Prayer from evil forces, demons, the devil

Every person at least once in his life felt the influence of the lower forces of the thin world. Attacked by evil spirits begins to hurt, it becomes nervous and depressive, its behavior towards others changes.

The main signs of the attack of the so-called "evil spirits" are as follows:

  • Loss of appetite;
  • Headaches;
  • Unjustified horror;
  • Apathy and chronic fatigue;
  • Mental disorders;
  • The inability to visit churches and holy places, regardless of denomination.

You can protect yourself and loved ones from evil spirits with the help of special prayers. But what are the rules for reading prayers from evil spirits? What are universal texts? What saints are the best to pray? Will prayers from evil forces help?

Answers to each of these questions can be found in our article.

Rules for reading prayers from evil spirits

Binge of evil spirits usually occurs at midnight. The most dangerous in this regard is the night of the full moon, since at this time the low forces of the world’s evil are most active. A person who is faced with an active evil spirits - unsung. The dark spirit or demon, devoid of body, needs flesh, on which it will parasitize until its own exile or until the death of the host.

Even a deeply religious person can be attacked by the following evil spirits:

  • Poltergeist;
  • Ghosts;
  • Lyarvy;
  • Demons, demons and devils;
  • Barabashki;
  • Vampires;
  • Brownies.

Orthodox prayer serves as a protective barrier for the evil forces and a powerful shield for the energy field of the person talking.

However, when reading it, you must follow certain rules:

  • When appealing to God and the Holy Apostles, absolute humility and obedience are required of the reader. You can not demand anything - you can only ask.
  • The text of the prayer is not necessary to memorize - you can improvise (the exception - prayers for the expulsion of demons, exorcism). However, do not forget that it is necessary to begin prayer with an offering of praise to the Lord and His Pleasures. The main thing is that the prayer be sincere.
  • After reading the text of the prayer you need to write down and carry it with you. The presence of Orthodox symbols as an additional barrier to evil forces is welcome.
  • Need to save power. The fact is that prayers for the expulsion of evil spirits from the body and dwelling of a person rob the reader of a lot of mental and physical strength. Therefore, it is not recommended to read them more than 3 times a month without the relevant permission of the pastor.

The reader must be baptized in the Christian faith of the denomination, whose prayers he offers. Otherwise, his efforts will be in vain.

Some people prefer not to read the prayer text out loud, but to listen to it in the recording. It is not recommended to do this, since the effect of the aversion of evil spirits in this case is significantly weakened.

Preparing to read prayers from evil spirits

Direct appeal to God and the Saints is not an easy task. An unprepared person will spend too much energy in exorcising evil, after which he may weaken and even become seriously ill. Dark entities are vindictive, and, leaving a man’s house, they cannot help but strike him in the end. Therefore, before reading any prayer from an evil spirit, it is necessary to prepare within a week.

Preparation includes:

  • Daily attendance of evening service in the nearest church.
  • Repentance on the Sunday service and laying candles for the health of relatives and friends.
  • Consecration of the house with holy water. To do this, you need to call the father from the nearest church to the house.
  • Spiritual comfort and hope for the best. Prayers cannot be read in unbelief and without hope of a favorable outcome.
  • Cleansing post, excluding the use of any food, except vegetable, for 7 full days.
  • Every day at dawn to wash the holy water.

Important!Proceed to prayer only when you realize that you are ready for this, not only physically, but also spiritually. You will feel your readiness thanks to an unusual surge of strength and reverence for God.

Universal prayers for protection

Prayers for the expulsion of demons and demons have the right to read only clergymen with the appropriate permission from the highest clergy. Simple laypeople do not have the right to offer such prayers, because the slightest mistake can be fatal. The angry dark essence strikes back with such force that a person can die.

However, universal type prayers are used to protect against evil forces. With the help of these texts, it is impossible to exorcise a demon or a demon from the body of a possessed or possessed person, but one can strengthen one’s biofield or aura of one’s loved ones, as well as repel evil spirits from one’s own home. Universal prayers can be read by any person provided that they pass the preparation described in the previous paragraph.

Such prayers are offered directly to the Lord and the Holy Trinity, as well as to the following Holy Hosts and Angels:

  • Archangel Michael;
  • Saint Seraphim of Sarov;
  • Great Martyr Cyprian;
  • Martyr Justinne;
  • John the Baptist and other Saints.

Let us consider in more detail the most powerful prayers from an evil spirit.

