Prayer of the Mother of God of the Seven Downs "The Softening of Evil Hearts"

In the Christian assembly of the Saints and Great Martyrs, the Mother of God occupies a special position. Gracious and Merciful, the Virgin Mary hears the suffering, not leaving without attention their suffering and prayer. There are many miraculous icons of the Virgin Mary, to which prayers of the same name are raised. One of the most powerful of these icons is the "Softener of Evil Hearts," or "The seven-arrow."

But what helps the "Soften Evil Hearts" prayer? What should we ask the Virgin? What are the rules for reading a prayer? Answers to these and other questions about the miraculous icon and prayer "Softener of evil hearts" can be found in our article.

How does the “Soften Evil Hearts” prayer help?

The image of the Virgin Mary in world Christianity has always been identified with the Universal Mercy, Motherly Love and Purity. In the presence of the Virgin, it is impossible to be angry, feud and go to the crimes of inhuman crimes

As for the icon "Soften evil hearts", a prayer for this image helps in the following cases:

  • Enmity and civil strife on a national basis;
  • Troubles at work;
  • Serious quarrels with loved ones and loved ones;
  • Mental and physical illnesses;
  • Child treads at school;
  • Unreasonable outbursts of anger and hysteria;
  • In the event of a rift between lawful spouses or lack of understanding with children;
  • The appearance of a strong and irreconcilable enemy in the immediate environment.

Mother of God with a pierced heart pacifies anger, growing in human souls. She awakens mercy and conscience in foes, and helps friends to quarrel in the near future. Being incarnated by Mercy, the Virgin Mary contributes to the revival of compassion even in the most callous or immature human minds, and the strength of the impact of the “Soften Evil Hearts” prayer is unreasonably great.

What should I ask for?

The merciful Mother of God hears any requests, if they are presented with due respect and reverence before Her Holiness and the Majesty of the One God, the Fruit from Her Womb.

However, in the course of the prayer "Soften evil hearts", it is recommended to ask:

  • On the protection of themselves and their loved ones from enemies and envious;
  • About the awakening of good feelings and repentance in the hearts of those who wish you evil;
  • About assistance in raising children and finding a common language with offspring;
  • About love and peace;
  • Forgiving all past sins and helping to abstain from sinning in the future;
  • Relief of suffering in the case of physical illness;
  • On the enlightenment of reason in the case of mental illness;
  • On the solution of corporate and personal problems with the boss and the team at work;
  • Protection from the negative effects of dark magicians and psychics;
  • On the successful study of the child without the oppression of teachers and classmates.

But the main thing you should ask the Mother of God in the prayer "Soften evil hearts" is that She pray for you to the Lord God. Only the Virgin Mary is capable of appeasing God in His Wrath, especially if your past sins are strong.

Prayer rules

When you read the prayer of the Mother of God of the Seven-miter "The Softening of Evil Hearts," you must follow a specific set of rules:

  • The prayer text should be read out in a low voice or a whisper, but with a confident tone;
  • Before and after reading thrice yourself with the sign of the cross and bow down to the floor. You can read the prayer "Soften evil hearts," kneeling;
  • Read the canonical text of the prayer. Some errors and allegations are allowed. Then you can make a personal request to the Virgin;
  • Read the prayer "Soften evil hearts" is recommended in the evening;
  • During prayer, your thoughts must be pure. Desire for good, health, love and prosperity even the worst of his enemies. So you deserve special mercy from the Compassionate and Merciful Virgin Mary;
  • You need to pray with an open heart, a feeling of reverence for the Saints and endless reverence for Him. It is important to remember that without sincere faith, prayer, no matter how strong it is, will not work.

Important! Recently, so-called "audiolitivy" have become popular. In fact, the prayer does not read the prayer text, but listens to it on the recording. In the case of the prayer “Soften evil hearts”, this should not be done, as in this case there will be no direct appeal to the Virgin Mary.

What is the prayer worth reading when you hang the icon of the Seven Shot in the house?

Before you install the Semistrelnaya icon in the house, it is necessary to read the prayer "Softener of evil hearts." Previously in the room where the icon of the Mother of God will stand, it is necessary to carry out a general cleaning - so much so that not a single speck of dust remains. The prayer of the Mother of God of Semistrelle is read until the icon is on the wall. You can pray in the process of establishing the icon.

