How to sew a dress for a doll with your own hands

Loving parents teach their little princesses to beautiful dresses, so over time they have a desire to dress up their favorite doll. You can help your favorite girls in creating simple and chic dresses for your favorite toys.

I would like to offer step-by-step lessons and videos for different pupae that our children love so much. Let's start with the simplest, which will easily learn little needlewomen.

How to sew a dress for a doll (how to quickly and easily create an outfit for your favorite toy)

Young women of fashion love to create and in this they need help, because this is how great designers are born. We strongly encourage the desire to create, armed with basic knowledge of sewing.

Simple sock robe (photo)

Socks outfits are made simple and easy. To do this, you must have in stock beautiful socks, scissors, thread and needle.

Turn on the fantasy and you can come up with hundreds of options, and we will show you ready-made ideas from experienced craftsmen that are created in a few minutes.

Straight dress it can be performed even without thread and needles, simply by cutting off the upper elastic part of the sock (provided that the size of the sock coincides with the size of the toy).

But someone suggests making a couple of simple cuts.

How to sew a dress for a doll with your own hands (for Barbie) - step by step lesson

All girls love Barbie, especially the creation of fashionable dresses for all occasions.

Royal evening dress

It is necessary: satin or silk.

Sizes of dress details:

  • 19 × 30.5 cm
  • 6 × 21 cm,
  • 6.5 × 16 cm
  • Velcro fastener.

The biggest detail is the skirt, but to get the desired effect, a rectangle of fabric needs to be trimmed slightly.

Zigzag stitch process the edges of the skirt and bodice. Try on the bodice and the bottom of the product. Mark the grooves and sew from the wrong side.

Fold the skirt and sew to the bodice.

Velcro tape sew along the entire dress. The image is completed with a decorative ribbon, which can be decorated with a beautiful bead or rhinestones.

Videos for novice needlewomen

YouTube’s video tutorials allow you to watch how to make beautiful stylish dolls for dolls who love little princesses so much.

Things for dolls monster high do it yourself

Beautiful Medellin Hetter, Alice, Claudine, Wulf from “MONSTER HIGH” are worthy of a chic outfit made with their own hands.

Outfit for Ever After High (video lesson in Russian)

The easiest elegant white dress is sewn in half an hour. In the design you can add more decor in the form of beads, sequins, stones and sparkles.

Long blue dress with sleeves for Elsa from "Cold Heart"

Master class from the young master with a demonstration of the whole process.

A special pattern was used that was created specifically for the presented doll. It is proposed to choose satin and tulle as the material, but the product can also be lace (it all depends on your desire). For decoration used sequins and sequins.

How to properly sew clothes for baby bon

A lesson for more experienced and adult girls who know how to sew on a sewing machine or for mothers who really want to please their babies. But you can easily sew such an outfit in the “boho” style for baby dolls by hand, it will just take you a little more time.

Beautiful wedding dress for princess

Simple and beautiful for an ordinary ballerina

Red dress for Monster High

Magnificent doll ball dress "Green Rose"

Clothes for tilda (or textile mills)

I advise you to choose cotton and linen fabrics for a rag toy that will look amazing on them.

Mk - winter clothes in the floor for the Snow Maiden

For the new year, I want to come up with a new year's robe for the Snow Maiden, decorated with snowflakes, sparkles, and pebbles.


Watch the video: EASY BARBIE DRESS. DIY for Barbies dolls No sew (April 2020).