Petitions to the Lord and the Saints for Protection

Icon of Jesus Christ "Good Shepherd"

The prayer of protection against evil forces can be raised directly to God and his Holy Hosts. Prayer is read every day for a week before going to bed.

The text of the petition is provided below:

"The Lord is All-good, all things on earth and heaven, the Creator is without sin! We praise you, our Lord forever and ever, with Thy Name on our lips and die, Amen!

I pray to you, O Lord, who in this house will fall to you with prayer, so may, in his words, be accomplished by your mercy!

Lord, the All-Good, in the hour of suffering the servant of God [Your Name or someone close to you], hear my prayer! Protect us, O Lord, from the evil devil, from the evil of the dark and from the evil thought. Let all sorcery before Your Face fall, from your word wither away back to the hellish mines.

Do not destroy me in my sins, O Lord, do not be like black rot during my life, and do not let the unclean forces seize my sinful soul! Forgive my sins, for I forgive my offenders, and they forgive me, and we are created in your image and likeness. For Your Glory I beg you, Your devotee and unworthy slave [Proper Name] performed by me, because now my thoughts are not badly directed, but for good.

I appeal to the council of the saints of God: Hosea, Jezeia, Zechariah, Joel, Micah, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Amos, Samuel, Elijah, Elisha, Naum and the Baptist John the Forerunner!

I appeal to the four Apostles-Evangelists - Mark, John, Luke and Matthew!

I appeal to the First-Present Saints Joachim and Anna, Peter and Paul, Joseph the Bandholder and Semion the God-receiver.

I appeal to the Great Martyrs Ciprian, Ananias, Roman, Aviv, Great Martyrs Paraskeva, Fevronia, Catherine and Marina, who shed their blood for our Lord Jesus Christ!

Bless the house in which this tearful prayer ascends, lifts up the glory to the Most High! Hold the EU and the unclean power, so that you do not step over my threshold, for the defense on it is sealed in the Name of God!

Glorified be the Lord, the All-Merciful, from enemies, visible and invisible, protecting, spirits and demons drive away, defending from evil forces!

In the name of the Father, Svyana and the Holy Spirit,


Important to remember!Impure forces will not allow you to calmly read a prayer directed against them. In the process of reading you may feel an incomprehensible alarm, hear strange rustles from all corners of the room. Do not worry - impure forces can not cause you evil at the moment when you communicate with the Creator. Rustle and slander evil simply trying to scare you and distract from the important sacrament. Do not give in - continue to pray diligently and confidently until the discomfort disappears. After reading the prayer, face east, cross three times. Wash your face with holy water in the morning.

Note! This is one of the most powerful universal prayers against evil spirits. As much as you would like, do not read it often - weaken. In most cases, evil spirits leave a person's home after the first reading of the text - if the worshiper was strong and sincere in his thoughts.

Seraphim of Sarov

Icon of St. Seraphim of Sarov

Saint Seraphim of Sarov (worldly name - Moshnin Prokhor Isidorovich) was hieromonk of the Sarov Monastery. Canonized by the Orthodox Church as the Holy Hierarch and Wonderworker.

Sarov prayer from the evil forces is the strongest of the petitions to particular Saints.

The text of the prayer is provided below:

"Rev. Seraphim-Father!
Lift up about me, the servant of God [Self Name], a prayer to our Lord, the Creator Jesus Christ!
May Thy prayer protect me from the power of an unclean, from the gaze of the evil one, from the eeriness of the underworld!
Yes, teach me, Rev. Seraphimushka, how to protect yourself from the evil of black, how to strengthen in faith and avoid the fall of sin!
Ask for me, Seraphim-Batyushka, but for my loved ones, worthy but beloved, but born in a dream!
For our Lord Jesus Christ is glorified,
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

To read this prayer against the evil forces is necessary at dawn for 3 days in a row. As an auxiliary attribute, it is recommended to purchase a charm icon depicting Seraphim Sarovsky.

Prayer from the evil forces of Archangel Michael

Handwritten icon "Archangel Michael"

Prayer-protection against the evil forces of the Archangel Michael is read only on Mikhailov’s Day (12 am - from the 20th to the 21st of November) and the Day of the Archangel Michael (from the 18th to the 19th of September). In addition to protection for the living, these days should be asked for the repose of the dead.

Protective prayer to Archangel Michael is as follows:

"King of Heaven, Great God! Call me for help, your servant unworthy [His name], for the help of the Archangel Michael!

Oh, Michael the Archangel, Servant of the Lord! Protect me from enemy enchantments - visible and invisible!