"Semistrelnaya" should be located opposite the front door. Thus, the view of the Virgin will be available to all who cross the threshold of the house. She will be able to protect the house from uninvited guests with malicious intent. In the room where the Seven Mistress of the Mother of God is located, the envious, the enemies and detractors cannot enter. On the threshold of the house, such people will begin to feel nauseous, and when they see the icon, they will feel an irresistible excitement and desire to leave.

Text "Soften Evil Hearts"

Reading the prayer "Soften evil hearts" is divided into 3 stages:

  • Troparion:

“Soften our wicked hearts, the Virgin Mary, and the misfortunes of those who hate us fade away, and solve all our crowded souls. To Your holy image gazing, Your suffering and mercy are touched about us and your wounds are kissed, but our arrows, the tormenting ones, are terrified. Do not give us, Matie, benevolent, in our cruelty and from the cruelty of our neighbors to perish, You will truly soften the hearts of the Softener. ”

  • Kontak:

"To the chosen Virgin Mary, who has surpassed all the daughters of the earth, the Mother of the Son of God, we cry with tenderness to him: look at our multi-creep life, remember the tribulation and the disease, you have undergone such things as our homogeneous, and create with us in Your mercy , let us call you Ti: Rejoice, the multi-moth Mother of God, turning our sorrow into joy. ”

  • Prayer:

“Oh, the long-suffering Mother of God, the Most Exalted of all the daughters of the earth, according to her purity and multitude of sufferings, You have borne upon the earth, accept our sorely painful sighs and save us under Your mercy. There is no other refuge and warmth of blessedness to you, but, boldly, you have the courage to be born of you, help and save us with your prayers, let us reach the Kingdom of Heavenly, and with all the saints we will sing the same God in the Trinity today and will be one God. forever and ever. Amen."

After reading these canonical texts, you can turn to the Blessed Virgin with personal requests.

We recommend to watch this video about the Prayer "Soften Evil Hearts" on the icon of "Seven Mist":

Historical background and secrets about the icon

The icon of the Blessed Virgin Mary "Seven-way" is also called "Simeon Proverb".The roots of this name are connected with the prophecy of St. Simeon, who, holding the Baby Jesus in his arms, foretold His painful death on the cross, and that the Soul of the Most Pure Virgin will pierce 7 swords, how She will see the sufferings of her Son. Therefore, on the "Semistrelnoy" Virgin Mary is depicted with seven blades directed into her chest.

The very image of the icon "Softener of Evil Hearts" goes back to the iconography of South-Western Russia. At the same time, there is a North Russian version of the "Seven-way" - in contrast to the "Softener of Evil Hearts", the Eternal Infant is never depicted on the "Seven-steely".

With the "Semistrelnoy" connected a lot of evidence about miracles. In particular, at the beginning of the 19th century, when the Blessed Icon was in the Church of St. John the Theologian by the Toshny River, one peasant of Kandykovskiy district was seriously ill. The man was limping, his legs hurt, and no one and nothing could help him. But once a peasant dreamed a dream in which a gentle female voice told him that if he went up to the bell tower of the church, he would find an image of the Mother of God there among the old icons and pray to him - he would certainly be healed. For a long time the monks did not allow the man to the belfry, and when they let in - the peasant discovered that the image of the “Semistrelnoy” was mistakenly embedded in the staircase. The monks were horrified by this involuntary blasphemy - all this time they were stepping on the face of the Virgin. Together with the peasant, they prayed for the Grace of the Virgin Mary, and were forgiven, while the devout peasant was completely healed of lameness.

Another miracle of the "Semistrelnoy" associated with the cholera epidemic in the Vologda province in 1930. The terrible disease receded only when the famous icon was carried through the procession of the cross, offering the prayer "Soften evil hearts."

Third miracle occurred during the Great Patriotic War in the south of the Voronezh region. Giuseppe Perego, the lieutenant-found Italian mountain rifleman, the icon "Softener of Evil Hearts" pacified the hostile ardor of the Nazi soldiers, and until the end of the military operation they did not harm anyone from the peaceful population of the region. This miraculous icon, now known as the "Don Madonna", is still kept in Italy and serves for prayers for the Italian soldiers who died in the war.

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