Mutual love prayer

Prayers were used by people at all times, expressing sacred words stretched out to God. Thus, a person could pray for the necessary. The most common prayers were considered health and love.

Who to turn with a prayer for the love of a man?

Many women and men fear unsuccessful relationships. Young girls and boys are afraid of starting a romantic relationship because of past unsuccessful experiences. It is sad, we crave and seek sincere, faithful and long love.

If you pray to the Saints, gradually, over time, the fears will recede, the woman will be able to gain confidence in her future, in herself, believe in people, and let her own fears go. Sincere faith in prayer and help will help start a new romantic relationship. A prayer to the Saints will help to find a relationship and marriage for the rest of your life. As they say in the fairy tale "and they lived happily until death."

There are three rules, conditions, requirements that are required to be observed when reading a prayer for love:

  • Words asking the Holy Hierarchs and the Lord are uttered with desire, sincerely and with an open heart. Skepticism while reading can only hurt, be sincere in your own desires. Believe, the Saints will surely hear and help you;
  • Be honest, not only to the Saints, but also to yourself. The Lord will help you only if your heart is not clouded or full of evil thoughts in relation to others. If your desires harm other people, think, maybe you don't really need it;
  • It is better to memorize the text of the prayer. Get rid of the paperwork, and especially from smartphones and gadgets. Concentration is important, and when you read the text from a sheet, you can be distracted by other problems and surrounding things.

The maximum power of prayer is received during the great Church Feasts. An even greater effect can be obtained if the holiday is timed in honor of the Saint to whom you are referring. When all these conditions are applied, the effect and consequences will not be long in coming.

Prayer for the love of a man to Nicholas the Wonderworker

You should know that a prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker on a man’s love may not work. The Holy Prodigy knows everything when a sin or malice lies in the thoughts of a woman. Prayer does not help a girl, if her desire is only joy with a particular man, he on the contrary will distance a couple from each other.

A prayer for the mutual love of a guy will not help if a woman wants to take him away from someone else’s family. It is better to read the words in a whisper, with an open heart and sincere faith in a miracle.

If you feel that you are not ready for a relationship, you should not tempt fate, wait a little with pleas and petitions. Maybe you should first find yourself, and then your love. If the desire is strong, you can install an icon of St. Nicholas at home, or go to the temple and pray at the altar. At first, the written text will do, but then you should memorize the prayer.

We provide the full text of the prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker for mutual love:

With a heart full of love, great desire and fatigue from waiting, I appeal to you, O Saint Nicholas the Wonderworker. Do not be angry with my sinful requests, for my thoughts are full of pure and bright love, connect the fate of God's Slaves (the names of women and men) forever and ever. I pray for a miracle, send me my blessing, I renounce all worldly, sinful deeds, I wish only pure love, like tears of a child. Nareki us husband and wife, help in asking the Lord for our blessing. Thy will be done. Amen.

How to ask for the blessings of the Virgin?

If a prayer for the love of a particular man, then the most powerful by name is considered a prayer to the Most Holy Mother of God. The Great Mother of God loves all of us, so she is ready to listen to everyone’s request and will help with all she can.

After a woman has chosen one particular man and knows his name, wants his disposition to herself, she should carefully prepare for prayer. It is best to memorize the text. The sincerity of intentions is also important, if a woman wants to lead a man away or forcibly bind to herself, then her prayer can turn against herself. If there is a desire to harm someone, you can send the Lord anger on yourself.

Here is the text of the prayer of the Blessed Virgin Mary for help in love with a specific man:

Mother of Our Lord, Jesus Christ! I beg you, look into my soul, calm your heart. Find my beloved (the name of a man) and bring it to me. He is also looking for my love, like a sheep hears a shepherd, but he cannot find him, show him the way to me. Spouse of my soul whom I love, let us love each other for the rest of our days. You, who knows the secrets and sufferings of women, that you have become a beloved wife and a great mother, I humbly ask, in the name of your son, our Lord. Amen.

If the prayer will be pronounced with the presentation of the image of a loved one, with pure thoughts and an open heart, the Most Holy Mother of God will surely help.

Prayer and Prayer to Jesus Christ

Our Lord, Jesus Christ, has a definite plan, and therefore each of us is prepared for his own role. Many great personalities tried to divine the plan of God, but so far no one has succeeded. It is only known that according to His plan, a person must live righteously, engage in spiritual self-improvement and use his knowledge and skills for the benefit of other people. That is why all of us are so eager to find our love, the other half, to create and improve the world, sharing happiness and love.

However, the search for his second half is fraught with a lot of difficulties, but one should not despair because of this. A strong prayer for the search for one's own love, addressed to the Lord, can fix everything.

Remember, all the words spoken to the Lord must be imbued with faith and sincerity, then God will hear your prayers and come to the rescue. To utter a prayer to God, one should adhere to certain conditions and requirements.

How can you most effectively ask for help from the Lord:

  • Should attend more temples, churches, monasteries;
  • Put three candles near the image of Jesus Christ; you should also, for a more effective effect, put three candles to each Saint, the icon of which is in the temple you visited;
  • Cross yourself three times;
  • Looking at burning candles, whisper a prayer.

The text of the prayer is as follows:

I stand before you, Lord, with an open heart and soul, only you can open myself, only you will hear and calm. You know what I will ask for, about pure earthly love, about a spouse who will be near you alone and dear forever. I pray you, I beg you, give us a simple and thorny path, so that we may meet soon. Point me to it, who will illuminate with light and love all my life. I open my heart and soul to you. For all your will. Amen.

You can turn to the Lord with prayers also if the man has changed or the feelings for her husband have cooled, if the woman is overcome by sinful temptations or when unsuccessful attempts to become pregnant. It will be enough to turn to the icon in the temple and in your own words to ask for help, the main thing is honesty and openness.

