Prayer of Our Lady of Kazan

One of the most revered icons of the Russian Orthodox Church is the image of the Kazan Mother of God. The miraculous icon of the Virgin helps in a variety of life situations. In this article we will understand in more detail when it is possible to turn to her for help, how to pray and what instructions should be followed.

When do prayers are read to the icon of the Mother of God of Kazan?

The icon of the Kazan Mother of God for centuries helps believers. She is put on the headboard of children for protection, stored in bedrooms, given for a wedding. So why do it?

Prayer, read before the face of Our Lady of Kazan, works wonders:

  1. Helps in difficult periods.
  2. Saves from troubles and sorrows.
  3. Soothes and eliminates the experience.
  4. Heals the spirit and pacifies.
  5. Eliminates diseases.
  6. Protects and protects children.
  7. Gives happiness and long life to newlyweds.
  8. Allows you to find the right solutions and answers to your questions;
  9. Indicates the correct path.

The most universal prayer is the prayer of the Kazan Mother of God for help in life:

How to pray the icon for help in life matters?

Praying to the Blessed Virgin Mary should be subject to a number of rules. These instructions help to concentrate on the prayer service and to formulate the message correctly so that it reaches the addressee.

A prayer asking for help in the case must be read after all the prescriptions have been completed:

  1. Organization of the right environment. Appeal to the Mother of God should take place in peace and quiet, so that no one and nothing could interfere with the sacrament.
  2. Preparation of church attributes. It is imperative to make a blessing in front of the icon of the Mother of God; candles and holy water will also be required.
  3. Moral installation. Thoughts should be freed from extraneous ideas and experiences, it is necessary to think exclusively about the upcoming request.
  4. Mood. You can not pray, being in sorrow, tears, ecstasy. The spiritual state must be humble and calm.

You need to ask in an even voice, not stammering and slowly, clearly pronouncing every word. And, depending on the theme of the petition, after the main universal prayer, please read in your own words. It is better to prepare it in advance and write it down so that in the process of prayer not to be interrupted, you need to be brief and not to speak.

How to ask for marriage?

The strong prayer of the Kazan Mother of God for marriage is performed by a girl who wants to find a husband, or her mother (grandmother). Be sure to read the prayer should be a woman of the same kind. Before prayer, you must visit the church, put candles for the health of your future husband, father-in-law and mother-in-law, as well as pray at the icon of Our Lady of Kazan with the words:

"I appeal to the Mother of God, as to my mother, for help, for blessing. Help your husband to find, quickly get married and find happiness. Amen."

In the church, take holy water and candles and head home. You need to continue reading the prayer at the image of the Blessed Virgin Mary, having previously set fire to the candles. Taking up a jug (another vessel) with holy water, the sacred text is repeated:

"I appeal, Slave of God (name), to the Most Holy Mother of God with a request. I pray for help in the women's share, so that the way I can be shown is faithful, the husband is bestowed pious and kind. yours into your Maternal hands, take care of my well-being and joy, as if they were a daughter. Light love came, not unrequited. Amen. "

Holy water should be washed, hands and feet should be wiped, and house plants should be watered with residues or at home. It is necessary to read the liturgy for three days, not to do evil at the same time, not to think about the unkind and feed up stray animals.

Prayer of the Kazan Mother of God for health

They make petitions to the Blessed Virgin and for healing, deliverance from ailments and ailments, protection from leprosy. The powerful prayer of the Kazan Mother of God for health is read exclusively in the temple or church. Putting a candle for health, you can start reading a prayer at the icon of the Virgin:

"Hear me, Mother of God! A servant of God (Slave of God) (the name of the reader) came to me humbly. I pray you for mercy and blessing in order to heal the painful illness, I (the name of the patient) exhausting me. Save me from my illness, save and save! Amen" .

Repeat prayer should be three times, after each, not forgetting to cross.

Prayer for the happiness of children

Appeal to the Mother of God helps not only in getting rid of diseases, choosing a life path, calming down and searching for love. She contributes to the attainment of happiness, both her own and others. Most often, such prayer books are pronounced by mothers or grandmothers and ask to give happiness to children. Sacred words are read to provide a child with a cloudless and joyful life. The text of the prayer to the icon of the Kazan Mother of God in Russian reads as follows:

"O Lady of Heaven, Most Holy Theotokos, I do not ask for myself, but for my children. Yako and you are Mother, understand and help, protect you in your life (name or transfer of names), give me happiness, save you from adversity. Have mercy on God forgive them I believe in your power and the heavens of the Sacred, I cry with an open heart, with a humble soul I accept. Give hope to a bright future, joyful and beneficial. Amen. "

It is recommended to read a prayer twice a week: on Tuesday and Sunday. To consolidate the effect, it is necessary to take holy water in the church and regularly wash the child with it or sprinkle its bedroom. You can also fit the image with the face of the Virgin at the head of the bed, so she looked after and guarded.

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