Prayer of the Transformation of Sinelnikov

Have you ever thought about how you can change and improve yourself, your attitude to life, gain optimism and patience, when it seems that everything has turned against you and no one can help? It is time to turn to the prayer of transfiguration presented by Valery Sinelnikov. About who Sinelnikov is and what his amazing prayer is, read more in the article.

Who is V. Sinelnikov?

Valery Sinelnikov is a fairly well-known psychotherapist and homeopath. He is also the author of many bestsellers in the field of psychology and self-knowledge. At one time, Valery Vladimirovich was a disciple of Father Michael, a priest. Being a doctor by profession, Sinelnikov says that diseases come from internal mental factors: negative attitudes, thoughts, actions, self-suggestion. That is, everything negative that happens in life, including illness, is the result of inner convictions.

He argues that by getting rid of negativity and having programmed yourself exclusively in a positive way, you can change a lot in life, in relationships with other people, in self-perception. Help in this seemingly difficult task is prayer, which is based on three major principles.

The formula of the triunity according to V. Sinelnikov:

forgiveness, gratitude, love.

Valery Sinelnikov explains the miraculous influence of the prayer of transformation in that it helps people fix or improve some aspects of life:

  • get rid of guilt or melancholy;
  • establish internal and external feuds;
  • eradicate old grievances and conflicts;
  • forgive enemies and past atrocities;
  • love your neighbors and your life;
  • interact with the outside world;
  • prevent the occurrence of diseases;
  • correct your own mistakes and no longer repeat them;
  • tune in to a positive wave;
  • free from pain and suffering;
  • transform stressful situations into experience.

The teaching of Valery Sinelnikov focuses on understanding the harm that a person brings to others because of their own fears, offenses and other negative feelings. The eradication of the negative and gloomy, the attainment of inner peace and peace is the main goal of the writers' dogmas, leading to the transformation of the inner ā€œIā€.

How to read the prayer of transfiguration?

The prayer of the transformation of Sinelnikov is read for exactly 21 days. This number was chosen in connection with its identification with activity and action. 21 is a number symbolizing strength, purposefulness and the will to mental and physical actions. During this period, the words of prayer settled in the subconscious and filled every part of it with the energy of the formula of the triunity.

When reading a prayer, you should be aware of the initial result that you seek to achieve with its help. Therefore, it is obviously necessary to carefully consider the desired outcome, to present in detail and with all the nuances so that it is easier to concentrate when praying.

Strengthening the impact of the prayer of the transformation of Sinelnikov will help listening to its recording or watching the video, while repeating the text after the audio or video file. These methods are used as auxiliary, allowing to fix the prayer process itself.

After going through the whole course of reading the prayer of transfiguration, the one praying will learn:

  • love the world, yourself, the people around you;
  • appreciate every moment;
  • to enjoy the life;
  • enjoy every day;
  • forget sorrow and resentment;
  • live in the present, not the past.

Transformation text by V. Sinelnikov

Realizing your own goals and outlining in the subconscious the picture of the achieved result, you can start reading the prayer. Become at the mirror relax, calm down, breathe deeply and say out loud:

"I accept you with love in my heart! You, me and the world around us - we are one and the same. You came into my life with your pain and suffering for a reason. You show me, as in a mirror, that pain and suffering exist deeply in my soul, in the subconscious. And I fully realize that I am involved in your problems, because I know that everything that happens in my life is the result of my thoughts and actions in the past ... "

The full version of the text of the prayer of transformation can be downloaded line by line by the link.

With each re-reading, a person's behavior changes, transforming into a positive direction. Negative thoughts leave the mind, an awareness of the source of the problems comes and the first steps are taken towards cleansing and getting rid of unnecessary and unnecessary things.

At the same time, Sinelnikov notes that there is no need to memorize the text, it is much more important to understand it and put the right meaning in every word. It is allowed to use prayers in the short form, as well as retelling in your own words. Words must come from the heart and from the heart.

Listen to the Sinelnikov prayer

As explained earlier, you can optionally use an audio recording or video file to increase the impact of the prayer. It is also recommended to repeat the text following the recording. Thus, on the day the necessary installation will be repeated twice or three times, which contributes to the multiplication of its effect and the earliest achievement of the result. There are no exact instructions on the number of prayers per day, prayer can be read out every time a spiritual need arises.

The prayer of the transformation of Sinelnikova listen online:


After reading or listening to a prayer, you should spend some time in silence and loneliness. Feel pleasant vibrations - echoes of prayer words, feel the energy that has filled the body, absorb positive and serenity. Finally, scroll before your mind's eye a picture of an ideal future, in which there is no aggression and resentment, where you interact with the universe and the world around you in complete harmony. Also, to further stimulate the imagination and better meditation, you can view the video:

Watch the video: Guided Meditation for Calming the Mind and Nervous System with Dr. Peter Van Houten (November 2019).