How to pray to St. Xenia of Petersburg?

According to the archives and memoirs of citizens who lived on the same street as Blessed Xenia, at 18 she married an officer. Officer Andrei Fedorovich served as a chorister at the court. No one can say exactly what qualities he possessed and what character, but he died in the prime of his life, having left Xenia. However, she was not killed by grief, but chose a difficult and thorny way of serving God.

Such love is godly, it is glorified and elevated. Ksenia no longer married, although she could, she devoted the rest of her life to another matter. Widowed at the age of 26, she chose eternal service to God and came to Andrew’s clothing for her husband’s funeral. She said that it was not Andrei who died, but Ksenia and everyone thought that the girl had simply lost her mind from grief. But it is this act that shows the elevation of their marriage, Xenia sacrificed herself to save Andrew’s soul.

Every woman should desire such love and each should be ready for certain sacrifices in her life, because only through tests can true love be known. In order to call the Holy One to help with the arrangement of marriage, the following words of prayer should be read:

O Holy Blessed Xenia, look at us us, the servants of God (names), to your icon of worshipers, to help and protect you who are praying and asking. Reach out your hands to the Lord, turn our prayers to him, so that he will let our sins go. We want to unite our souls, save each other’s misfortunes, share our lives together. We ask you, do not deny us, cursed and unworthy, do not turn away from us. As you saved your husband, so save us. Thy will be done. Amen.

How to turn to Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom?

The patrons of the family, family values, loyalty and marriage in the Orthodox Church are Peter and Fevronia of Murom. Little is known from the life of the Saints; the main reason for their position is the legend that they both died on the same day, holding hands, because they could not live without each other. The church agreed to bury Peter and Fevronia in one coffin.

Hence the idea that a wife cannot live without a husband and a husband without a wife. In addition to prayers, for women for the love of a man, there is a strong prayer for Peter and Fevronia of Murom to please a girl who likes. It is used not so often, due to the fact that men are more accustomed to conquer women on their own, without using prayers or plots. But this does not implore its effectiveness.

We provide those who read the text of the prayer addressed to Saints Peter and Fevronia to win the love of the girl she liked:

Oh, God's saints, Saints Peter and Fevronia of Murom! I appeal to you with a request, with prayer, since it was you who proved to the Lord your loyalty, showed us that there is a sacred union of marriage. Only you, the patrons of love, can help me in my request before God. During your life you were blessed by the Lord and after death we are not forgotten. I, (name), ask you for faith, hope, love, and piety. Give my Lord my prayers to the Lord, may he light my path with the rays of goodness and love of his vast. Let a girl enter the road of my life, with whom she will tie me through marriage, with which we will honor and fulfill all the commandments of God. I ask for infinite and true love from you, Saint Peter and Saint Fevronia, do not leave me in a difficult hour. Glorify your names forever and ever. Amen.

Prayers for the strengthening of love in the family

Prayers for the love of a husband to his wife are best read, referring to Nicholas the Wonderworker. Although the Holy One was not married in mortality, he knew a great deal about marriage, honored the sacred union and helped all those who ask. Next to him lived a family with three daughters, thanks to Nicholas the Wonderworker, all three successfully and happily married. The saint was honored for his desire for justice, for loyalty and honesty, he loved order, all these qualities are highly valued in marriage.

The pious elder always stood up for the offended, weak, deprived. He simply can not refuse a woman who with all his heart wants to save the marriage, to keep the hearth of his family. After all, marriage is a sacred union, a small earthly church, in which spouses are called to be faithful to each other and help in sorrows and joys. A prayer to Nicholas the Wonderworker about mutual love in a family does not have a certain framework, it can be either a ready-made text or words written by a person independently. The petitioner can turn to the clergy, order a prayer there.

Therefore, we provide sufferers with one of the varieties of texts addressed to those asking Nicholas the Wonderworker for the preservation of marriage:

About vsehvalny and vsechestivy bishop, the great wonderworker, the saint of Christ, Father Nicholas, man of God and a faithful servant, the husband desires, chosen vessel, a strong pillar of the church, svetilniche illustrious star osiyavayuschaya and illuminating the whole world: Thou art righteous, like a date blossoming, plantations in the courts of his Lord, who is alive in the worlds, thou hast filled the world with peace, and the world who flowed forth the grace of God. Read on here.

The strongest prayer for love

Before using the prayer book, it is important to clarify that sacred words addressed to God or the Saints should not have a sinful background. Women or men who read a prayer should have pure thoughts, the desire for comfort with a particular person is sinful thoughts. It is also forbidden to wish anyone evil, prayer does not help to take a person from another family, this desire, on the contrary, can turn against the reader. Sincerity, purity, loyalty and innocence - this is what has been glorified and revered at all times in the Orthodox Church.

We advise praying in the following ways to gain love in life:

  • The matron of Moscow is made to pray for the love of a man;
  • Nicholas the Wonderworker is prayed for the preservation of marriage and the strengthening of love between spouses;
  • The Lord God is prayed that he will show the righteous path to the attainment of eternal love and marriage;
  • All women who suffer and are thirsty for pure love pray to the Most Holy Theotokos;
  • Saint Xenia of Petersburg pray girls who are ready for the sake of sincere eternal love to go through all the life;
  • Peter and Fevronia of Murom pray for men and women who are looking for a spouse.

It is best to pray at dawn or dusk. The purchase of an icon with the image of the reader is also helping. It is best to pray three times a day, for example divided, twice in the morning and once before bedtime or once in the morning and twice in the evening. Be sure to be baptized after prayer and bow. We also advise you to visit the church more often and put on the icon of the Saint, whom you ask, for three candles.

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