How to make hair from a hair bow?

A natural hair bow - this funny idea occurred to one of the western stylists. The hairstyle looked so original that the idea was instantly picked up by the stars of show business. On the Internet there are many videos and photos that demonstrate the superiority of this original bow. If you liked the hairstyle, you can try to make it yourself.

How to make hair from a hair bow?

The bowtiest opens the face to the maximum, draws attention to it. Hairstyle will be appropriate for the celebrations and in everyday life. It perfectly keeps in hair and does not need correction. Making it at home is not so difficult, but the following devices are needed for this:

  • iron or hair dryer;
  • brush, comb;
  • lacquer strong fixation;
  • studs, invisible;
  • gum;
  • mousse or styling wax.

Creating a haircut takes about 10 minutes, and if you train, then 5 is enough. There are several ways to create a bow of hair. It is quite versatile, because you can make a bow out of smooth hair and curly, even a short length can not become a barrier to a fashionable and beautiful hair style. The bow can be located on the back of the head, on the crown. But there are a couple of points that must be taken into account.

1. Hairstyle should not be done from your own hair, if they are dull, brittle, lifeless. It will not only look bad, but also not retain its shape for the right time, despite the fact that your curls are long.

2. The bow opens the face, therefore girls and girls with a big nose, chin and wide forehead should choose a different way of laying.

The following videos will help you make yourself a fashionable bow. Step-by-step briefing tells about the intricacies and stages of creating a small masterpiece on its own long or medium curls.

Hair bow from hair step by step instruction pictures

After you have acquired all the necessary tools to work, go directly to the hairstyle. Let's just say that the easiest way to do this hairstyle for long and medium hair. A step-by-step instruction with pictures will make this process enjoyable and understandable:

  1. Assemble the tail on the crown (you can in another place), tighten the rubber band. This will be the basis of stylish styling, so it should be well kept. It is not recommended to wash your hair before this, since strands will be harder to lay.
  2. Doing the tail, do not pull it out completely, but build something like a loop.
  3. Throw the free part forward and fix it with the help of an invisible one, as shown in the photo.
  4. The resulting loop is divided into 2 equal parts.
  5. Earlier fixed tip to throw back, thus dividing the loop. At this stage, it is important to be careful - the only way to create a beautiful and smooth bow.
  6. Secure the free end from the back using small hairpins.
  7. Now you have to sprinkle with varnish and you can enjoy an unusual result.

This was described the easiest way to create a bow of hair. It looks good with or without a bang. So you can go to a party, school, graduation, birthday, celebrate the New Year and even make the girl on holiday in the kindergarten.

Photo lesson

Bow of hair hairstyle long hair video

The following videos and photos demonstrate an interesting version of the phased creation of a romantic hairstyle for a long head of hair for girls and girls of any age. The instructions described above can also be used, but now we suggest considering another option in the video tutorial. For this option, stock up with small rubber bands, invisible hairpins or studs.

And here is a step-by-step instruction for one of the options for a girl’s long hair:
1. Divide the strands into two parts, just as the malvina is created. One part must be assembled in a bundle so that it does not interfere, and from the second we make a bow.
2. Make a tail.
3. Build a loop, split it in two and fix as described above.
4. The remaining in the free fall of the curls can be curled, decorate at its discretion.

Romantic styling with loose strands ready. This option is not suitable for the first of September, but it will ideally fit into a romantic atmosphere.

Video tutorial for beginners

Hair hairstyle bow on medium and short hair do it yourself

Do you wear a short or medium haircut? Owners of medium-length haircuts will not be difficult to do all that has been described in the instructions above. These methods are applicable to medium and long curls, but with short it is not so simple. The following video in Russian will tell and show what can be done in this situation. If you follow the recommendations from the video and carefully consider the photo, then a playful decoration will decorate your nape.
1. At the temporal areas, separate the 2 strands and make their ends in the back of the head.
2. Connect the ends of the rubber band, forming a loop.
3. Carefully separate the loop, forming the so-called "ears."
4. The remaining tail wrap around the resulting "ears", secure invisible.

It turns out how easy it is to build such beauty on your head. Step-by-step instructions do not talk about jewelry, but you can choose them at your discretion. These can be hairpins, curls, hoops. But even without additional accessories, it looks self-sufficient and original.

Photo lesson

Watch the video: How to Make a Hair Bow. Hair Tutorials (November 2019).