Oh, Michael the Archangel, First Heavenly Prince, Six-winged Seraphim! Be an assistant to me in everything - in sorrows and grievances, in grief and sorrow, in disagreement and in the desert!

Oh, Michael the Archangel! I pray you - deliver me from all the devilish temptations, from deceptive delights, from hellish abominations! Guide me to the path of grace, to the Beloved Lord our God!

Oh, Michael the Archangel! Deliver me from the coward, the friend of the deceitful, the spirit of the dead, the sharp knife, fire and flood, the friend of the flattering and invasion of the evil one! Deliver from fear, horror, ailment and pain!

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit,


These words, addressed to the Supreme Archangel, will not only save you from evil forces, but also protect you from suffering in hell after death.

Great Martyr Cyprian

Personal Icon "Cyprian and Justinna"

The great martyr Cyprian was not originally a pious Christian. He was a powerful black sorcerer and warlock, from childhood he learned fortune-telling and witchcraft. Cyprian came to the Christian faith when he was asked to charm the pious nun Justinna. He could not cope with the assignment, and he was so amazed at the resilience of the woman and her faith that he himself was baptized. The former black magician repented of his former sins, wrote many theological works, and was soon killed by Christian persecutors.

The prayer of the Great Martyr Cyprian is a psalm that reads in a singing tone. The psalm is read when a negative magical effect on a person’s biofield is suspected. As a former warlock, this Great Saint as no one else knows how best to level a dark fortune-bearer.

The text of the psalm prayer from evil forces is provided below:

"King-kings! O Great Lord! Heed the humble prayers of Your servant Cyprian!
Above you, Most Holy, 1,000 days and 1,000 nights of struggle with evil forces, unclean demons. Bring the soul of your servant [Name] in Your Hands, help him in the trials of the earth.
Stand before the dark forces for the soul of that which reads this prayer to Your Glory, O Lord!
Protect from the wiles of the enemy and evil spirits, Lord!
Stand up as a wall when the devil's servants wish to seize the mastery over the soul and body of this man!
I say this three times,
I bow three times -
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
For great are you, Lord
And now, and ever, and forever and ever,

The text of the prayer is repeated 3 times in a quiet but confident voice. When reading it is recommended to kneel, head down as a sign of humility in front of the Eternal Forces of Good. After reading the prayer it is necessary to drink 3 sips of holy water and kiss the pectoral cross, repeating three times "I trust in the only God, Jesus Christ the Savior! Amen!"

Prayer against the harm from psychics

Cyprian and Justinna

If a negative impact on the energy field of a person has occurred due to the spell of a powerful psychic, one should offer a prayer from evil forces to the great martyrs Cyprian and Justinna.

The text of the prayer is:

"Oh, Blessed Great Martyrs, Kipriyane yes Justinna! Romko the prayer unworthy servants of God, you heed!
You, who have completed your temporary living as a martyr in the Name of Christ, come to our aid at the time of trouble!
Protect from the forces of demonic, unclean and evil, cast by magicians, voiced by Chernoknizhtsami!
Let the sinful wind, called by sorcerers, pass by us sinners, in order to destroy our weak souls!
Be a Strong Protector in the Name of our Lord, Jesus Christ, Amen! "

If you are sure that over the members of your family (especially over the children) black witchcraft was performed, read this prayer over their heads. If you suspect damage or unclean libel, take a relative to church more often. If your loved one, being in church, begins to feel incomprehensible anxiety, worry, and even cry - the probability of a dark slander is great.

On softening evil hearts

Icon of the Virgin Mary "Semistrelnaya"

The prayer "On the Mitigation of Evil Hearts" also acts as a defense against unclean forces sent by psychics and sorcerers. This petition is read before the icon of the Mother of God "Seven-mounts".

Contact the Virgin Mary should be with these words:

"Oh, Mother Long-suffering, God-chosen, Virgin Most Pure, hear my prayer!
You, the Most High of all the wives and Mothers on Earth, the Immaculate in Your Suffering, heed to me, the sinful servant of God [Name]!
Preserve me and my relatives under My Protection, and with Your Love soften hearts are black, rotten, bitter, that they send darkness with evil to my kind and want sorrows!
Soften their fierce rage, about the Virgin Virgin, for I will not answer with malice at rage and an unclean thought upon an unclean thought!
Soften their unclean hatred, for it must not hate one another, created in the image and likeness of the Lord our God!
Protect us, Virgin Mary the Venerable, and pray for us both now and at the moment of our death!
In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, Amen! "

It is recommended to read this prayer over children in case of suspected powerful damage.

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