Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft

A sudden change of mood, a suddenly deteriorated state of health, or a sudden unexpectedly serious illness, hallucinations, excessive irritability or drowsiness - these are not all the symptoms of dangerous exposure from outside. A person who is eager to annoy you and your family through magic can provoke their appearance. In this article, we will teach you to recognize damage and the evil eye, and also tell you about Orthodox prayers that can save you from a serious illness.

The power of prayer against the evil eye, defacement, witchcraft

Removing a curse from a person with the help of a prayer from damage, the evil eye, witchcraft requires diligence and time, but before you start reading it, you should find out if there is any damage to reality.

People who have cursed show the following symptoms:

  1. Suddenly appeared diseases. And diseases can be as insignificant, constantly replacing each other, and serious, absorbing all the vitality and energy;
  2. Increased fatigue and drowsiness, depression and depression;
  3. Insomnia or nightmares at night;
  4. Auditory and visual hallucinations;
  5. An unexpected change of mood, a negative attitude towards others, sharpness, rudeness, aggression;
  6. Lack of desires, interests and aspirations;
  7. Constant failures and lack of success in any business or undertaking.

If there is more than half of these signs, you should seriously think about reading a prayer from the evil eye, from damage, from envy. A public prayer, read by the rules and in accordance with church instructions, will help get rid of the negative influence from the side, return the joy of life, good mood and well-being, eradicate illnesses caused by damage, and restore the former mood.

To remove the evil eye or other magical effects, in addition to the choice of prayer should pay attention to the auxiliary attributes:

  • icons;
  • church candles;
  • consecrated crosses;
  • The Bible;
  • holy water.

Most of the praises are read in front of the faces of the saints with burning candles. It is also used for washing with holy water for speedy cleansing and healing.

Who can I ask for?

When choosing a prayer, the question arises: for whom can you pray? The answer is quite simple: for any person who is under the negative influence of black magic. You can read the prayers from the evil eye and damage from yourself, friends, family, close relatives. However, there are some limitations, for example, only the eldest close female relative - mother, godmother or grandmother - can read a prayer from the evil eye of a child.

It is necessary to ask for deliverance from damage only in those cases when this is done voluntarily, without discontent or secret malice against a person, so that by no means do not harm him more. Family ties do not matter at the same time, much more important is the attitude and personal disposition, the desire for speedy relief to another.

Strong Orthodox prayers from damage and witchcraft

Prayers to the Lord and the Saints will help free themselves or loved ones from damage.

Among the most effective and powerful Orthodox prayers, clergymen point out:

  1. Prayer to Jesus Christ;
  2. Appeal to the Matrona of Moscow;
  3. Moleben to the Life-giving Cross.

In addition, you can ask for help from your Guardian Angel, the Holy Spirit, the Most Holy Mother of God or the Patron Saint, in whose honor you are named or determined by date of birth. Regardless of whom the petition is addressed to, one must be humble and sincerely believe in the power of God and rely on the help of heaven.

Appeal to Jesus Christ

It is believed that the strongest prayer for deliverance from corruption is an appeal to Jesus Christ. This Orthodox prayer from the evil eye and envy is able to protect everyone from small to large. Just as Jesus healed during the life of the afflicted, he still helps everyone who asks. One should ask for the blessing of the Son of the Lord in front of the icon and lit candles, reading the prayer text from memory:

"Lord Gracious and Magnanimous Jesus Christ, Son of God. Help me, God's Slave (own name), cleanse myself from evil and heavy envy of enemies and enemies, do not immerse me in sorrowful and sad days. I believe in you sincerely with all my soul and with holiness in my heart I earnestly pray to you, Lord, for the forgiveness of all my earthly sins. I repent, God's Slave (name), in sinful thoughts visiting me and the evil things I perform, when I forget about the Orthodox faith. Forgive me, Slave of God (name) Lord, for such sins, may it be so strong Ania will not. Do not be angry at my enemies also seeking to harm me, and their envy, and let them come back. Amen. "

The second option of reading a prayer involves the presence of a person on whom the damage lies. After reading the prayer, you should wash your face and hands with holy water and water your clothes.

