How to read a conspiracy to love rain?

Love, if it is mutual, is the greatest happiness. Women are ready for much to endear themselves to that one. In the love fever, they ask for help from the elements of nature, which since ancient times were perceived as a manifestation of the will of higher powers. Water and especially rain are the best "partners" in such delicate matters.

Is it possible to start raining on the love of a man?

Water - perhaps the most powerful conductor of energy. Her amazing power is revered in all cultures of the world and is used in many magical rituals. Water falling from a height is even more powerful and is therefore successfully used for ceremonies designed to change the energy of another person, connecting it with the aura of someone who read the plot. Get a man's love through a rain plot can be in several ways. Turning to the water, you will get what you want if you need to arouse carnal desire, hasten the moment of meeting, or awaken a reciprocal feeling in your beloved.

How to read a conspiracy to love rain?

Words have a special power, and not only the essence, but also the order of reading, voice strength, intonation are important. The same text can carry a constructive and destructive energy in itself, if you pronounce it incorrectly. To read the plot of love for rain, remember:

  • Speak out the words clearly, do not rush, but do not stop after the sentence. Only small pauses are allowed;
  • Focus on the name of the beloved and his (if it is in the body of the conspiracy). Say them clearly, clearly, in order not to accidentally cast a stranger on you, whose attention you absolutely do not need;
  • Try to speak so as to match the rhythm with the speed of the rain. If the elements are raging, do not try to drown out the sound of wind and water, but cast the spell so that all its parts are clearly audible;
  • Breathe evenly, do not swallow the words. If emotions are overwhelming, and tears have already filled my eyes, stop, exhale, and continue reading. In extreme cases, stop the ritual and spend it at another time.

Preparation for the ceremony

If there are precipitations in the sky, begin to prepare for the ritual. The truth is that such preparation should take place long before the clouds gather above the head and the heavenly abyss open. Awareness of the need, faith in a miracle and the desire to turn fate in the right direction come gradually. Some people take years to do this, others decide on a grand change in a split second. If morally you are ripe for metamorphosis, proceed to the preparation, following the instructions below:

  • Choose the right moment. To accurately guess the moment, follow the atmospheric reports: the corresponding application can be installed on the smartphone;
  • Tune in to the ritual mentally and emotionally. From time to time, listen to yourself and try to breathe, repeating the rhythm of raindrops;
  • On the day a conspiracy is pronounced, all worries and bad thoughts must be left. Focus on the positive. If you feel worried, it is better to transfer the ceremony to another time;
  • The more it pours from the sky, the faster the conspiracy will help. In a light rain, the ritual is not as effective;
  • The reading of a magic spell is pronounced only alone with itself. The presence of outsiders will not only weaken, but will neutralize the power of the conspiracy.

Initially, belief in the success of a magical ritual becomes an indispensable condition. You should clearly see how in the future you spend with your loved one the best moments of life. Feel his touch, imagine the laughter and smile, remember how he looks at you. If the feeling is mutual, the power of the plot increases many times.

After pronouncing the words, watch the rain for a few more minutes. If he has changed his character, has become more intense or weakened, this is a sign that the element has responded to the request. Well, if during the reading of the spell, the sky was pierced by lightning and struck thunder, immediately stop the ritual and ask for forgiveness from nature. Choose another day for the ceremony and start all over again.

Text of conspiracy for love to rain

After preparing for the ritual, start reading the plot:

"As rain falls from the sky, so do you (the name of the object of love) cry for me and mourn. As a drop creeps down to the drop on the glass, my only one does not forget me, only it rushes to me, only rushes to me. Like water do not catch in a sieve, do not stop with your palm, and you can never be separated from your beloved. Hantaa ular! "

In the wizard, exclamation Hantaa Ular translated as gratitude, supported by the words "Let it be so, for it is my will." When finished reading, fold your palms in a respectful gesture in front of your chest and bow slightly.

A strong conspiracy to love for rain needs written reinforcements. To do this, write your name and the initials of the beloved on a clean sheet. When it rains, put the paper under the spray and shout loudly:

"Rain, remove separation from us, but bring sweetness (name of person) to longing and sadness! How ink blurs water, how drops merge and our names on a sheet together, so let our lives be tied together! Let my dear (name again) He will not live without my name in peace, may the rain unite us for ever and ever! Amen! "

After the ritual, dry the sheet and hide it in a secluded place. Keep until the plot works.

Consequences of love conspiracy

Using a conspiracy to love a man in the rain, you need to realize one difficult truth: a love spell is the theft of free choice, done for selfish purposes. It is sometimes difficult or almost impossible to achieve a reciprocal feeling; therefore, an easier way, which implies the use of magical power, is chosen (as it seems). But every action has consequences. To love by force is to subjugate the will, and this is direct violence. Such an act is dangerous not only for the conspirator, but also for the one who read the plot.

What threatens the love spell?

  • Trouble in family life (if it is not free);
  • Health problems (headaches, insomnia, stress, depression);
  • The deterioration of the social situation (cessation of career growth, dismissal);
  • Financial difficulties (as a result of the above problems).

What threatens the one who read the conspiracy to love?

  • Disappointment of choice, denial of feeling;
  • Disease;
  • "The effect of the pendulum" - bewitched person will definitely change in the future.

There is a belief that the execution of the bewitching conspiracy does not bring happiness, or it will be fleeting. No matter how much you want, love can be deceived only for a while. But even in this period you are unlikely to enjoy it, because the payment will follow in any case.

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