to convert, the prayer will ascend to the Most High. Saints act as guides between people and God. Choose someone close to you, about whose lives you know more, whose memory day is now celebrated. You can spend some time reading about the saints and choose the most revered by you for conversion.

The strongest prayer that a loved one calls now will be the one that comes from the heart. It is repeated many times, with a sincere tremor in the voice and a thrill in the heart.

So that the prayer more accurately and quickly reached Heaven, it is advised to pray to Jesus, Nicholas the Wonderworker and the Most Holy Theotokos. It is useful at the same time to have a photo of your beloved next to a lit candle, so that the image of his be clearly imprinted in your call.

Whispering on photo

An effective prayer is read in the photo of a loved one. Print in advance a photo where your favorite is depicted in full growth or on the shoulders, without any unauthorized persons. Looking at the photos should be directed to the camera lens.

Hold the photo for a while, heat it with the warmth of your hands. Then, closing your eyes, say a prayer:

“In the name of strong love, sincere love, I call upon our Lord Jesus. Hear the plea of ​​your servant (your name) about your servant (name of the beloved). More than anything, I wish our heart’s reunion. I pray, Lord, touch him with your banner, hold up his heart and soul, arouse my image in his eyes. Let him think about me, if he truly loves me, he will overshadow me, let him call me, let him come and embrace me, for I miss him, God. In the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, amen. "

To the Lord

For a loved one to call, prayer must be sincere. Remember: such a prayer is not a love spell, it is a request for divine grace.

Praying to the Lord, we should attend the Sunday service, take part in the common prayer, and then light a candle at the icon to Jesus and, having worshiped three times, whisper the following text:

“Lord God, clear in heaven and on earth, my prayer is simple and therefore urgent for me. Do not turn away, light-faced, do not forsake, all-powerful, favor your slave (name). I pray for the remission of my sins, from birth to the present day, for the Light that is kindled in my soul is a feat to believe. I pray you about the fulfillment of my ardent dream, about the accession of love and strong union on earth. Let your servant (the name of the beloved) fall by your grace, remember me. Put your soul on his Light, let the desire to remind of yourself burn in him, call me. I want to hear his voice more than anything else in the world. Thank you, Lord, for that forever I will be grateful to You. Amen".

Nicholas the Wonderworker

A prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker helps not only to make the loved one have a desire to call, but also to come. Prelate Nikolay helps with any questions and through him the Lord can be addressed with any problem.

Appeal to get a call is read on the icon of the Benefactor:

“On Saint Nicholas, the Wonderworker and the Prelate. I appeal to you with prayer, hear me, God's servant (name). My goal is simple, but important for me, for I pray for an important call from my beloved servant of God, dear to my heart (the name of the object of love). If in his heart a feeling is fading to me, let my prayer, ascending from the Lord, awaken in him longing for me, and he will calm down only by calling, only having come to embrace me stronger than strong. In the name of the Lord I pray, hear and fulfill my desire, thank you in that. Amen!"

Holy Mother of God

Holy Mary, the Mother of God, also contributes to matters of the heart. She should pray, having previously taken a bath, dressed in a clean dress and placed flowers and lighted candles in the room.

The text of the prayer is read three times, on different sides of the world:

“Holy Mother, ancestor of a Christian family, accept the prayer of your daughter, God's slaves (name). In the name of the holy apostles, angels, archangels, saints and saints, I pray thee for the fulfillment of what my heart longs for. About the call soon, about the attention of the love I pray, about the servant of God (the name of the beloved) I dream most of all. Hear me, the Most Holy Mother, the Virgin Mary, do not forsake a loving heart in anguish and anticipation. Carry our prayer to our Lord, intercede for me, ask for love. In that I pray to you nightly and day, that I pray on my knees now and then. Amen!"

How fast will the guy call?

The speed of the effect produced by the prayer for the guy to call depends on several factors: how much you want it, how long and sincerely you pray, and how strong are his feelings towards you. If you are confident in the strength of each of them, the result will not make you know.

Remember that you can pray an unlimited number of times, choosing different saints, for a loving heart does not stop looking for other ways.

Also remember that men do not always dare to take the first step, especially when a woman is showing off cold and indifferent. Sometimes you should call first and hear genuine surprise and joy in your voice. Your love is in your hands!

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