How to ask for protection from Matrona of Moscow?

It is recommended to read the prayer from the evil eye and damage to the Matrona of Moscow itself in a church or temple. It is enough to stop at the icon of the Holy Mistress and repeat:

"I appeal to you, Holy Matrona of Moscow, deliver me, the Slave (Slave) of God (God’s) (proper name) from witchcraft and defacement. Amen."

If an outside person needs help or you feel that the imposed curse is too strong, you should contact the Holy at home, having prepared in advance:

  • an icon with the image of the Matron;
  • 12 church candles;
  • glass vessel with holy water.

Left alone, read Our Father over the water three times, light the candles and accept the prayer position opposite the icon. With hope in the best and faith in God's power, read:

"Blessed Staritsa, Matrona of Moscow I appeal to you with prayer, Slave of God (own name). Take away my weakness, my faith in Jesus is true. Forgive all my unrighteous deeds and transgressions, and all sins of sin and selfish thoughts that visit me in everyday life remove heavy damage from the soul, save the cursed damage, let God hear my request and pay attention to it, and breathe sincere repentance with a sincere repentance sincere repentance. Water th holy and wash, on the disastrous damage closed. Save my soul from death. So be it. Amen. "

Drink from the vessel, wash and use the remaining water. It is necessary to repeat the prayer three nights in a row.

Prayer to the Life-giving Cross

It is recommended to offer a prayer to the Life-giving Cross in the church. You can read it and at home in front of a consecrated cross or on a small silver cross. Ask higher forces for help with the words:

"May the Most High God rise, may His enemies be scattered, may all burning with hatred disappear from His countenance. As the smoke disappears, may all impure thoughts disappear. As the wax of church candles melts from the flames of fire, let the demonic slanders die around all those who love God and sign themselves with the sign of the cross. Verse with the words of prayer, rejoice, O Most Honorable and Life-Giving Lord’s Cross. Drive away demons with your power, the Lord Jesus Christ crucified on you, He is for us to hell, come down and have redeemed the devil’s power Holy and Holy Cross. Help me with the Most Holy Mother of God and all the Saints. Amen. "

A cross must be worn with you. The best solution would be to wear it around the neck so that the surface touches the skin.

How to protect yourself and your family from damage and witchcraft?

Protective prayers from damage, disease, witchcraft and enemies are different from other prayers. Their main difference is that the first carry out a protective function preventing the appearance of a curse, while the latter are able to save from the already induced. The Guardian Angel is the most reliable protector against any adversity of each person. When applying for intercession to the Angel, use the following glorification:

"In my prayer I appeal to you, the holy Angel of Christ (name) brings good to me. You are also a hasty servant of the Almighty Creator, who reigns over all living and undead everyone too. And therefore, by the will of the Most High, deliver me, weak and weak, from adversity different in the image of an unclean beast and other undead. And neither the goblin, nor the devil, nor the bush, nor the other, let them destroy my soul and my body be touched. I pray you, holy Angel, for protection from the evil force and all its servants. and keep according to the will of the Lord God. Amen. "

The most universal prayer-charm from the evil eye, the evil word and the foes is considered to be the public prayer “Our Father”. You can also use as a prevention reading Psalm 90, which wraps all evil for good.

The main thing in prayer to follow the rules:

  1. Read the sacred text in solitude.
  2. All spiritual forces must be directed towards a single goal.
  3. Should get rid of extraneous thoughts.
  4. Saying a prayer should be completely calm.
  5. The text should be read deliberately, with faith in his accomplishment.

The Most High and the Saints will not disregard the request of a sincere and kind person, fulfilled according to the rules, and will surely help get rid of the nasty.