Cyprian's prayer from damage, the evil eye, witchcraft, and the tricks of the devil

The tragic life of the great martyr Cyprian and the martyr Ustinia touches people's hearts to this day. The history of the great pagan sorcerer, turned to God by the pure faith of a young Christian, is a rare example of spiritual cleansing. The memory of these two is still alive in the hearts of men and pray to them everywhere. Cyprian and Ustinia protect people from evil, damage, the evil eye and dark magic, heed the prayers for returning to the true path of the lost.

About who these saints are and how to pray to them correctly, read the article.

About the Holy Martyr Cyprian

Born from Antioch, the young Cyprian in childhood was given by his parents to serve the pagan gods. The clever young man, by the age of thirty, was initiated into the priests on Olympus. Known by that time, the philosopher and the magician Cyprian was revered among the inhabitants of Antioch as the chief priest of the demonic worship. The power of his sorcery was terrified and delighted people at the same time. His ability to control the elements, send pestilence and resurrect the dead made him the most powerful sorcerer in the city.

A young man named Aglaide turned to him. He had a passion in the form of a sweet, and not for years smart girl Ustinha. More than anything in the world, Aglaid wished her to be his wife, but Ustinia rejected his offer. Aglaid came to Cyprian and tearfully begged him to make Ustinus marry him. Cyprian, having requested the appropriate fee, began to cast a spell over the girl, sending fears to her, threatening and frightening.

However, the young Ustinya did not succumb to the magic of the sorcerer. Since childhood, Ustinia, also called Justina, worshiped Christ, turning to him from pagan error. Having led her parents to the true faith, she devoted her life to worship and spent time in prayer, fasting and preserving her virginity. Thus, she overwhelmed all the devilish schemes and, by the power of the Cross and hot prayer, drove away the demons sent by Cyprian. No matter how he tried to kindle carnal passion in her, no matter how he sent princes and even himself, appearing to her in a magical guise, he could not tempt her. Believing in the Lord firmly, Ustinia dispersed the spell and demons, the very name of the holy virgin terrified them.

Angry, Cyprian sent a plague on Ustinia and her parents, cursed the whole city, but the girl’s prayer chased away evil witchcraft.

And then the soul of Cyprian, enslaved by pagan fire, was the depth of his fall. Cyprian denied Satan, asking him: “Scaring even the shadows of the cross and trembling in the name of Christ, how are you going to fight him when he comes after you?” The enraged devil attacked his former priest, and then Cyprian knew the power of the Cross and the Name, escaping from the evil power. The repentant, he went to the local bishop, Anthimus, and prayed for forgiveness, giving him all his books in the sacred flame. The next day, when he entered the church, he did not leave it until he underwent holy Baptism.

From that time until the end of his life, Cyprian redeemed the sins of his thirty-year ministry to the devil. After a week of service, he became a reader, after twenty days - a subdeacon, after a month - a deacon, and a year later Cyprian became a presbyter. A little time passed before Cyprian was elevated to bishop.

The holy martyr converted so many pagans to the Christian faith that their temples were devastated, for there was no one to sprinkle the blood on the victims on abandoned idols. Justina left the city and went to the monastery, where she became Abbess.

During the persecution of Christians by the emperor Diocletian, the bishop and abbess were seized. In Nicodia they were betrayed by cruel torment and death by the sword. Looking at their innocent sufferings, a certain warrior named Feoktist publicly declared himself a Christian and ascended to a frontal place. Feoktista was executed along with the holy martyrs and his trace also made history.

The touching story of the miraculous conversion of Christ to the martyr Cyprian, who was a servant of darkness and rejected it, won the hearts of Christians. The prayer help of the saint in the fight against evil spirits is still in high demand among Christians to this day.

The power of prayer Cyprian and Ustinje

Cyprian's prayer and the mouth of witchcraft will help overcome the most evil curse. If in your life, for no reason at all, everything went awry and you feel that someone is involved in this - contact them. Even if there is no extraneous influence, a difficult period has simply begun in your life. Prayer will calm you down and give you the strength to cope with adversity and return to a positive rut.

The prayer to the holy martyr Cyprian and martyr Justine is revered as the strongest of the defensive prayers. It saves from damage, the evil eye, unkind wishes and failures on the chosen path. It is important to understand that it is necessary to pronounce it with sincere faith, with love to the Lord and his children, and not wish evil and revenge in return. Only goodwill can be fulfilled by the Lord, and bright prayer is accepted by him.

Cyprian's strongest prayer

The prayer to the holy martyr Cyprian is known to any priest, and when he comes to church, be sure that your prayer will be heard. You can read it at any time, as soon as the need arises, as many times as it is required. The prayer itself is very long, its text is given below. It is recommended to rewrite the text of the prayer by hand and read it from the sheet. Learning it by heart is hard, and the printed text has no personal connection.

Before reading the strongest prayer to St. Cyprian against corruption and witchcraft, read the following psalm three times:

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A sharp deterioration in health? Failures haunt you in everything? Quarrels with loved ones, health problems with loved ones? Heal energy will help Cyprian's strongest prayer, removing the evil eye and relieves from ailments.

This prayer can be read at home. Buy an icon of a saint consecrated in the church or an icon depicting Cyprian along with Ustinia. Stand in front of them with a lit candle. The full text of the prayer should be read forty times. You can make notes on a piece of paper or throw a pebble into the jar each time. If you feel that the candle burns out before you read the petition - without stopping, light the next one.

The prayer to the martyr Cyprian and the martyr Justine began:

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Such a prayer is a reliable way to get rid of the influence of negative energy.

Who can I ask for?

Prayer to Justine and Cipriana from spoiling helps everyone who reads it. You can read it for yourself, you can ask for help for your children, relatives and friends. Anyone who needs help can be sanctified with this prayer. The most effective way is to ask a priest, whose experience and dignity will increase the power of words. However, if this is not possible, the prayer can be read independently. The main thing - to read it directly above the needy, holding his hand on his head.

In addition, from the damage you can talk water. Charged with the sacred word, the water becomes medicine and the one who drinks it receives the same effect as from prayer.

How to tune in to reading a prayer?

To tune in to prayer, you do not need special rituals and ceremonies. It is recommended to withstand a three-day fast and repent in church. So that the Lord listened to your words, you should think about it and mentally ask for forgiveness for your sins. Confession and communion will be another way of tuning.